Anni 90 - Parte II

Anni 90 - Parte II


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:113 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:italy,   sequel,   italian tv,  

Second scandalously famous collections of short Italian comedies of the 90s! All that was "fun" in those years in Italy - all here! The sea of black humor on all issues - sex, politics, mafia, crime, TV... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Anni 90 - Parte II torrent reviews

CC R (jp) wrote: Yikes. I'm 35 minutes into this and forced myself to watch this much. Boring, slow, boring and did I say boring? Pitt's character is one dimensional. She's not much better. I just don't care. Don't intent to watch the rest. It shouldn't be this much work.

Jose C (it) wrote: I laugh every time at the pudding sceneWould get 5 stars but the cgi doesn't belong in these movies.

Jessica L (it) wrote: An incredibly sad but culturally relevant movie.

JamesMasaki R (kr) wrote: Originally started as a short film financed by Eurostar as a promotional vehicle for travel, ended up being a semi-long film barely including the Eurostar train. But even with the Eurostar being only a 'cameo' for the beginning and end, it still makes an impact enough as a very long commercial. Don't think that this is just one long commercial though. It's still a black and white film about a kid from the Midlands who runs away to London, and meets a Polish kid who loves photography. The two kids, being slight outcasts and no clear direction in life, they are the main focus and the weight of their relationship carries the film, and it is actually quite light. They are not well defined. Even with their backstories told, there are a lot of empty holes. And somehow, it's a perfectly good balance between characters that you know too much, and not enough. Brilliant. It's no wonder Shane Meadows is one of my favorite directors.

Sean L (fr) wrote: A long-form inspection of the most infamous word in the English language, with insights from all walks of life. Comedians, talk show hosts, politicians, musicians, linguists and historians all chime in on the weight a simple four-letter concoction can carry, and whether our society is in the right or the wrong for placing such a special value on it. The natural bases are covered: censorship, religion, root origins, liberty and social conservatism, with amusing dalliances into the wildly different applications for the F-word and its unique status as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb and simple sign of emphasis or excitement. It does drag on at times, but clever editing and some tremendous sound bytes, particularly from Scottish comedian Billy Connolly, always manage to pull it back from the edge. Fair, insightful and funny, if not all it could have been.

Hollie T (nl) wrote: Wait, what was this about again?

Carlos N (kr) wrote: Primeiro filme de longa metragem do movimento TRAUMA de cinema independente. Dirigido por Alexandre Stockler e com Caio Blat no elenco, trata-se de um drama de humor negro mostrando os eventos que sucedem a formatura de 3 jovens de classe mdia alta e suas tentativas de "consertar" as situaes que a busca de prazer limitado acabam provocando.

Ina S (fr) wrote: The cinematography and cast are great, the movie as such is really a little too arty for my taste. Still worth checking out for fans of Brazilian cinema.

Ladd W (ru) wrote: Like Candide with a sort of British Mod sensibility. Lots of fun with a good soundtrack, although a little overly long.

Greg W (us) wrote: very risque in '64 but tame by 2days standards one of first S&M soft core sex films called pinku eiga also gets a star 4 starring Joe Shisido I think he's the Japanese Steve McQueen so cool & a reel badass!

Ville L (gb) wrote: Good basic action film by van Damme

Sameen M (mx) wrote: I really enjoyed the scene with the butter.