75 years of Australian Animation rolled into 80 minutes. Made for and paying homage to the many people who form an important part of our film history.

75 years of Australian Animation rolled into 80 minutes. Made for and paying homage to the many people who form an important part of our film history. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dedra J (ca) wrote: Great! Stunning scenery and costumes too!

Michelle F (br) wrote: Oh so cute! I love romcoms! Jessica Simpson isn't doing bad at all in this movie, and Luke WIlson is one of my favorite actors.The story is fun, I love Katie's innocence!Yeah, this is definitely a lovely, cosy and warm film! Under appreciated!

Dylan D (nl) wrote: Silver Bells is an honest and fun little movie that offers a good message, quality performances, and plenty of family-friendly entertainment value. It's a movie that champions service to others in lieu of selfishness. It's about friends and family and the true meaning of Christmas, which can carry over to every day of the year.

Matthew S (jp) wrote: Marc Forster's movie may be flawed and its ambitions as a surreal sort of mystery isn't fully conceived, but thanks to a strong cast it is a fairly interesting movie. Ultimately, it tries to be something it isn't. Buried beneath all the poorly executed styling, there is some magic.

Andrew H (ag) wrote: I think the best thing I can say about this is that it was true to the Indiana Jones franchise. I loved it! The action was as good as any of them, the special effects were pretty good, but they overdo it to the point where it lost touch with the original 3. You had your classic Indiana Jones humor, plus it was great to have Marian back. Even in his 60s Harrison Ford can still kick some Commi stooge trash. It was way fun to see part of such a classic series on the big screen. Great experience. Indiana Jones is keeping up with the great movies that are on track for this summer.

Teara P (mx) wrote: my all time favorite movie

Ramesh (br) wrote: Ridiculous Bollywood ripoff that mixes in the story of Usual Suspects with Reservoir Dogs to create a very mediocre movie.

Anatoly S (br) wrote: Traci Shannon! That's not just a firsty firsty. It's also a girly girly. That's weird.

Gigi B (jp) wrote: ALL STAR Tapmania film. The Best of The Best tappers are iin this film and all of them (except Savion) have since passed on. This is a really good film with great music and even greater dancing. Film in Times Square, NY

Bo C (nl) wrote: What's not to like about a Captain Crawford being a naval stud?

Jo Y (ru) wrote: I like George & lucille..

Ryan S (br) wrote: Not a bad little anthology film, but considering John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper worked together on it... it should probably be better. The first story isn't anything new, really, just your basic serial killer story, but they set the atmosphere and everything really well and despite it not really being anything new, it's still quite frightening. The second story is very disturbing as well and ends with a neat little twist. The third one is very interesting as well, with Mark Hamill is a very different role, but he does quite well. So all three stories are quite good, the last two, especially the second, are very original whilst the first, like I said, isn't actually original, but it's still great. The wraparound segments, with John Carpenter, are great as well and he makes a great "Crypt Keeper" sort of character, with the disturbing demeanor and dark humor. However, you can tell this was original supposed to be the beginning of a TV series and not a movie, it just doesn't have a film feel to it, not really sure how to explain it, it just really feels like something you'd see on TV. For fans of John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper it's worth a watch, as long as you don't go in expecting it to be another Halloween or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or a combinination of both. It's not a groundbreaking horror film, like those two, but it's definitely entertaining.

Anthony H (mx) wrote: I don't even play/watch hockey but the symbolism of working hard to be a champion is universal.

Jake A (jp) wrote: After a successful trilogy that had a continuing story arc and two successful efforts by actor and director Leonard Nimoy it was now William Shatner's turn to have a crack at the directing side of a film in this series and unfortunately it is the weakest entry in the original series. It has a few good moments, there is some okay action (though most of it is weak) and the cast is as likable as ever but the plot is even more ludicrous than the previous film but with none of the humour or payoff that that film had. Thankfully this isn't the last film in the series otherwise it would of been a sad note to end an otherwise solid series.

Mr Movie R (ca) wrote: One of Mel Brook's best classics.

Kris W (it) wrote: 'Hotshot Cop And A Wise-Guy Detective Get Together, The Heat Is On!' What a waste...