Mairy, a thirty-year-old woman from Philippines, works in a village in Cyprus. She takes care of Mr. Michalis, an eigthy-five-year-old man with arteriosclerosis. Mr. Michalis spends his days in front of the television, watching time and again a soap opera with a heroine named Anna. He soon becomes obsessed with this heroine, to the point of calling Mairy 'Anna', despite the remarks of his daughter Melpo. When Mairy finds some old photographs she makes an important discovery...

A detective (Mark Strong) who can probe people's minds must determine if a brilliant, troubled sixteen-year-old girl (Taissa Farmiga) is a sociopath or a victim of trauma. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cort H (jp) wrote: It's too bad they wasted these good stories on so-so movies and a GREAT character on Tommy White Teeth.

Panos M (ca) wrote: A well-made drama which achieves to impart the desperation of its characters but fails to keep our interest unabated because of its exhausting duration.

Anthony B (mx) wrote: A not bad Doco about a Intriguing Genius of a person. Doesnt outstay its welcome like alot of docos. Leaves you wanting to have Arthur as your soundtrack.

Todd S (es) wrote: [font=Times New Roman][size=4]2008 US Directors: Wayne Coyne & Bradley Beesley[/size][/font][font=Times New Roman][size=4]Score: 7[/size][/font][font=Times New Roman][size=4] Watching this movie I was immediately reminded of the original Soviet production of ?Solaris?. The plot was not as strong, or cohesive, nor the acting, but there was that similar feel to it. Despite its independent budget level effects and shaky at times performances, this one did keep me entertained and interested to see what bizarre situation would unfold next. I don?t think I would bother adding it to my collection (unless it were a gift from a friend or something) but I do think it is worth a viewing, especially if you are a fan of quirky independent Science Fiction, this is your film.[/size][/font][font=Times New Roman][size=4] [/size][/font][font='Times New Roman'][size=4]Notes: GV-XL-FN Suggested Age: 16+[/size][/font]

Lucy P (au) wrote: as exciting as it was

Joseph S (kr) wrote: Before the prestige of "Milk" and "Good Will Hunting" Gus Van Sant bombed it big with this Tom Robbins adaptation, staring Uma Therman as a girl with mutated oversized thumbs, which later in life make her the road master general of hitchhiking, as well as a successful hand model. Burned out from years of crossing the roads back and forth, which she is preternaturaully good at, she takes some advice from her transvestite "agent" I think or benefactor anyway( after an unsucessfull date with Keanu Reeves as a native american artist with a asthma problem), decides to head to a ranch/spa for rest and relaxation. Little did she know the Ranch is run by a band of lesbian, feminisit, gun totting, peyote munching ranch hands who have dubbed themselves "the cowgirls" and who take over the ranch to subsoquently drive out patriarchal oppression. Somewhere while all this is going on she meets a man in the mountains called "The Chink" though he is Japanese, it's Mr. Miyagi old Arnold himself, and sleeps with him... Then she has some corrective surgery, hears some spiels about the evolutionary importance of the apposable thumb("all life and history can be traced to the thumb...etc, etc.). Then the cow-girls, whose leader Rain Phoenix, Therman has fallen in love with, somehow manage to get the wooping crane(an endangered species who stop by the ranch on their migratory pattern) to stay on and defy thousands of years of flying back and forth. Which leads to a bloody confrontation between the US government and the gals... Tom Robbins supplies the narration, and proves that even with an authors enthusiasm, even with a talented director open to fresh ideas, some stories just cant be transfered from the page to the screen, or at least shouldnt be. If you just want to watch something both oddly conventional and bizzare plotwise, "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues" is a decent enough distraction (and even contains a rare Robbins insight in the dialog here and there). But it's just a confused mismatch of tone and performance, dead pans joke which dont work and awkardly placed sentiments. Somewhere in there it's heart's in the right place, but theres so many poor scenes, it's hard to find the energy to look for it. Certainly a curio, but nothing to rush toward.

Doctor S (us) wrote: All right, you Raimi fanboys, you've seen Spider-Man, you've probably seen The Evil Dead, you might've seen The Quick & The Dead, and there's even a slim chance you've seen Crimewave. But I bet you've never seen Easy Wheels!That's right, our man Sam co-wrote this tongue-in-cheek biker comedy under a pseudonym, his brother Ted has a very small part by making faces as a bartender, and his Xena: Warrior Princess co-creator Rob Tapert served as co-producer. Problem is, they didn't really hire the right director(s). The pacing is awkward and the gags often don't have the proper timing to really do this goofy story any favors. Didn't I mention? Biker Paul "You Want A Knuckle Sandwich?" LeMat of American Graffiti fame has visions, thanks to a hunk of metal lodged in his head from Vietnam, and leads his gang The Born Losers to Iowa to stop a biker gang of women from kidnapping baby girls and leaving them in the forest to be raised by wolves, just as their leader had been. See, it's that kind of movie.I got a kick out of the entire movie taking place "east of Des Moines, south of Dubuque." Most of the landscape could substitute for Iowa with the long lonely roads and cornfields, but the terrain grew a little too rugged towards the end. Some funny lines - for instance, we learn one of the perks of being in a biker gang means never having to wash dishes - and situations sorely needed an extra jump-start of energy to really deliver a cult classic along the lines of Crimewave. But hey, the full Raimi experience isn't complete without watching it.

Thomas W (nl) wrote: No soy muy fan del cine aleman y su idioma me llega a molestar despues de un momento. Con Mephisto algo que me impidio disfrutarla un poco mas, fue el audio atrasado, que en lo personal, me saca de quisio. Y pues la historia, la edicion y la manera en la que esta hecha simplemente no lo mio.

Courtney B (it) wrote: It's a musical. ABOUT COLLEGE STUDENTS! I am fulfilled. And I don't think it gets much better than Peter Lawford singing, "Anyman who is half a man has to be a ladies man." Oh, June Allyson is my idol.

Steve W (ca) wrote: Its Taken, but with Jean Claude Van Damme! JCVD plays an ex-mercenary who specializes in rescuing kidnapped children from sex traffickers. However, he is haunted by the other victims he failed to rescue. After an MMA fighter's daughter is kidnapped, Samson Gaul (Van Damme, wtf? with the name) must team up with this American embassy son to find the people responsible.The movie starts off rather badass, but slowly goes downhill. Each action set piece seems to get less and less exciting and the movie feels long with its lengthy 2 hour running time. Its a simple action flick with more emphasis on shooting, but I would rather have them throw in more fight scenes once in a while because JCVD is awesome.

Matthew R (gb) wrote: Funny Movie best comedy I've seen in a long time