Anina Yatay Salas is a ten-year-old whose name spells trouble: those three palindromes in a row are an ongoing source of teasing at school. When a playground fight results in mysterious punishment, Anina will learn to put her problems in perspective and empathize with others in this sweet little daydream of a tale.

A fantastical journey into the world of a ten-year-old girl who, following a playground skirmish, is given the weirdest punishment in the history of weird punishments. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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sree k (fr) wrote: Film power Script: the movie has a straight forward story of a cop who has been sent on a mission to Hyderabad. The mission looks important here and it may be the driving factor in the movie. What is the mission and how does it get accomplished is the story This department gets a score of 6/10 since many of such movies are seen on board. There is some novelty though , but no freshness in the story Screenplay: with a cop story , screenplay gets the importance. The first half introduces the characters and some romantic threading and few stunts with a good twist at the interval, makes the second half to be exciting. But again the movie went on the slow side until the last 20 minutes or so. Songs were mismatched and ruined the basic screenplay. The climax was ineffective and does not impress me. Really second half should have been better executed. Although certain thrilling and twists reveal at the end but It is too late because the serious viewers must have been got exhausted without the story getting involved and the cop role is not effective as vikramarkudu. 10/20 Direction: the lead casts mainly ravi teja has performed well. The heroines are wasted. They are just for glamour and some romantic threading. Their acting is ok but not the best. Villain does not make a mark. Other supportive casts , are just ok as they have nothing to do in the main story. 13/20 Casting: ravi teja is energetic in his role. I expected a real cop show by him. But I missed it. Richa and deeksha are there for glamour and some romantic threading. Villain prakash raj is ok in his limited role. Rest characters like naga babu as head of the cops is ok with his limited role. 13/20 Film power = 42/70 Entertaining power Music: only 2 songs are catchy and one background song is good. Total music is above average. You can take 3 numbers home. 3/5 Background score: it involves mostly with , the same background song.( Everybody listen now!!! ). Some sections we see the background score changing but repetitive at most cases. 2.5/5 Cinematography: visuals are bright enough and looks good. Cinematography is catchy in 2 songs and picks well in the action scenes and few scenes with ample camera work. 8/10 Editing: we needed a better editing in second half. Atleast 20 minutes of the movie might have been trimmed out. 2 songs are wrongly placed. Rest else seemed ok. 3/5 Action episodes: I find nearly four scenes with good stunts and the first half stunts were really good. The big gun and armed gun fight was good and climax fight was disappointing. Cgi used rarely in few fights and a song has been effective, 4/5 Entertaining power = 21/30 (42+21=63) Total score of the movie is a score of 6.3/10 Comments: with a undercover cop story we do not get into the proceedings right until interval. After interval the story takes some twists and turns and finally ends as a predictable one. Director might have focused only on entertainment department. He did not concentrate much on the story. Ravi teja was energetic throughout the movie. He is the only reason that the movie can be watched. Some dialogs are catchy and the background song is good at right intervals. Mirapakaya is not the best one. But it does entertain a lot. For those who need a real time serious movie avoid this and for just who wants some relief and time pass, this is your pick. Watch and enjoy the performance of ravi teja.

Eliabeth R (ca) wrote: Pelcula holandesa un poco extraa, ella necesita estar excitada sexualmente para darle pasin a sus presentaciones...lo dems bastante nota que es otro continente

Nicholas N (de) wrote: wen it was funny it was amazing, but other than that it was shit.

Bee C (de) wrote: a singing flesh musical that bares everything including its intelligence. baring cocks and butts still doesn't hide its failure to entertain. so not turned on so not entertained...waste of time.

Ulo M (jp) wrote: This one really looked like it had the potential to be a so-bad-it's-good movie, but no such luck. It certainly fulfills its so-bad potential, but the good part is lacking. Laura Harring does her best to rescue this flm, but fails to get sufficiently naked.

Frances H (it) wrote: Wry and dry comedy about the movie making business and the effect that a movie crew has on a small town in New England. Priceless performances by a great cast headed up by William H. Macey and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Lots of fun.

Alexander C (us) wrote: A gritty sequel overshadowed by its predessesor.

Thomas A (ca) wrote: it was inferior to the original, but i liked it

Veronica (ag) wrote: Gotta love Tom Hanks

Eduardo C (es) wrote: Feels like a parody or a bible-belt propaganda piece for the bulk of its duration and then very nearly redeems itself with a very powerful closing scene. A conversion flick this is definitely not.

FilmGrinder S (fr) wrote: 74% "Why, you cheap, contemptible, tin plated, book soldier!"-Mary Beecher (Contance Towers) Western courtroom drama, with the defendent being...a black man.

Alex H (gb) wrote: i honestly didn't really care for this film to be honest. I have no doubt that Hitch remade it. i felt the film could've been much better than it was, especially with Hitchcock. i hope the James Stewart and Doris Day version is better.

Leon B (nl) wrote: Terrible movie! It did not make any sense to the other franchises.