Anokha Daan

Anokha Daan

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Anokha Daan torrent reviews

Juan R (gb) wrote: It's only worth it because of the beautiful production and Darn.


Jules H (ag) wrote: This movie adaption of the TV show takes it's smart story full of intrigue and smothers it with juvenile dead baby moments, doo-doo and cum jokes, generic flash animation and little laughs.The TV show has so much more wit and warmth and is just plain better.

Jonathan W (it) wrote: As a sequel to the superior "Lost Boys", it's a misfire. If you take it for what it actually is - a goofy, bumbling, cheesy cash grab - you might find yourself having an entertaining chuckle at the expense of everyone involved here.

Shep G (br) wrote: It was cool. The soundtrack was nice (thanks Peter Gabriel!) and the visuals were stunning. It was like a watered down Finding Nemo (no pun intended!) following the life of a brother and sister sea animal. A very straightfoward tale. Quite interesting, but I got a headache. I'd reccomend it if you want to see an IMAX film.

Perk N (ru) wrote: kit kittredge: an american girl mystery

Chris J (fr) wrote: Not bad for a straight to video B-grade fighting flick...

Matt M (de) wrote: A nerdy schoolboy's farts get him to improbable places and in even more improbable adventures. Awful idea for a simply awful movie.

Ron O (gb) wrote: classic slap stick comedy. allot of what makes this movie funny is subtle. facial exspressions and hidden comments. its supposed to be silly.

Paulo Henrique F (kr) wrote: Sigelo, smblico, solitrio .... um filme sublime ... de poucas palavras e muito contedo.

Zack B (de) wrote: Cliched western even for 1934. All the good guys wear white hats, bad guys wear black, and the hero is a marshal despite some thinking he's a bandit. Boring John Wayne 'B' Western thats best attribute might be the name of the villain: The Poka Dot Bandit. Some creative details save this from a worse ranking.

John S (ca) wrote: If it's on DVD, Where at?

Tor M (de) wrote: I've gave this film a go after a late night chat with a film critic. "A must see", he said and knowing that it's featured on many lists I gladly went for it. Actually I've only seen "Goodbye to Language" before when it comes to Godard's films. Many of his films are on my "too see"-list but I started off with his first full lenght.This film has a very fast paced tempo. Few moments to catch your breath here as the car robbery and cop killing takes place as the protagnist is getting ready to flea the country with his crush at the moment, the lovely Patricia Franchini - an American journalist.Driven by dialogue, mostly about love or money it's almost exhausting to look at since it's always combined with jump-cuts and a hand-held camera. This is as far as I know the first film that fits the style of French New Wave. It's jump cuts - also a new style brought to life by this film, is the result of the director being forced to cut down the lenght of the film, so he shortened the film by cutting out - or basicly making transitions through different takes to make it shorter. It made it more intense and gave it a fresh look. He also made parts of the film after the shooting had taken place - planning stuff during the nights after shooting scenes. Later on it stand out like a very innovative film caused by it's production and editing. One of the most influential films ever made, actually.So, it's important to travel back in time to get why the film is so well rated. I find it hard to give it more stars "just" because it's the father of jump cuts (even if other directors have used it before) that now are used everywhere. This is a nice story, very intensely told, and lovely presented. Fast paced and with some great and unusal photography. Pluses are given for it's music too.7.5 out of 10 phat cigarettes.

Harry W (au) wrote: With El Mariachi (1992) presenting such a straightforward setup for a powerful sequel, Desperado essentially had nowhere to go but up.With a budget exactly 1000 times the financing behind El Mariachi, Desperado is a film which offers far greater room for creativity to director Robert Rodriguez. Yet this is still a relatively low budget for a Hollywood film, and it provides enough for the director. It takes very little time before viewrs find out what they're in for because the director knows audiences demand action and he gives it to them. Before the film is 5 minutes in, a massive shootout has already taken place and viewers learn immediately what they're in for. You can see the director is still transitioning out of his experimental ways in some retrospect, for better and for worse. But either way, Desperado ends up being a satisfying film.Desperado is very much a sequel and a remake of El Mariachi at the same time. Though its a continuation of the story told in El Mariachi, Desperado carries over the same character archetypes and scenery as its predecessor with many sequences directly mirror ing ones which have already been established. The film remains stylish in its ambition to do this and the appeal is all the same, but there is a little much of a been there done that feeling at times. Though the central premise regarding mistaken identity is not present in Desperado, everything that does happen is structured in the exact same manner as in El Mariachi. Viewers can essentially find that they're just watching the exact same film again but done on a larger budget. The film is clearly made to appeal to fans of El Mariachi and Mexploitation cinema in general, and the fact that it uses above-average production values to create a Hollywood film in such a style is certainly an innovation of its own right. It's just that Desperado ultimately has even less narrative originality than El Mariachi.To get past the narrative familiarity of Desperado, Robert Rodriguez packs the experience full of undeniable energy as fuel to keep viewers distracted. It may lose its tempo during the moments where the film attempts to have actual drama such as the overly familiar concept of the romantic subplot, but most of the time there is a lot of passionate life and contant movement in Desperado. As conventional as the story is, Desperado cuts through things at a powerful speed which keeps the experience consistently entertaining. The director's keen eye for imagery is to thank for that becauuse he capitalizes on the dry beauty of the scenery and the efforts of the cast with a combination of long shots and close-ups. The action style very heavily mimics that of John Woo's. Though he shots are significantly shorter, Robert Rodriguez makes a powerful use of plenty of slow motion and quick-cuts to provide an exhilarating spectacle of entertainment. He also doesn't hold back on the blood as there is plenty of red exploding across the screen whenever it is necesarry, hitting the exploitation mark with ease. And the entire time this is happening, the soundtrack keeps playing out with guitar tunes that vary between high-octane action themes and genuine mariachi music. Desperado manages to capture some stylish action pieces and remain richly atmospheric the entire time, hitting the mark well.And the cast of Desperado manage to empower the experience with their own distinctive charms.In the first film to propel his status to that of an action star, Antonio Banderas proves a perfect fit for the role of the Mariachi. Replacing Carlos Gallardo, Antonio Banderas makes a more iconic character out of the role due to the nature of his physical energy and seductive charm. Intense from the get-go, Antonio Banderas stays powerfully engaged with his character's quest for vengeance and never loses sight of the Mariachi's violent ambitions which he conveys through the raw nature of his line delivery and undying physical passion. Antonio Banderas essentially dances his way through many action scenes as if he is performing the Tango as a piece of performance art with weaponry, and he moves along at a rate which is swift yet also smooth. Antonio Banderas was born to play the Mariachi because he takes the nameless hero into unforgettable territory with his raw passion for the action, drama and romance of the story. He gets it from every angle and is able to change his emotional state in an instant whenever the story demands it of him. Antonio Banderas lights up the screen in Desperado, and its truly a sign of powerful things to come.Salma Hayek also brings a notorious effort to Desperado. Her character Carolina is essentially a recreation of Domino from El Mariachi, only with more edge given to her. Salma Hayek is able to highlight this through using her passionate line delivery to illuminate the melodrama and fearlessly picking up a weapon any time she is required to put up a fight. Her raw sex appeal also makes her a treat on the eyes and her chemistry with Antonio Banderas elevates the love story beyond its conventional roots. Salma Hayek makes a fine addition to Desperado, and the start of something great for herself also.Steve Buscemi's supporting effort is likable, and Quentin Tarantino adds a humourous cameo to the experience. And last of all, Danny Trejo's brief role is nothing short of iconic for him due to the merciless joy he takes in flailing weapons around. Given the long line of work he would go on to share with Robert Rodriguez, it's awesome to see it beginning with such a small but essential role in Desperado.Desperado may not prove to offer much of an innovative story due to the abundance of familiarity it shares with its predecessor, but with Robert Rodriguez's passion for exploitation he is able to turn Desperado into a powerful display of exhilarating Hollywood action and a perfectly befitting star vehicle for Antonio Banderas

Jarkko H (kr) wrote: The fourth Ice Age movie is already trying to get too far.A little embarrassing, but funny movie failed to surprise positively.Vengeful and nautical-themed film is at least better than the fifth part.

Shakhawat K (ag) wrote: another solid batman adventure that highlights his extended family of crime fighters...

Mallory A (ru) wrote: A film about loss that is a loss itself.