Anjé. La leyenda del pirineo

Anjé. La leyenda del pirineo


  • Category:Drama
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:FapDe
  • Country:Spain
  • Director:Juanjo Elordi
  • Writer:Pablo Malo (adaptation), Miguel Sánchez-Romero (dialogue), Karmelo Vivanco (idea), Karmelo Vivanco (screenplay)

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Anjé. La leyenda del pirineo torrent reviews

Tara M (nl) wrote: Even though some of this was 'lost in translation' I think it was probably a pretty average Rom Com.

Jeff T (mx) wrote: I have been searching for a movie like this! Amazing. So good. Must watch.

Luis G (es) wrote: If you can get over the all-of-a-sudden ending, you can find a well-shot, suspenseful flick with enough character study to talk about afterwards.

Luigi D (br) wrote: Somehow, this small and smartly restrained film does everything right. With colors and fragrances that are evidence of Nadine Labaki's love for her motherland, "Caramel" is an intimate, kind, dignifying, keenly observed and seductive look at women's lives in Lebanon.

Thomas H (nl) wrote: I'm only giving this movie an extra half-star because the ending was good and sorta happy. This movie starts out slow but builds up a little bit. There's some really gory scenes, so squeamish people might wanna skip this. But the dub in voices sucked, and probably would've been much better if they had subtitles like most foreign films do. And this movie seemed really low-budgeted, and had great potential, but it would've been a lot better if there was a higher budget.

Monika K (mx) wrote: Very important movie about Rwandan genocide. I can't believe that world have done so little to help them. So little.

Troys G (it) wrote: An enjoyable film. Could do with a remake. Worth a watch.

Maman K (de) wrote: This film was important in my own I'll always have a soft spot for its quirky charm.

John C (nl) wrote: A great novel turned into a depressingly bad movie. Watch at your own peril. I mean, it has little dogs glued into rat costumes, for Pete's sake!(V)

Andrejs P (es) wrote: Not as good as "Divorce, Italian Style", its still entertaining and has its funny moments. Plus it has both Sophia Loren who is excellent in this film as well as Mastroianni.

Terry H (ru) wrote: totally enjoyed watching the cirque an others like it . It was nice to see all the other groups in making this movie .

Alex O (de) wrote: Pretty good movie. If you have the patience and really get into the movie it's mind blowing.

Benjamin N (ru) wrote: Should have been better.

Ryan M (de) wrote: Loved the multiple perspectives on the same scenario. However, it did lack the big, "I can't believe I missed that moment".

John S (us) wrote: Not bad for a once off watch, good acting but storyline could have been stronger. Some acting was good, some was boring/no thought put into it.Typical robbery style movie, resembling elements of entrapment, but not as good.

Eduardo B (ag) wrote: Drags on... The director is really taking his time and loses focus all the time. The story is uninteresting, Carol is a bland older lady with nothis else to seduce Therese other than the money that she clearly didn't make. She's spoiled and undiplomatic. Therese has nothing to offer but her youth, she's a pathetic character. The men in the movie are unidimensional. This movie was made as a sandwich with a lot of bread for an uninspired sex scene in the middle