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Carl M (jp) wrote: The Jersey Shore is rocked by a prehistoric species of sharks after an illegal drilling operation awakens them from an underwater cave, leaving it is up to a group of greased-up party-goers to save the day! Yes, it is as bad as it sounds, and no, Roger Corman did not produce it. JERSEY SHORE SHARK ATTACK combines the two worst things television has to offer in to an hour-and-a-half of sheer stupidity. Luckily, characters Donnie, Nooki, TC "The Complication," and others provide a few cheap laughs along the way as they spoof their MTV counterparts. The editing and sound design playfully poke fun at the television series as well, although no amount of scripted humor can ever compare to the natural idiocy of Jersey Shore. JERSEY SHORE SHARK ATTACK proudly boasts some of the worst computer-generated sharks that mankind has ever known. One can only hope that the designers were in on the joke, and intended for the sharks to look this terrible. At the very least, visitors to the Jersey Shore are filled with explosive geysers of blood, and make for many tasty snacks. As awful as the film may be, it has the same captivating effect as the MTV show. It is impossible to look away for fear of what you might miss. Coming soon to dollar bins everywhere alongside SPRING BREAK SHARK ATTACK, MEGA PIRANHA, and DINOSHARK.

Eric H (au) wrote: Reading the description of this movie I was expecting some immature comedy but was pleasantly surprised. I am so glad I watched it, it was a deep and moving comedy and while the story line sounds absurd, the way it played out and the dialogue and the acting was all wonderfully done and felt natural moreand real. For so many aspects of this movie being over the top ridiculous, it never once seemed ridiculous in the movie. I have to say I loved-loved-loved-LOVED it! I enjoyed every bit of this film immensely, a touching story filled with laughs that doesn't spell everything out for you like you're and idiot that can't put 2 and 2 together on your own like a lot of rom coms do. I think it's the subtleties that make a movie great but they have to be done perfectly - just so, requiring a rare skill and talent - and it is a very difficult task to pull off.

Jamie W (jp) wrote: awful film, extreamly bad 'special effects'

Nicholas J (kr) wrote: Sheen and Davis NAILED their roles. This was great view into a part of history we weren't privy to.

Kyle G (ag) wrote: Gangly, weird, and still a mature and unforgettable movie. The story -- suicidal girl finds near-death love -- becomes a sort of reverse I Am the Cheese, where the cheap mental asylum situation is at the beginning rather than the end. Still, there's a perpetual dread that everything will just collapse into stupid, pro-life pretension after all; but the movie sidesteps that flaw and stays appropriately thoughtful for most of its run. Not to mention it has some of the most gorgeous soundtrack music I've ever heard.

Mike L (mx) wrote: What a total waste of time. Cheap. Garbage.

Criss T (jp) wrote: I really love how this film explains the depth of Hector Lavoe life, emotions and being a singer. Marc and Jennifer confess profoundly what they walked away with in this film's interview. I can relate

Ricky (fr) wrote: Very kewl flick!!! I luv it!!! rock on!!! Adam!!!

Greg W (fr) wrote: this is a wonderful film and one of director polanski's best.

Marcel R (us) wrote: Un western sign Jack Nicholson ! C'est bien film et l'histoire est vraiment intressante, Un Jack Nicholson toujours fidle lui meme. Je conseille. A noter John Belushi y tiens un petit rle et rien que pour a a vaut le coup d'oeil !

Hank M (mx) wrote: A laugh out loud comedy. I personally think that it was underrated, but critics usually don't like Adam Sandler movies. 70%

Niklas S (nl) wrote: Is Luke Goss the new go to B-action hero? I certainly think so.

Michael A (us) wrote: As dumb as the plots sounds this is surprisingly well done.Idiot Flixster super revieers don't know what they are talking about.