Anmol Ghadi

Anmol Ghadi

School-going Chandrabhan lives a poor lifestyle with his widowed mom in a small town in India, and has a childhood sweetheart named Lata, who is the daughter of the wealthy Deputy. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Louis F (es) wrote: Cute and well acted; predictable though.

Veronica T (nl) wrote: Finally, a film that shows the other side of the story.

Dillon L (ca) wrote: very funny movie, lots of fun

Anita L (br) wrote: A brilliant movie. Very deep, intense, odd and strong. What makes it better (or worse) is the fact that it's a true story; it's always more appreciated that way

Kieran L (kr) wrote: this has GOT to be the worst movie I have EVER seen

Gordon B (ag) wrote: This movie wants to be a more violent version of Heart of Darkness, but its more like 'Heart of Darkness' made by dummies.

Zack B (de) wrote: It's easy to see that this was a passionately, fervently made film with an obvious message, but it is dated and melodramatic in today's terms, which lessens its impact, unlike Basil Dearden's other film, Victim.

Art S (de) wrote: When one studious cousin moves from the provinces to Paris, he is treated to some late 50s bohemian decadence by the other playboy cousin (and the long party scenes are handled surprisingly well here by Claude Chabrol). This is more than a good meets evil story (although that is part of it) because there is also some desire for transference (or wish fulfillment) on the part of both cousins and the result of their sustained contact is unpredictable. As with many of the early New Wave films, there is an exuberant freshness here (even as tension and loathing mount).

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