Anna: Ot shesti do vosemnadtsati

Anna: Ot shesti do vosemnadtsati

Director Nikita Mikhalkov documents the history of Russia from 1980 to 1991 by annually asking his daughter Anna such questions as "What do you love the most?", "What scares you the most?",...

Director Nikita Mikhalkov documents the history of Russia from 1980 to 1991 by annually asking his daughter Anna such questions as "What do you love the most?", "What scares you the most?",... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Anna: Ot shesti do vosemnadtsati torrent reviews

Tavonna M (ru) wrote: Great doc on VO actor's real lives, their stories, tid bits, & tricks!

Paul C (it) wrote: Very funny indie comedy about a British Muslim man who finds out that 1) he is adopted and 2) his birth parents were Jewish. While much of the humor comes from playing w/ various stereotypes, it comes across as good-natured and inoffensive, and never seems to be at the expense of either group. The overall theme is tolerance and co-existence while also exploring the issue of identity. The ending is a tad contrived but doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the film. Great stuff with a very likeable cast. There is especially good chemistry between the title character Djalili and Schiff, his Jewish neighbor. Overall, really worth a look.

Ian M (us) wrote: An interesting look at soldiers and war that crosses any cultural barrier.

Private U (gb) wrote: This is the best Mormon film I've seen. Tastefully explores deep moral issues.

Fred W (ru) wrote: The folly of absolute power and of mercilessness seen in a "benevolent" judicial dictatorship.

Brian P (it) wrote: didnt like this movie at all

Ian W (br) wrote: From the director of the superb 'This is England'. This is a typical British film that demonstrates what made TiE so good in the first place.The cast features a very young Milky and Lol (cast names in This is England) in completely different roles but still great to watch.if you have never heard of Shayne Meadows as a filmmaker then this would be a great place to start. Not only is this well directed but it has a great cast and even has a part for Bob Hoskins! Well recommended!

Kat F (it) wrote: I must have seen this at least 20 times. It's a very clever, not-too-sappy romcom, with a fantastic post-britpop soundtrack. It really is quite genius.

Trevor R (ca) wrote: Wow! What a piece of crap! There is not one thing good I can say about this Toho Produced Sequel of sorts to "King Kong vs Godzilla". Awful dialogue...even for this type of movie, crappy special effects, and some of the most campy acting I have ever seen. As the saying goes.....It wasn't Beauty that killed the was the filmmakers! I tried to give this film NO STARS, but for some reason, it won't let me. That would be my real rating of this film. Terrible stuff.

Gabriel K (us) wrote: A Slovak drama, centering around a clueless carpenter who inadvertently gets involved in Holocaust. The tone of the movie is deceptively light, even comedic at times. The real horror of the story is so subtle, it may be completely missed by some viewers not well familiar with Eastern European history or life in that region during the Communist regime (which the movie ever so subtly refers to as well).

Judge L (ca) wrote: Have seen this one a few times now; I still really enjoy the chemistry between Powell and Loy. Always fun to go back and watch these great old films.

Lauren S (ru) wrote: As long as it isn't R i would love to see it

dm S (ag) wrote: In my estimation, the Wallant adaptation called The Pawnbroker is Sidney Lumet's best film. It's about an emotionally shut-off person but it evokes big emotions, gets under your skin. It's basically a journey: at the beginning, Nazerman in rigid, he locks himself in his horrific past and in his little store where he acts like a tyrant (when Sol hurts the woman who brings in a ring made of glass, it's calm, but shocking) - he's depraved of humanity as the images-flashbacks show. Later on, he regains his feelings partly thanks to Jesus Ortiz's happy nature, partly because of Rodriguez's threats: like the Nazi lager, the pawnshop at Brooklyn products victims, filth and terror. This is the moment when Nazerman realizes he has to change for the better and he has to become a man: with heart, emotions, with soul. From this minute, the flashbacks represent his mind becomes complete - but its price is losing someone he loves, the loss shows he has indeed a human heart.

Allison F (fr) wrote: A funny and greatly animated piece.

Arai A (it) wrote: Loaded with fights: really awesome work whether Casey is sparring, picking fights in a rage or actually going up against bad guys. Hollywood movies don't give you this much value.

Oliver O (jp) wrote: A johnny-come-lately attempt to cash in on the "quirky" style of Twin Peaks and other David Lynch films that falls short of being either amusing or riveting. The Dahl brothers must have cast the film while going through the Lynch catalog, cherry-picking leads Wild at Heart, Blue Velvet, and Twin Peaks. Perhaps the worst early film of this actor, Nick Cage didn't sink this low again until he became a plastic action hero. Firmly agree with the straight-to-VHS verdict from the US distributor. I nearly felt cheated receiving the film on a USB.