From leading action sports producer Teton Gravity Research comes a film that departs from the common order of skiing and snowboarding. Anomaly TGR's newest 16mm and HD ski and snowboard release showcases the freakish and abnormal abilities of today's top athletes as they push the boundary of what is humanly possible. Join these athletes as they forge into a brave new world of riding in locations around the globe. The anomaly unfolds as Jeremy Jones continues to touch the void in Alaska, Erik Roner completes his disturbing two-year vision, Jamie Pierre survives a world record 25-story free fall, legends Seth Morrison and Jeremy Nobis trade lines on a boat trip in Canada and Candide takes his unique style to AK. Watch the riders adapt to the dynamic mountain terrain in Japan, Morocco, Jackson Hole, Alaska, Aspen, British Columbia, Switzerland, Corsica, Whistler, Oregon, and France.

ANOMOLY showcases the freakish and abnormal abilities of today's top athletes as they push the boundary of what is humanly possible. Join these athletes as they forge into a brave new world... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Anomaly torrent reviews

Veronica s (us) wrote: one to watch again & again

Ellen G (ag) wrote: Hva jeg vil kalle barnslig.

Jonny C (nl) wrote: Instantly forgettable talkie movie with a great cast.

D M (kr) wrote: Follows the two best friends as they have the opportunity to do a European tour with their band. Things don't work out the best, but for this band it doesnt stop anything as they have been together making music for 35 years. They hit their high point 25 years ago, but havent given it up. Somehow they come up with the $30,000 to produce an album, but end up releasing it on their own when no record companies are interested. Also, they work shit jobs, yet seem to have rather nice homes. (But we all know they keep a bag of gold around their necks.) Interviews with fellow metal musicians as well as family members and long-time fans add good depth to this documentary. This film is great for the metalhead who wants to learn more about this great band, but sometimes it seems that they were hamming it up, being overly dramatic for the camera (a la so many ?reality" programs). So many Spinal Tap similarities! At least this film has helped to generate wider interest in the band.

Alex W (kr) wrote: A good amount of interesting stuff in this doc. Its also surprisingly evenhanded with many anti fuck opinions.

Caio C (es) wrote: AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA Pera ae, deixa eu respirar. HAHAHAHHAHAHA

Janice P (ca) wrote: One of horror master Dario Argento's finest (and most coherent) thrillers involving an American writer discovering that his work is the inspiration for a series of brutal murders at the site of his latest stop on a press tour. This one really must be seen to be believed. What starts out as a stylish, if not by the numbers, mystery builds until the bonkers finale where anything goes. Twists and turns abound and the blood flies so much on the walls that it looks like the characters are repainting the living room red. A must see!

Richy P (ca) wrote: Excellent Quincy Jones soundtrack, with Poitier leading by example with his cool and intelligent persona.

Robert Alexander M (jp) wrote: Worth shit movie I have ever seen...

Darren H (de) wrote: Good action packed film

Ruben H (ca) wrote: Yet another action movie.

Donald D (fr) wrote: Solid. Some of the comedic elements are overplayed, but it is cute and has a solid message, one that is often lacking in rom coms.

Timo E (fr) wrote: The ending is a bit... odd... but overall it has a smart premise and I enjoyed the ride.