Ankokugai no kaoyaku

Ankokugai no kaoyaku

Ryuta and Mineo Komatsu are brothers, both yakuza (gangsters). Mineo, although complicit in crime, even murder, wants out of the gangster life, hoping to become a successful singer instead....

Ryuta and Mineo Komatsu are brothers, both yakuza (gangsters). Mineo, although complicit in crime, even murder, wants out of the gangster life, hoping to become a successful singer instead.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt H (au) wrote: How to sum up this movie. Brilliant, intense, beautiful, and quite simply a masterpiece of animation. you might to watch the first two in ordered to get what's going on during the first half of the movie, but other than that, it's an amazing movie.

Randy P (it) wrote: Of the many pointless sequel cash grab sell out trash that the series has spread like aids. This is the best one. That was not a compliment.

Dean K (ca) wrote: The worst film I have ever seen!!!! How do you give no stars??

Damon H (nl) wrote: How can you not love a movie where the openning scene is of one man pissing on another man? The title says it all, the movies' charm lies in the dialoge which is filled with wit, humor, and venom. Takes place in Louis 14th's court, where the WIT is king, and the king is about to lose his head. A beautifully shot film filled with decadance, greed, lust, betrayal, and lies. A must see.

Jeffrow R (jp) wrote: Jim Carrey's comedy is hit-or-miss, but when this movie does make contact, the result is a home run of hilarity. Remember, LACES OUT!!!

Kathleen D (it) wrote: There's something special about this film.

Adam S (nl) wrote: Nagisa Oshima takes a page from the New Wave and chops this psychological serial rapist thriller into a jumble of jump cuts, rapid edits, time shifts, camera trickery, and political satire, and it's one of the most ambitious, mesmerizing films of his career. The late Kei Sato stars as the High Noon Attacker, a farmer who, as flashbacks tell us, has devolved into a rapist and a murderer because of the misguided affections of a local school-teacher and a young, comely maid, both of who know they shouldn't be hiding the man's identity from the police, but that's the nature of psycho-sexual obsession. As the film plunges like a speeding train towards it's disturbing conclusion, Sato and the psychology of a murderer become less prevalent than the budding frustrations and duel psyches of the women, who blend in a "Persona"-esque nightmare. Oshima keeps us guessing as to why the murderer is as he is, and why these two women are so drawn to him (with both hate, and especially, lust), with a narrative that routinely shifts back and forth in time with little indication or physical association for clues, but it's all part of a fascinating cinematic fabric, confusing and exhilarating.

Dan H (ca) wrote: One of the best indie horror films you can see. Katharine Isabelle is hot as fuh here, and quickly becomes an indie horror icon. The whole werewolf thing is also a metaphor for puberty. Katharine Isabelle, Emily Perkins and Kristopher Lemche are fantastic as our leads. The film is tons of fun in a super dark, goth/emo kind of way and the ending is actually very tense. Ginger Snaps earns its place as a classic cult indie film.

Reno V (ca) wrote: "BEWARE OF THE BRAZILIAN ORGAN DEALERS" - 'Turistas' is a 2006 horror film produced and directed by John Stockwell (Into the Blue, Dark Tide). The movie follows the torture-porn theme of the 'Saw'- and 'Hostel' franchises, but was unable to convince me. The story about a group of young tourists that fall into the hands of organ dealers, feels inspired by some urban legend, but just falls apart along the way. Needless to say why the film was no success in Brazil. Starring: Josh Duhamel (Transformers saga), Melissa George (The Amityville Horror Remake, 30 Days of Night) and Olivia Wilde(Cowboys & Aliens, Tron Legacy). 'You'll be dying to stay!'Alex (Duhamel), his sister Bea (Wilde) and their friend Amy are backpacking in Brazil. One day they decide to take the local bus. After a near death accident with their bus, the youngsters are joined by English tourists Finn and Liam, and the Australian Pru (George). The six of them find a bar and party all night long with the locals. When they wake up, the beach is deserted and all of them have been robbed. They meet the friendly Kiko, who joins them to the nearest town. But there the boys get into trouble when they chase children who are wearing their stolen items. To prevent more trouble, Kiko guides the group to his uncle's house in the woods, where they can wait for the next bus to come. Unknowingly, the tourists walk into a deadly trap...