Anokhi Ada

Anokhi Ada

A ruthless gangster worms his way into the affections of a timber merchant. Using lies, deceit and murder he plots to usurp the place of the merchant's son, steal his inheritance and his girl.

A ruthless gangster worms his way into the affections of a timber merchant. Using lies, deceit and murder he plots to usurp the place of the merchant's son, steal his inheritance and his girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ed C (it) wrote: One line summary: Follows the wheeling and dealing in the upper echelons of the art world.--------------------------------------- There are several threads running through this film, rather like the more complicated Robert Altman films. Art Spindle is the dealer who attempts to swindle every one he knows. He also likes to run his hands over younger people (man or woman) in the art world. Jean and Bob Maclestone are in their prime, in some senses, but their marriage is falling apart. Bob is having an affair with Beth (Art's assistant), while Jean is dallying with the artist Jo Richards. Plus they disagree on just about every art decision. Jean drops her high heel while hiding with Jo in a men's rest room stall. Bob notices its exact shape and size, then kicks it back to her. Later she asks for a divorce, and is shocked when he agrees immediately. The older couple, Alfred and Alfreda Rhinegold, own the art work 'Boogie Woogie' which so many people want in the film. Alfred has had it for 50 years; Alfreda recognises that they are broke and need the money. Art fires Beth for moving toward starting her own business. Then Art gives Beth a party that Jean thinks is 'so moving.' Jean leaves Bob and goes to Art's place, inadvertently interrupting a liaison. Speaking of breakups, Elaine decides to break her business relationship with Dewey. As her erstwhile agent, Dewey gave her a place to live and supported her art career. Beth offers Elaine a better deal, so Elaine decides to go with Beth who wants an exclusive (business) relationship. Paige visits Jo's studio, which we see doubles as his seduction pad, particularly his 'peripheral vision' project. Paige objects, "Aren't you with Beth?" Art Spindler deals with Freign, who has Alfreda's ear, in an attempt to finesse Alfred's desire to keep the piece by Mondrian. Bob and his lawyer deal with splitting resources deal with splitting resources, while Jean and her lawyer Emille do roughly the same. That goes on for a bit too long, but seems reasonable given how much property the couple has. Well, had...the lawyers will soak up some of it. Emille gives Jean good advice, which is about the best relationship in the film. Bob attempts an end run around the process with the lawyers. Will the Mondrian get sold? Will the divorce get settled in a half way reasonable fashion? Who will get clobbered in this demolition derby?--------Scores------ Cinematography: 7/10 Often outstanding, but also sometimes wretched, mostly during the hand-held phases. Sound: 10/10 Just fine. Acting: 7/10 Stellen Skarsgard, Gillian Anderson, Christopher Lee, Danny Huston, Charlotte Rampling, and Joanna Lumley were marvelous. Unfortunately, Jamie Winstone, Simon McBruney, Gemma Atkinson, Amanda Seifried, and Jack Huston were in the cast. I usually enjoy Alan Cumming's work, but not this time, not by a long shot. Screenplay: 6/10 The story was slow getting off the ground, and continued that way for too long. It picks up some speed after context is well set. I liked the ending, since it showed some story threads leading to crashes and others going on to more success.

James S (it) wrote: Remember how some classic 2D video game franchises have crappy 3D games? (such as Nintendo's infamous Virtual Boy for example) Well this movie is the perfect example! Except that it's an animated movie instead of a video game.

Shaun W (ag) wrote: My favourite comedian of all time. Brilliant.

Alma N (it) wrote: Para alejarse un poco del clich de pelculas sobre drogas y su drama, se enfoca ms en las decisiones de la protagonista. Muy buena.

Gareth J (de) wrote: Finally managed to see a cut of this film which was in a good enough condition to watch all the way through. It got a little bit confusing towards the end with Carmilla's illusions, but ultimately it was a most enjoyable vampire tale (and infinitely better than Twilight).

Benny B (us) wrote: One of John Waters' best efforts, attacking pop culture, mainstream cinema, and Hollywood's fixation with making thunder-headed blockbusters. Everyone gets a pop.It can be said that while John Waters is now considered very much a 'mainstream' filmmaker, he is somewhat being contradictory - but he is still working outside the Hollywood system and embracing trash cinema. While some of the gags maybe hit-and-miss, Waters still musters and imbues a wonderfully sick energy throughout. He doesn't do subtle satire; he bluntly targets all the bases.

Private U (ag) wrote: This movie was very cool. That is the best way for me to describe it, just extremely cool.

Saidur S (de) wrote: It's funny, intriguing and excellent acting by Danny De Vito. The moment when one of the student was reciting some the line from Shakespeare was fantastic.

Logan M (ca) wrote: I have never met a single person who liked this watered down "Ben-Hur" rip-off.

Tom M (us) wrote: Never a fan of the games. The hot girls make me interested though. GOGOGO

Paul H (ca) wrote: Ignore the 'MOVIE INFO' shown here (23.08.16), this relates to the 2016 film, not the 1976 one.

Andrew B (gb) wrote: Political government type thrillers are certainly not going to entertain everyone. Especially one with a really complex story about politics and oil etc.. But at least the star power in Syriana should be enough to a least draw your attention in its direction. If I didn't see George Clooney overweight with a beard in the previews of this movie I may have not given it a second thought and never saw the movie, but even if something silly like that got me to give this movie a chance, I'm glad it did. Straight from the movies opening your not really sure what you are about to dive into, but it will grab your interest for sure. A couple intertwining stories across the entire globe. From back room deals for big oil company mergers to a down on his luck middle eastern young man who turns to a terrorists group to find meaning and purpose in his life, this film seems like it is all over the place, but it is not. The stories are all interconnected and are really well done. No, at the end your not going to find out they are all related in that kind of interconnected way, but through the movie you will see how one thing affects the other like dominos. When George Clooney first started doing movies I pretty much shrugged my shoulders and just thought it was this heart throb TV star going into corny movies and it was going to be pretty much Oceans 54 by the time I hit 30, until I saw this movie. He won a well deserved Oscar for his role in Syriana, and really put the film industry on notice that he wasn't just your run of the mill good looking guy, and that he was going to be taken seriously as an actor. Some people will not have the patience to stick with Syriana because of the pace and the in depth story telling, but your missing out. This is one hell of a good movie.