Annie's Point

Annie's Point

Annie (Bette White) wants to disperse her husband's ashes at a locale in California that they had named Annie's Point. Annie needs a bypass immediately and she wants to send out the ashes on her 50th wedding anniversary.

Richard Eason is flat-out filling his late father's shoes as CEO of an east Coast real estate developing company, so he can't spend nearly as much time with mother Annie and daughter Ella ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ashif K (es) wrote: Did you know that all the characters from the anime teen titans tv series all returned to do the voice of the characters in this movie i also loved the anime tv series 5 out of 5 stars nothing wrong what so ever.

Brian F (kr) wrote: Inspector Gadget 2 is the sequel to the 1999 Inspector Gadget movie. This one went straight to DVD and if you actually watch the movie, you'll know why. IG2 supposedly picks up a few years after the first movie though, you wouldn't even know it. This movie moves in a completely different direction that it's hard to imagine it's a sequel. The tone of the movie has become more light-hearted and campy. Inspector Gadget is once again a clueless idiot who can't control his now glitched-ridden gadgets, Dr. Claw's face is never seen and his voice is rapsy, Penny and the dog Brain do most of the actual work although Penny does become a damsel in distress toward the end. Basically, this movie is much closer to the tv show. Infact, it feels like your actually watching a Live-Action version of the show with some elements incoporated from the first movie. Even some of Claw's henchmen from various episodes of the show appear in this movie. Along with the change in tone, there is also a change in the cast. NONE of the original actors and actresses come back for this movie with the exception of D.L. Hughley who returns to voice the GadgetMobile. A couple of new characters are introduced such as Baxter, played by Bruce Spence who seems to be a scientist of sorts and friend of Gadget's, and G2 played by Elaine Hendrix who is basically a female version of Gadget and is intended to become his replacement. She also becomes Gadget's new love interest. There is no explanation as to what happened to Brenda from the first movie. As I said, it's hard to imagine that this is a sequel. It looks and feels like a completely different movie and it might as well be. It proves that what works in animation, doesn't necessarily work on film. All in all, It's a good movie to throw on for the kids but otherwise, I wouldn't bother with IG2.

David C (kr) wrote: "War Games" is so much more fun than it has a right to be. Being a 1983 movie that trades heavily in technical jargon and low-res computer readouts, it should feel hopelessly dated; it doesn't. As a movie that makes plucky teens its heroes, it should feel juvenile and frivolous; it doesn't. Since its plot is an explicit reaction to Cold War tensions, it should come across as heavy-handed and moralizing; it doesn't. Good acting, writing, and directing-the basics of movie-making-conspire to avoid these pitfalls, seemingly almost in spite of themselves.Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy were two of the most successful teen stars of the 80s for a reason. They look and talk like the kids next door. In this movie, both of their characters would be artificially, almost eerily normal, the Hollywood version of "average" kids, except that they're both just a little bit "off" in ways that aren't necessarily intended but are nevertheless endearing and refreshing. Broderick, probably by nature rather than decision, underplays everything even in the face of nuclear Armageddon, and this works because it keeps the tone light. Another way to balance the apocalyptic plot that places tens of millions of lives on the line would have been to make the acting comically over-the-top, but this would not have been as relatable and would quickly have become tiresome. As for Sheedy's character, she could easily have been just another movie girlfriend relegated to the sidelines, but the script adds idiosyncrasies and Sheedy brings a playfulness that keeps her sharing the spotlight for most of the film. She rides a motorcycle on which Broderick's character rides behind her, a fact that goes rightly unremarked in the movie but which I think deserves approbation from commenters, and she has a charismatic way of sauntering freely into places she isn't expected.The set design has the visual appeal of a Bond movie, with a huge, flashy command center, an underground bunker, and an antagonist's plush island retreat. The camera has lots of room to play among these sets, but the scenes in Broderick's prosaic classroom, closet-sized school office, and cluttered bedroom look small and cramped. His escape from them into the wider, more dangerous world of high-stakes espionage therefore feels like breaking free, and it is a journey we want to go on instead of nitpicking the nonsense of it all. The script gets away with a lot of loose logic because it moves so fast and keeps introducing new twists. Instead of just explaining himself to the authorities (who are doubly stupid here: they have the stupidity of military brass in an anti-war movie and the stupidity of adults in a teen movie), Broderick goes it alone. When the military is told they're playing a game, they persist in thinking it's real, and when Broderick is told early on that his "game" is "definitely military" software, he promptly "plays" it anyway. But the movie knows what it's doing, even if the characters don't, and makes a point of the lack of distinction between games and reality for the computers that we program to manage both. It sounds like a sci-fi premise, but in a rarity for sci-fi and "hacker" movies, the script gets a lot of the technical language right. Like, for example, the concept of "computer learning," which in the movie and often in real life is explored through games of tic-tac-toe.Though in many ways a relic of the '80s, "War Games"'s smart decisions keep it entertaining for more than just the nostalgic.

Grayson W (ag) wrote: A trashy 80s film about a vengeful pimp after a protagonist prostitute. The pimp was a pretty good character but the rest were pretty flat. Mediocre overall plot but a lot of interesting gritty LA locations

Stuart K (ru) wrote: Directed by Gordon Parks, Jr. (Super Fly (1972)), and written by Eric Bercovici (Hell in the Pacific (1968) and The Culpepper Cattle Co. (1972)), this is a hard nosed blaxploitation action film, which predated Friday Foster (1975) with getting as many of the biggest names in blaxploitation together all at once. It doesn't all work, but the plot was copied by Undercover Brother and Black Dynamite. Set in Chicago, record producer Jimmy Lait (Jim Brown) and his girlfriend Wendy (Sheila Frazier), discover Jimmy's friend House (Junero Jennings) dying in the street. It turns out House had been kidnapped and tortured by a gang of white supremacists planning a black genocide, led by the evil Monroe Feather (Jay Robinson). After House dies, Jimmy calls upon his friends Jagger Daniels (Fred Williamson) and Mister Keyes (Jim Kelly) to take down Monroe's gang. However, it gets personal when Monroe has Wendy kidnapped, and it takes Jimmy, Jagger and Mister Keyes to New York to take on the white supremacists once and for all. It's incredibly dated, but there have been worse films made than this, and it does have some good action sequences throughout, but compared to other blaxploitation films throughout, they had all been done elsewhere, and sometimes done better. But this struck a chord with moviegoes at the time, and it did well.

Kevin R (es) wrote: I can take any of your consequences.A German officer escapes the war and has been in hiding for many years; unfortunately, when an almost impossible mission arises, the SS tracks him down and puts him in charge to execute the mission. He convinces a captured Jewish woman to help him execute the plan and hopefully get them both out of their predicament alive."I'd like to make this outfit a little more attractive for the concentration camp."Bernhard Wicki, director of The Visit, Spider's Web, The Bridge, The Miracle of Father Malachia, and The Conquest of the Citadel, delivers Morituri. The storyline for this picture is interesting with a few clever twists and turns. The acting and characters are worth following. The cast delivers solid performances and includes Marlon Brando, Yul Brynner, Janet Margolin, Trevor Howard, and Wally Cox."I'm afraid the success of the mission is your only hope."I've been wanting to see this for some time, and it's been on and off Netflix online a couple times. I finally got around to seeing this and it was a pleasure to watch Brando in his prime in this picture. This was far from his best film, but wasn't a waste of time either. I do recommend seeing this for fans of the classics, I just wouldn't add it to the collection."We haven't had any need for you until now."Grade: C+/B-

Jim C (es) wrote: I love it when a movie I've never heard of comes on, and it's a gem.

Facebook U (kr) wrote: Surreal and mind bending. A haunting journey into the human psyche that provides a thought provoking (and disturbing) look at insanity.

Keenan S (mx) wrote: Umm...what the fuck did I watch? It's hard to really put together the insanity and the mess that is Queen Of The Damned. And yet, I can't find it in me to hate it because I wasn't bored, it was strangely intriguing, oddly campy, stylized, trashy nonsense. I should hate it. I should be giving it a bad review because it's incompetent on a number of levels, but the B-movie fanatic in me can't hate it.The story tries to focus on three different characters. Lestat, after being asleep for many years is awakened by the music of a local rock band which he joins and turns them into international music stars, some chick named Jesse who works for a paranormal group called Talmasca who is intrigued by Lestat and wants to know more about him, and the queen of vampires named Akasha, who is awakened when Lestat issues a challenge for vampires to come out of hiding to get him, so she awakens and wants him - not to kill him, but to be with him.The lives of these characters intertwine and threaten the very world of vampires of their actions, and perhaps even humanity itself.The biggest problem in Queen Of The Damned is its story which is a disaster and seems to not have its priorities in order. Though it has three characters, the script is a jumbled mess which doesn't successfully develop these characters in the 100-odd-minute running time. The character Jesse was practically useless in the plot and I never cared about what happened to her character - she felt like an afterthought. When it comes to Lestat, he had an interesting back story and had all the elements needed for a brooding vampire character, but even he feels like he's cut short and could have used more development despite being the fucking main character. Most frustrating of all is how the script handles Akasha. I wanted to know about her character, as opposed to Lestat (And especially Jesse. Go away, you have no use!). The film is called Queen Of The Damned, why is she not the central character? She by far, had the most interesting ideas behind her character, but the script never fully utilizes her, which is tremendously frustrating at times.As far as the acting goes...most of it is pretty bad. But, it's bad in a fun way that had me chuckling and giggling because of how ludicrous it could be, especially when you combine bad acting with bad accents. However, the one performance I legitimately enjoyed was from the late Aaliyah as Akasha. Now, I haven't much exposure to Aaliyah (Hell, the only song I've heard from her was her beautiful rendition of Journey To The Past from the Anastasia soundtrack), but this film has certainly made me more curious about her. Though her performance could be a bit campy, it was never in a way that got on my nerves. There was something so strangely alluring and magnetic about her performance despite her shamefully short role. She made the role all her own and she commanded the screen whenever she appeared in a way that certainly held my attention and engaged me. I loved her strange and alluring performance, which is why at times I would get really frustrated when the film went back to Lestat or Jesse. I wanted to know more about her and wanted the film to be mostly about her. Still, with the acting as a whole, I got entertainment out of the actors for their spectacularly bad performances (Excluding Aaliyah, of course who delivered the only actual good performance).The horror is nonexistent, the acting is pretty terrible, Aaliyah's performance is magnetic and enamoring, the visuals are stylish and beautiful, the story is terrible and confusing, but filled with intriguing elements, the music is a fun mix of brooding screamo and other music, the special effects look tacky...and yet I had a lot of fun watching Queen Of The Damned because of all these elements which came together for a wonderful B-movie experience.It's easy to see why this film is so widely hated, but I could also see how it has developed into a cult sensation as well. I enjoyed it as a B-movie fanatic, but it's hard to calculate what people will of this film because it is so polarizing among audiences. I had my cheesy horror fun with some unexpected elements of greatness like Aaliyah's underrated performance. It's certainly an odd mess, but it sure is an entertaining mess.

Anthony J (nl) wrote: A very sweet with a great message and surprisingly heartfelt Rom Com, Black and Paltrow have great chemistry as well.

Andruw F (de) wrote: It's too long, and the writing isn't very good. This is David Fincher's weakest direction of a movie. If the runtime was shortened, and the story was tightened, this probably would have been better, and gotten to fresh.

Jason A (es) wrote: "That's not Anubis!" "F*ck you! I know Anubis when I see Anubis!"