Laxmi lives a poor lifestyle in a small village in India along with her husband, Kishtaya, who is a deaf-mute. Both husband and wife work for the wealthy landlord. The landlord's son, Surya, has to cancel his studies and return home to look after the estate, as well as formalize his marriage to Saroj, the girl he was compelled to get married to when he was very young. Shortly thereafter Kishtaya is apprehended stealing toddy from the fields, is severely beaten, left senseless, and when he recovers he absconds, leaving Laxmi alone to fend for herself. Surya finds her attractive and starts an intimate relationship with her, much to the chagrin of the rest of the family. Things only get worse when Saroj moves in to live with Surya - compelling him to make a final decision about a visibly pregnant Laxmi.

Laxmi lives a poor lifestyle in a small village in India along with her husband, Kishtaya, who is a deaf-mute. Both husband and wife work for the wealthy landlord. The landlord's son, Surya... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pathmanathan D (kr) wrote: First half of the movie continue to try to be a comedy and failed. Second half of the movie was typical revenge story which failed to be captivating.Rating - 1.5/5

Jim T (mx) wrote: Premise isn't bad - USS Iowa on way to final berth as museum is dragged into a war - but the script is full of holes, the cgi looks like it came out of an early 1990s videogame, and almost none of the Navy crew bothered to get regulation haircuts. Not a complete waste, but it could have been more.

Todd S (ru) wrote: From the companies that brough you Horrorfest, comes the Task, a unique story with a twist. I really liked how ambitious the Task was and just what lengths it went to in order to try and trick the audience. It's unusal to find good writing or much of anything that isn't predictable in a film like this, and I really didn't expect it to be as entertaining as it was. This unique story begins with seven people being kidnapped and brought to a remote location to compete in a reality TV show, that combines Survivor, Fear Factor, and Ghost Hunters. The game requires the contests to spend one night locked in an abandon prison, with a seedy reputation. The contests must complete the tasks that are put in front of them to win a large cash award. The contests were as different as can be leading to a fantastic dynamic between them, it's a shame they didn't build on that dynamic and show more interaction between characters, that only would have added to the story. The cast, as usual, is mostly newcomers, but talented newcomers, who do an excellent job in making this story believable. A movie like the Task really comes down to the cast, because if they're not believable the movie ends up being only good for a few laughs. The cast was good, the plot was great, but what really put the film over the top was it's terrific ending, which was very reminiscent of another Lionsgate classic, Saw. It's an ending you shouldn't see coming, but one that really brings the whole thing together.

John W (au) wrote: Intelligent, funny, insightful, exuberant, cynical yet somehow optimistic, and through it all enthusiastically sexy. A self described "porno," it's really a pornographic satire of the hypocrisy of the radicalized left rather than some brain dead skin flick. Despite the graphic sex, I'd even call it an art film.

Ali Y (es) wrote: As always, grades are subject to change. Comments will follow... sometime or another. [b]The Saddest Music in the World [/b][Guy Maddin, 2004] *** (82 / A-) The only appropriate comparison I can offer is [i]Moulin Rouge[/i], and if people thought that musical was inaccessible, I don't know what they'll make of this one. Creepy, ludicrous and weird, this film has been haunting me for days. Stylistically, it's a director's wet dream, and the cinematography and art direction are among the best I've seen this year. But what's more, it's a wickedly funny burlesque comedy that embraces melodrama and artifice as its models. Shot through various filters and desaturated in palette, this is more an idealized fantasy land than a true depiction of Depression-era melancholy. Despite the fact it initially seems one-note and gimmicky, its hunger for parody never waned, and neither did my involvement with the film overall. Mark McKinney and Isabella Rosselini are perfectly cast as the two warring lovers. [b]The Door in the Floor [/b][Tod Williams, 2004] ** (48 / C-)This one has been enjoying a resurgence by critics late in the season, the pleas being not to forget this little "gem". Indeed. [i]The Door in the Floor[/i] has a myriad of problems, the least of which is its awkward transition from the novel to screen. Most damaging is its indecisiveness in tonality, veering from dysfunctional-family drama to slapstick physical comedy. Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger are fine, but their characters are so poorly conceived that it's impossible to fault their potrayals (the latter especially, since the character's psychological trauma is so superficially handled). [b]9'11"01 [/b][Various, 2003] **1/2 (63 / B-)The segments range from excellent (Makhmalbaff, Ouedraogo) to good (Tanovic), mediocre (Nair, Loach) to bad (Penn, Chahine) and finally - absolutely offensive (Gonzalez Inarritu). Taken as a whole, it's rarely solid. Inarritu should be punched in the face for his contribution. [b]The Deep End [/b][Scott McGehee, David Siegel, 2001] *** (71 / B+) [b]The Rules of Attraction[/b] [Roger Avary, 2002] **1/2 (56 / C+) Side note re: Director's Guild of America nominations - Taylor Hackford ([i]Ray[/i]) and Marc Forster ([i]Finding Neverland[/i])?? WTF!!!??

Ruthanna H (au) wrote: Original movie, old effects like star wars. The movie that started the StarGate shows.

Hannah D (nl) wrote: OK good when you really just want to watch a bad movie.

Denise A (it) wrote: I have admit I actually liked this film. It's different.

Paul R (au) wrote: British Godzilla. Fairly chilling effects. Good dialogue.

Joshua L (jp) wrote: This is Roman Polanski's award winning short film. A fantastic vision with lots of imagination. Pretty stunning images as well.

Tom R (ag) wrote: Excellent WWII classic. Just a shame about that unfortunately-named dog... :/

Richard L (gb) wrote: No one wants to see a rom com with male leads.

Achal M (br) wrote: Super nice Filming..

Tabatha T (kr) wrote: This is a fav. of mine. I crack up through the whole thing.

Gareth D (gb) wrote: Hopeless. Utterly hopeless. For a woman who hates the water, Ellen Brody sure does spend a lot of time living next to it. The shark scenes are woeful. Hilariously bad, in fact.

Chlor W (ru) wrote: Great Movie. I loved it and I'm hard to entertain.