Jake Huard, from a shipbuilders family, promised his dying mother he'ld make it to Anapolis Naval Academy. Thanks to tenaciously bugging a Congressman, he's selected despite dubious grades. Once inside, Jake soon proves sub-standard academically. Constantly challenged to his limits, repeatedly made the 'over-cocky' reason for the entire class to suffer, Jake nearly quits, but after facing his utterly un-supportive father's gloating returns just in time. Stubborn Jake finds support withs mates as well as Senor Ali, his lover-to-be, and a discipline he may excel in: the 'brigade' boxing tournament, open to all ranks.

Dreaming of attending the U.S. Naval Academy in Maryland, a young man finally narrowly makes the cut and becomes one of the 1,200 applicants selected for the freshman class. However, once there, he begins to suffer from self-doubt and wonders if he can truly measure up to the standards held by the revered institution. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Annapolis torrent reviews

Rodrigo C (nl) wrote: Um baita documentrio!!!

Zoe M (ru) wrote: I have no idea why I sat through this entire movie. I'm pretty sure it was made for bible camp. It was just.. The only reason this isn't getting one star is because it's so lame that it's funny

Andy G (nl) wrote: Open grave is an OK thriller about a guy waking up find me now he was treating these people with the plague turn all the crazy stuff going on around that area. Sharply Copley stars in this movie. B- (2014)

Trudi B (it) wrote: It was cute fluff. Fun. Not much depth and Lifetime should have picked it up.

Randy P (mx) wrote: Really pathetic plot, and lazily written.

ScubaSteve Walter M (nl) wrote: One hell of a psychological circus! I love how the movie transitioned into an ordinary hustling into vengeance. Add up Gene Hackman as the villain, oh boy, you got a real thriller coming you're way. I also like how Hoffman embodies a man of integrity and how the movie showed all his actions to this ideal. The film's advocacy on gun violence especially to children is a good topic and is very real, yet somehow this was only pointed out at the end. If they could have focused more on this, the movie would have more substance than just thrills.

Angad S (au) wrote: epic had some parts where you'd go 'awwwww' but overall, however romantic they've tried to make it, a lot of it, just makes me cringe..the bad acting...bad, other shit...ugh...

Matthew L (br) wrote: Following on from First Contact was going to be no easy task, and although this is a fun romp, it feels like an extended episode of the series. The cast are so comfortable in their roles that they could literally play them whilst sleeping. As ever Spiner and Stewart get the standout moments whilst everyone else has a moment to shine. The social and political themes are a nice touch but at times are a little trite and the film sails along rather than souring. Die hards will get more from this as its not massively accessible to the casual viewer.

Alec B (jp) wrote: You can see brief flashes of potential brilliance, but the fact that none of them amount to anything only makes the film more disappointing. Also, I hope that whoever was the boom mic operator for this never worked again . . . it's embarrassing how often you can see it.

Doug P (us) wrote: Brando... unbelievable!

Lucas G (fr) wrote: As most of remakes these days, it feels really unncessary, even with its cast including talents like Julianne Moore and Chloe Grace Moretz.

Ryan W (kr) wrote: the acting was awful and it was more humorous than scary. However I'd definitely add it to my collection! One of those bad cheesy films that you'd watch out of laughter of how bad it is.