Anja & Viktor - I medgang og modgang

Anja & Viktor - I medgang og modgang


I 'Anja og Viktor – I medgang og modgang', den femte Anja og Viktor-film, er parret kommet i pengemangel. De bor sammen med deres lille datter i vennernes ramponerede øvelokale i Sydhavnen, men da kommunens ivrige mand afslører dem i at bruge øvelokalet som bolig, og de nu regulært står på gaden, hvis de ikke skaffer penge til lejligheden, er familien i en presset situation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Anja & Viktor - I medgang og modgang torrent reviews

Rick L (kr) wrote: Rotten Tomatoes is rotten to the core with their anti-military/pro-hollywierd review: "and a jingoistic attitude that ignores the complexities of war."It's a MOVIE, no room for your anti-patriotic views on your beliefs, shame on you all.

Carson Y (kr) wrote: cheaply made movie in which the best actor dies fifteen minutes in. the unusually cheesy score makes the whole movie rather annoying. no real plot twists to speak of. don't waste your time with this one.

Tom j (au) wrote: Really enjoyed it, had flaws but really enjoyed it also natalie portman is gorgeous

Alexander P (kr) wrote: Actually one of Van Damme's better films especially as he acts in this one and fights with guns rather than "the spinkick" - good cast, half decent acting well filmed - enjoyed

Anna B (br) wrote: Very self-conscious in its attempts to be a cool Nouvelle Vague gangster picture, but the stark black and white compositions are frequently beautiful, especially for a first film. And after watching a few of his films I'm coming to appreciate Fassbinder's apparently sharp eye for a great pair of tits. The women in his movies seem to always have amazing bodies, which is downright impressive for a gay man. Even if you think his movies are boring, they're always easy on the eye.

Private U (kr) wrote: A fun musical full of Rogers/Hart music. Gene Kelly's verison of Slaughter on 10th Avenue is wonderful!

Wayne P (jp) wrote: Boring and tried , mindless script, what a waste of talent, can you say "payday"