Set against the backdrop of the succession of Queen Elizabeth I, and the Essex Rebellion against her, the story advances the theory that it was in fact Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford who penned Shakespeare's plays.

Set in the political snake-pit of Elizabethan England, Anonymous speculates on an issue that has for centuries intrigued academics and brilliant minds... who was the author of the plays credited to William Shakespeare? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anonymous torrent reviews

Nina K (es) wrote: I kno its gon b another one cnt wait til 7... Very good

Ann D (it) wrote: As a Clinton fan and a strong believer in the presence of a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy (and its role in the Clinton impeachment) this doc severely disappointed. It's simply terribly-made film with no insightful interviews and plodding storytelling. Some nice narration by Morgan Freeman, however.

TheScarlatescu R (kr) wrote: the acting is bad, even by DMX's standards, but the subject is pretty good

Todd S (gb) wrote: For the past decade, I've heard great things about Brigham City, but I've been very hesitant to see it. Aside from having a mostly unknown cast, the film was written, directed, produced, and starred Richard Dutcher, who created a production company called Mormon Cinema, which only makes Mormon related films. I have found that when a film comes from such a strong religious backing, that it usual has a preachy agenda, and tends to focus more on religion than anything else, but to my surprise, Brigham City does not. The film does takes place in a Mormon community, all the characters are Moron, and there is a religious angel to the film, that includes several scenes in the church, which were slow, but thankfully not overwhelming. The story centers around this small religious community in Utah, that is suddenly rocked by a series of murders. Dutcher, plays the sheriff, a highly respect, deeply religious man, grieving for the loss of his family. His town has always been a paradise and has never faced anything like this before, so the sheriff needs to come up with some pretty interesting ways to catch the killer. Dutcher was excellent in his role, after all he wrote it, and who else is better equipped to play such a role? What I really liked was how different the story was, this wasn't just your typical manhunt for a killer on the loose, there were many different facets to this film that made it unique. What gave Brigham City it's fourth star was the amazing twist at the end that no one will see coming. I've seen a lot of films like this and 9 times out of 10, I have the killer pegged before they are revealed, but this film complete blindsided me, which proves to be just another example of clever it is. Yes, there is some religion and yes much of the cast in unknown, but I found this film to be fascinating. Brigham City had me captivated and on the edge of my seat, but most important of all it made me think and managed to really surprise me.

Jenni A (nl) wrote: Bad editting, and shotty camera work, but acting is brilliant

Shark M (kr) wrote: It is slow paced at the beginning but builds up to a good ending like other Takashi Miike movies. Not one of his best though.

Sonia C (mx) wrote: (: la amo! un poco de todo y a la vez sin empalmar 5 buenas razones para verla: Alyssa Milano, Patrick Dempsey, Malcolm McDowell, Sean Penn y Robert Downey jR.

Alfia T (fr) wrote: ????????? ??????? ??????? ? ??????????????, ???????? ?????????????? ?????????????? ?????? ? ????????? ????-?????? ??????.

Bill K (ca) wrote: Low-budget kung-fu flick with not enough action but what there is is insane and over the top. A disappointing sequel to the great 1993 original.

Roland K (es) wrote: Hommage perso Elizabeth Taylor, Part II. Comme "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf", "Suddenly, last summer" est l'adaptation d'une pice de th (C)tre. Et quelle pice, puisqu' (C)crite par Tennessee Williams, dont j'ai d (C)vor (C) l'int (C)gralit (C) des pices la fac. Comme dans "Who's afraid...", l'intensit (C) des dialogues nous fait oublier le ct (C) th (C)tral du dispositif, les performances de Liz Taylor mais aussi de Katharine Hepburn sont tout bonnement estomaquantes, mlant violence et fragilit (C). Montgomery Clift semble assister, un brin h (C)b (C)t (C), ce duel verbal proprement hallucinant. Quand on regarde la filmo de Joseph Mankiewicz, on assiste un d (C)fil (C) de chefs d'oeuvre. Cela se sent non seulement dans la tension qui maintient chaque longue s (C)quence de dialogues, mais aussi dans certaines s (C)quences visiblement ajout (C)es sp (C)cialement pour l' (C)cran, en particulier les deux intrusions de "Catherine" dans les asiles masculins puis f (C)minins.

Timm S (ru) wrote: Loved The Legs. Pretty Girls & Some Funny Moments With Boys, Being Girls... Made For Some Good Entertainment. ;-)

Harpreet S (es) wrote: "Rio Bravo" is likely the best Howard Hawks film and one of the best Westerns ever. It has John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, and Angie Dickinson. I had been wanting to see this for a while now, finally decided to watch it; John Wayne was the only person I was familiar with so I did not know what to expect. Wayne is more of a great personality than a great actor, still he is always convincing in his trademark role. The other actors are pleasant surprises, so is the film. The main story is about Sheriff Chance (Wayne) holding the brother of a wealthy land owner as a prisoner for murder as the wealthy brother tries to get him out with whatever means. It's quite unconventional for a Western and for the 50s; the romance, the eroticism between the lines, and the film's conclusion. The age difference between Wayne and Dickinson doesn't seem strange, I was pleasantly surprised at how well their romance works, and how much clever humor is put into the screenplay. John Wayne never gets out of his tough persona and he and Angie Dickinson are still able to melt my heart. The only thing that prevents it from being a masterpiece is its lack of a great (or even a decent) villain, when the main event takes place, it sort of falls flat; whatever potential John Russell as Nathan Burdette in his introductory scene had disappears in the climax because he doesn't get any scope. To some extent I did like the aftermath of it, which is why I think it's unconventional, it reminded me of a film made decades after in "No Country for Old Men." Because of how it concludes, the decision the director takes regarding its climax, I am unsure about what the film is really trying to say. It works as a romance and a traditional Western, but I am not sure if it completely puts those two together into a single entity. The other films I've seen of Hawks are: "Bringing Up Baby," "Scarface," "His Girl Friday," and "The Big Sleep." I really want to see "Red River" and "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."

Devin L (fr) wrote: Simply too overly done. There is too little choreography, too much bright lighting, and too lifelessly acted. This is a musical, and thus it ought to be filmed as such. Plus, and Italian guy playing a French guy!!?? Absolutely not!

Wendy B (nl) wrote: Read a lot about the "Francis" movies, and was glad that I had the opportunity to rent this on Neflix. The format is very similar to the TV show Mister Ed (probably because the creator of Francis went on to create Mister Ed as well), but what disappointed me a little was how there was no singing or dancing by Donald O'Connor. In fact, even though I've only seen this and "Francis Goes to the Races" (which is the next movie in the series), I doubt if any of the six Francis movies made would feature any of Donald's singing or dancing talents--comedic acting aside. It's understandable that he was frustrated about his contract with Universal regarding these movies, and perhaps if some of his singing and dancing were incorporated into the storylines, these movies probably would have been more enjoyable. The show-stealer in this was definitely Francis the talking mule himself--a voice of reason that had more sense that others give him credit for. There were several scenes that had me laughing out loud. I don't want to mention too much about it since I don't want to spoil the story for anyone. But I agree with the Flixster movie description about Francis: that if people all have enough sense as Francis did, then the world would be a much better place.

Ted W (au) wrote: Lots of nice melodrama and some ghoulish pre-code gore. Charlie Ruggles must have been a huge star to get top billing over everybody else in this all star serial killer movie.

Andrew J (au) wrote: One of Al Pacino's best roles, Sean Penn was excellent too, the shootout at the end is one of the best that I have ever seen