Animals with the Tollkeeper

Animals with the Tollkeeper

While looking for paradise, a cab driver suddenly falls in love.

While looking for paradise, a cab driver suddenly falls in love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffry P (br) wrote: I'm a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan, so definitely enjoyed this one (streaming on Netflix now!).

Lucas B (fr) wrote: The ending was the part I really liked.

Stephen G (ag) wrote: Gere drives the movie and makes us care.

JohnnyLee T (de) wrote: One-note atmosphere of despair that keeps piling up more and more as film goes on. But worth watching for the performances, especially Adrien Brody. Oh, if only the animation interludes had been used to take us somewhere away from the dark themes, to show life's joys as well. (Sarah Watts did this in her 2005 movie Look Both Ways to great effect.) Feeling of any hope is missing, only death and decay.

Claudia P (us) wrote: Buenos actores pero pelicula mal hecha

Nur H (ca) wrote: hmm i dont know why this destiny is very ood movie

Melissa W (us) wrote: Great music with very little plot. Disappointing.

bereNiCe B (es) wrote: Me gusta el personaje de Jimmy Fallon.

Kirby P (br) wrote: A fairly good movie. It would be a great movie except for some glaring plot flaws, such as how a home movie was filmed in a restricted area on a military base, the movie itself shows the cameraman being accosted, yet the film somehow still manages to get out of the base and sent off to the developer. Watching the star-studded cast at work is half the fun. Jennifer Connelly alone is worth the price of admission, although unfortunately she doesn't get much screen time here.

Hiona H (au) wrote: The story is a bit romantic and confusing toward the end... but Dylan McDermott looks hot with brown contact lenses. I'm not normally a Dylan fan... but I like the fact he wrote the screenplay...

Richard D (nl) wrote: I think there's a decent movie buried in here, but it sure doesn't come out. Gibson is playing his edgy Martin Riggs persona here and it's really tired. He single-handedly destroys this movie with his obnoxious mugging. For a change, Julia Roberts is not the worst thing in a movie. She has no chemistry with Gibson though, so it's difficult to see why she would eventually fall for this obviously dangerous nut job. Patrick Stewart treads water valiantly as the villain.

Cal F (kr) wrote: Will the storyline blow you away? No.Are the characters well-developed? Probably not.But is it an entertaining and fun escape movie with 2 of the all-time great action movie stars? You bet. Not going to win any Oscars, but great for an entertaining ride on a Friday movie night.

Michael M (au) wrote: A beautifully shot quasi thriller that is so slow and sluggish, it makes you wish you were at the dentist getting your teeth pulled instead of watching this convoluted drabble, however the crazy and unexpected ending brings it a notch above a trip to your favorite orthodontist...

Jon L (ag) wrote: Wow. I'm half an hour in and this is cheesy, even for the Ninja Turtles. It's less mature them the cartoon.