Anja & Viktor

Anja & Viktor

Highschool sweethearts Anja and Viktor find themselves in a lesser state of love when Anja graduates and gets a job in the city.

Highschool sweethearts Anja and Viktor find themselves in a lesser state of love when Anja graduates and gets a job in the city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Catherine R (jp) wrote: Learned where the term burking came from.

Tony M (nl) wrote: Was it a Strike or was it "Gutterballs"? "Gutterballs" What if I told you that a horror film would have a beaver shot, what I thought to be a real blow job scene, an 8 min rape scene, genital mutilation, more F-words than "Scarface", Skanky Girls, over the top gore.....ohh and a Tranny! If you are still reading, I present you "Gutterballs" "Gutterballs is not only exploitive, it focus' it's strengths serving loads of sex and grisly death to no end. Just when you thought you had seen all that the genre had to offer, Writer/Director Ryan Nicholson brings you creativity in ways you don't want to imagine. The film begins with a quick jolt right out of the gate. Lisa ( Candice LeWald) is lining up in her lane at the bowling alley preparing for their upcoming tournament, when she starts to bend over and the camera pans down to her backside and the gratuitous beaver shot begins. I literally looked around to see if my wife could see what I was watching, because honestly I had no idea what I was looking at. It is getting late and the midnight bowling is ready to begin, as the other classes of young characters begin to arrive, their personalities fail to mesh and arguing begins,a fight breaks out and everyone gets booted. Looks like the fun will have to wait until the next night when they are allowed to return. Unfortunately for Lisa, she has forgotten her purse and will have to turn back and go back in to the bowling alley, alone! Cue the serial killer and forward "Gutterballs" HOOOOO!!!!! I was surprised for this homage to classic 1980's horror to be right on point. What I don't remember about those 80's favs was if the acting was as atrocious as "Gutterballs" is. GB's was truly hard to sit through with the over acting, underacting, lack of acting that was going on. I know 80's horror didn't garner the greatest of acting talent , but Nicholson couldn't shock me enough to forget about it. I will give Nicholson some credit in the shock department. He is mostly known for his FX and this film was another success to his credit. The FX was very well done and quite realistic. One scene in particular that was hard to watch was a horrifically perfect penis mutilation scene....just the words PENIS MUTILATION is enough to make me cringe....yeah it was bad! "Gutterballs" was great for it's writing and content. The FX was excellent. I could easily tell that the majority of the films budget was spent on gore. Unfortunately not enough of it was budgeted on actors with even a little ability. Maybe Ryan Nicholson needs to focus on his writing and FX strengths and steer clear of directing, because he goofed right from the get go with the casting. "Gutterballs was a decent attempt but falls short with the lack of acting ability to carry it to the next scene. It misses the lane altogether and ends up exactly what it is...... a Gutterball. BruceVain

Mike (br) wrote: A harrowing film but worth watching made all the more gripping that it is based on actual events.

Kimberly L (kr) wrote: An entertaining story of friendship, that can lift the vail of despair.

Christopher H (nl) wrote: A relatively well-dubbed transition to the states with excellent fight sequences, but its seriously in 'lost in translation' realms in some parts.

Darren C (mx) wrote: Love this film, look and soundtrack are amazing, true noir

Michael D (us) wrote: This Was a great movie and it is so so so great and it was great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tero H (mx) wrote: I re-watched this Hammer Studios Horror-classic on DVD and decided to edit my earlier review. The same director who filmed the first Dracula-film starring Christopher Lee is back directing, and the plot is original. The movie has well thought of characters who seem rather like real people and not like the cardboard characters such as appear in many modern horror films. This film doesn't have those 'unbelievable incidents' either, which seem to plague some other Hammer's Dracula movies . There's actually some lurking excitement at the unsuspecting 'tourists' finding their way in the vampire's castle and spending the night there. Although the main storyline is easy to guess, the specific scenes are not. A lot of this film works so well due to Christopher Lee's charismatic portrayal of the vampire Count. This is so despite the fact that he refused to speak the (silly) dialogue written for him and doesn't say anything during the entire film. The fake blood is all too obvious red-paint. The effects are minimal, really. Other than that, not really anything to complain about except that the film could have been a bit longer. Despite the lack of special effects, the film works very well as a classic vampire movie and a great sequel to the first Dracula movie starring Christopher Lee, which was called The Horror of Dracula. No candeliers are being used as weapons, but then again, there is no van Helsing in this film either. Strangely, I notice a similarity with the pitiful mr. Renfield and the bug eating inhabitant of the monastery who is being looked after by the monks. Probably intentional, that. The colours are bright and the film on the dvd looks like it has been remastered. There is a documentary called the many faces of Christopher Lee on the dvd, but still no subtitles are available. The ending is surprising enough to be acceptable. I think this is the best of the Dracula movies starring Christopher Lee, all things considered. Great acting, well directed, classic style movie-making of Hammer Studios. Marvellous because it makes this one of the last Hammer movies that still seem to have some kind of 'innocence' about it. Not just trying to make money, but also interesting and well-done films. I felt, watching the later movies, that it was going to change. I recommend to watch the first Dracula film from 1958 and this sequel from 1965 after that to get the best Dracula-effect.

Taylor N (fr) wrote: It's nice seeing Kurosawa movies in color. I found the story quiet and touching.

Michael R (de) wrote: For anyone who has been or is currently in a long distance relationship, this movie will hit home for them. A movie with such raw elements even to a regular relationship.'Like Crazy' is directed by Drake Doremus and it stars Anton Yelchin, Felicity Jones, Jennifer Lawrence, Oliver Muirhead and Charlie Bewley.In this beautifully crafted and elegantly made romantic drama we are given a real life taste into astrong and deep relationship. I would classify this as an indie film as it's evidently shown in it's style and it's isn't Hollywoodized or fancied up in any way.'Like Crazy' tells the complex story of a couple in a long distance relationship. Jacob(Anton Yelchin) and Anna(Felicity Jones), she being from England, meet at an American school and they hit it off in spectacular fashion. Their love is vibrant, beautiful, young and true. It's only until Anna's spontaneous and regrettable decision to stay in the country while violating her visa agreement begins a rocky and difficult outcome creating their time together being extremely valuable and their futures looking rather unknown.The movie mainly and only focuses on the couple of Jacob(Anton Yelchin) and Anna(Felicity Jones) and their emotional need for each each other. At the start of their first meeting and progressively through every additional scene they're in together do we see a strong and believable relationship. With the great direction of Drake Doremus we get this realistic approach to how couples feed off each other's jokes, feelings and their nonsense. In the end with true love being existent, forgiveness and each other is all they and anyone needs. I find that the chemistry between these two is excellent, they seemed really cute with each other too and their appearance and role were very fitting to the vision that director Drake Doremus may have been going for. Overall it worked really well.This story takes on a couple of creative complications. I won't spoil others but the initial complication is the fact that Anna(Felicity Jones) overstayed her visa and that I believe this pushes it to a more urgent need and creates a more serious problem for our characters. In most dramas that involve a couple they would go for something very general and common that we've seen before. Perhaps a boyfriend cheats or the girl is pregnant, we've practically heard of it already. Here the large separation between them allows us to feel something even more for them like there's something missing(I'm sure it'll take someone with a long distance experience to understand).What I find to be the worrying part is that it could present itself as a little boring and may have audiences looking at their watches or seeing how long of the movie is left. There is no doubt that this film likes to take its time however I also don't see that any scenes are potentially wasted. In regards to the vibrance of most scenes the first act of the movie seems to be the most elegant and heart warming. With the understanding of their relationship on the rocks I get how and why the serious and slow pacing may be simply enhancing the seriousness of the situation. I would not think that most audiences would understand the message or reasoning behind it and will find it a little less interesting than they expected.'Like Crazy' tells a love tale like no other. Yes it still has it problems but the reality of a young, loving couple is present and you simply can't help but feel for them as they go through this hard moment in their lives.Having been in a long distance relationship myself, this movie hit me in the right spots and allowed me to understand and appreciate what's important in my own life. In a way it nearly replicates a difficult era of my life, a little personal something I feel like sharing you.

Claigh Y (jp) wrote: * I felt the performances of the main cast were passable without ever being great, with the best performances coming from the 2 neglected wives. * It felt at times like the plot was unnecessarily spoon fed. This wasnt needed with a plot that was pretty standard. * Despite the fact the film ends in a predictable manner, this is handled well, and did feel kind of fresh/new.

Bobby B (br) wrote: One of the most realistic horror shows of all time.

Cody D (br) wrote: Strong idea, somewhat entertaining execution, absolutely no resolution. Do not watch this movie. Your time is better spent elsewhere.