Anna Christie

Anna Christie

A young woman reunites with her estranged father and falls in love with a sailor, but struggles to tell them about her dark past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben K (ca) wrote: This film is a complete travesty. I rented it via a free rental trial and it certainly wasn't worth more than 30 minutes of my time before having little choice but to switch it off and send it back. They should have been paying me to make it through as much of this movie as I did!The high name MMA fighters that made an appearance (for all of 5 minutes total) should feel totally ashamed of themselves for selling out to such a disgraceful production.Contemplating how anyone could give this movie more than, say, 2 stars simply makes my head spin!

Sylvester K (de) wrote: Utter gorefest, no clear plot what so ever, brainless.

Tim W (jp) wrote: I never liked the story, or really any adaptation, and that includes this movie. It certainly wasn't bad, but it was too cliche, too cutesy at times, too Disney, not funny, nor a classic. However the animation was decent and Phil Collins wrote a couple great songs. And I'll admit there are times when the story kind of sucks me in.

Ryan V (jp) wrote: Silly story where Candy gets stuck in a soap opera he's writing. It works better than it should.

Dan N (es) wrote: Best line.... Anti-Freeze!!

Russell W (au) wrote: Space Mutiny is gawdawful. But at least it's capable of passing as a comedy. A guy runs around in a basement fighting guys dressed in high school band uniforms who ride around in "enforcers", vehicles that previously were shopping carts or floor buffers or golf carts before. Anyways, David Rider, the "hero" screams like a woman and murders monoplegics by burning them to death. Some insane women filming workout videos get those globes you find from spencer's gifts, dance and jump around and act like they actually contribute in some meaningful way to the "film", which is sad since this isn't a film, it's 20% effects stolen from Battlestar Galactica, 80% horrible special effects and 100% bad acting! It's absolutely unwatchable except for the wonderful riffing it so richly deserved on MST3K.

Mike M (fr) wrote: Chabrol relies heavily on a discordant score to suggest these characters' growing mental unrest, but he also picks up on several subtly unsettling signifiers: a lost TV signal, a crucial piece of a jigsaw puzzle going AWOL; Audran's reptilian beauty, holding up remarkably well under duress, and Bouquet's thin-lipped, amenable smile, beneath which there lurks all manner of frustrations and insecurities. Later remade (and heated up) by Adrian Lyne as "Unfaithful"; this original remains as cool, even chilly, as you like.

Dan F (au) wrote: This film holds strong nostalgic value for me, I could probably watch it a billion times. One of those films where you unintentionally memorize the script, if you grew up watching it anyway. An 80s comedy classic.