Anita and Me

Anita and Me

Meena, a 12-year-old living in a mining village in the English Midlands in 1972, is the daughter of Indian parents who've come to England to give her a better life. This idyllic existence is upset by the arrival in the village of Anita Rutter and her dysfunctional family.

Meena, a 12-year-old living in a mining village in the English Midlands in 1972, is the daughter of Indian parents who've come to England to give her a better life. This idyllic existence ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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intuciic (es) wrote: nice half-horror movie :)

Sujay H (jp) wrote: This movie has so many twists its quite comedic. I can't say anything without spoiling it. Worth checking out especially if you wanna kill time. It moves pretty fast, which might put some people off. Wacky plot, solid writing, solid acting. Check it out.

David J (us) wrote: Road to Perdition beckons more to the Godfather than it does to the more-recent Gangster Squad. Its heavy reliance on dialogue and music makes that clear. Tom Hanks is absolutely magnetic as the no-nonsense Sullivan and Paul Newman and Daniel Craig are excellent as well, portraying the Rooney gang leaders. What makes the film particularly great is how it never forgets its purpose, which is to elaborate how a killer maintains a positive relationship with his young son. Its beautiful.The music is up there with the best scores out there, and acting is just as good. This is a great and complex film that takes us back to before many of these types of gangster movies were so flashy.

Glen O (it) wrote: The final days of the Third Reich function as a kind of metaphor for its entire reign with apocalyptic ideology robbing participants of their humanity as the Russian Army occupies Berlin in the final stages of the war. Bruno Ganz's portrayal of Hitler has to be seen to be believed and Magda Goebbles' chilling suicide pact will stay with you for a very long time. The exteriors are (ironically) shot in St. Petersburg with Russian extras playing almost all of the German characters. Hitler's bunker has been meticulously reproduced in studios in Munich with the camera only being allowed to go where the original dimensions of the bunker would have allowed. But it is Granz's incredibly authentic portrayal of Hitler that carries away the prize here. The film was controversial for portraying Hitler and his cronies as too human. We would rather them be monsters or demons but to demonise them is to fail to learn the lesson that evil acts are perpetrated not by monsters but by real people. A second disc of special features on my DVD copy provides interviews with all of the principal actors and the writers of the source material many of whom articulate powerfully the moral dilemmas involved in the telling of the story. I have not seen a better film about this period.

Chris J (kr) wrote: This looks fuckin' balls. Tough to Love.

Tristan N (ru) wrote: one of the best chickens are law greys

Andy P (kr) wrote: The idiosyncrasies that make the genre successful are mostly there, but what's lacking is a coherent, well structured plot and convincing characters. It's a shame because somehow, this could have been so much better.

Alex C (ag) wrote: At first I thought the movie was gona end after they opened the vault. Even if it had the movie would have been good, but I like how they show what each does with their lives after that scene. It makes the movie a little more complete.

Anna B (de) wrote: Seemingly a pretty typical Alan Parker movie: good elements overwhelmed by cheese and melodrama with a completely absurd, abrupt ending. My favourite thing was probably the way it demonstrates how stupid drug sentencing laws are, and how they turn people who made one bad decision into hardened criminals just through their attempts to survive prison. So dumb.