Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter - Lifetime

A policeman is found dead in his bed. His son Alexander is missing. The police and Annika Bengtzon a crime reporter try to solve the murder and find the missing child simultaneously.

While life is falling apart around Annika digs herself deeper into the murdered police's violent past. There was another woman who shot her husband and kidnapped her son. It was not her. However, Julia refuse. Julia is threatened with life imprisonment for murder, both her ​​husband and her missing four year old son Alexander. When David Lindholm, Sweden's most famous police officer, found shot in bed identifies herself quickly with his young wife Julia

Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter - Lifetime is the best funny movie of Liza Marklund (novel), Antonia Pyk (screenplay). The released year of this movie is 2012. You can check list actors in this movies torrent, such as Carter Wong, Chung-erh Lung, Pao-Shan Chang, Shu-chai Chang, Ting Chao, Shen-lin Chen, Shu-fang Chen, Li-wei Cheng, Yuan Chieh, Wai Hung Ho, You Min Ho, Kuang Hu, Fei Lung Huang, Hua-liang Hung, Phillip Ko, Malin Crépin, Björn Kjellman, Leif Andrée, Kajsa Ernst, Erik Johansson, Richard Ulfsäter, Felix Engström, Ellen Mattsson, Jonas Malmsjö, Sandra Andreis, Christopher Wollter, Tanja Lorentzon, Johan H:son Kjellgren, Anders Palm, Niklas Åkerfelt. There are many categories, such as Thriller, Thriller. This movie was rated by 6.2 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends

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Users reviews

Andrea A (es)

Love This Movie!!!!!!!!

Bill W (au)

Be aware there is ALOT of swearing so keep that in mind if your kids are not cool enough to hear the f word yelled multiple times, but if that is the case then they don't deserve to see this most awesome movie. Greatest Christmas movie ever? Yeah, baby! Suck it "It's a wonderful life!" It''s not Christmas until Hans Gruber falls from the Nakatomi tower

Brian D (ca)

Definitely a masterpiece. The reflective black floors and the imagery of mirrors all over the sets gave rich depth and meaning to the scenes and the overall play. The backgrounds were real and surreal at the same time. One thing that amazed me about this version is that the scenes seem to be actual characters as well in the play. David Tennant is perfect as the tortured Hamlet. The best I've ever seen. Breathtakingly refreshing version of Hamlet. Absolutely riveting

Christine D (ag)

Very poor attempt of trying to simulate the movie Crash

Era M (gb)

Emocionante de principio a fin, con un final espectacular y llena de poderosas actuaciones

Hamad S (it)

Everything else was just plain annoying. Gena Rowlands' fantastic performance was the only good thing about this production

Matt V (es)

I really wish I could have given it less than a 1/2 a star! Way to completely take a classic and RUIN this one guys!

Ondrej (es)

All around solid. Sweet and funny

The Movie W (it)

I wouldn't go that far but it's certainly in the mix, the pinnacle of the fifties melodrama. German magazine "Der Spiegel" rated this as the greatest movie of all time. The scene where Sinatra seduces Hyer features a surreal twist on the usual romantic lighting of such scenes, turning the characters into silhouettes, a foreboding premonition of how this relationship will pan out. William Daniels widescreen framing is the perfect accompaniment to the skillful staging of Minnelli. Elmer Bernstein provides a bombastic score, like a nightmarish Saturday night in a forties roadhouse. Fitting then that Peck should seem to step out of a fantasy world to throw a spanner (or a bullet) in the works. He wants to escape his past as a writer and etch out some sort of life in the real world. Where "Two Weeks In Another Town" features a character who wants to escape reality for the world of fiction, Sinatra aims for the exact opposite here. He steps out of this movie world and begins his pursuit of Sinatra. In the movie's most famous scene, a chase at a fairground, Peck is first seen lit by red neon in an alley, recalling a fantasy scene from one of Minnelli's musicals. There's a dark shadow looming in the shape of Steve Peck, a drunkard who has eyes for MacLaine and wants vengeance for a humiliation at the hands of Sinatra. Sinatra suddenly realises that finally he has someone who respects him for himself and not some perceived potential. She replies that she may not have understood it but enjoyed it because it came from him. The moment of revelation comes when he cross-examines her about why she liked one of his stories. MacLaine on the other hand can't fulfill him intellectually but is in love with him just as he is. She doesn't desire him as the man he is, rather the man she naively dreams he could be. Hyer wants him to return to writing but he has no interest, not as confident in his talent as the sycophants of his town. It features a career best performance from Sinatra, playing on his surly persona to great effect as the returning soldier and failed writer. Not just one of Minnelli's best but one of Hollywood's greatest movies of any era, "Some Came Running" is unjustly forgotten

Tim G (jp)

Another one of my favorite 80s movies. She takes him with her to East Germany where they are separated and he has to escape back to the west on his own, all the while being trailed by East German spies. Plot:Jonathan goes on a vacation in France where he meets the sexy Sasha who says she is only interested in him because he is a virgin