Another Gay Movie

Another Gay Movie

In the dirtiest, funniest, most scandalous gay-teen-sex-comedy-parody ever, four young gay friends make a pact to lose their virginity by the end of the summer. The boys soon face giant sex toys, naked celebrities, masochistic teachers and an uncontrollable romance with a quiche.

Four gay high school friends make a pact to lose their virginity before they go to college. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elisa G (jp) wrote: Lessons learned: everybody cheats, everybody lies. It's a game one must learn how to play. Vanity may cause a buzz, but the introvert hero might enjoy a quiet, truer victory in the long run.

Reuben S (mx) wrote: one of the best thriller I've ever seen!!

Brian R (us) wrote: I really enjoyed this dancing movie a lot. I have to watch it one more time. There's some part I make have missed.

Kyle L (fr) wrote: A really incredible and cool Monster Horror film from After Dark Originals but it is far from being perfect and it could have been so much better for one reason. Scream Of The Banshee is one of After Dark Originals' finest movies. It's nowhere as good as Seconds Apart, Husk and Prowl and it's far from being a scary movie. This has a really simple plot and Scream Of The Banshee is about a College professor and her friends who opens a mysterious box that later on reveals a head of a Banshee. But Soon they discovered that they unleash something evil when they discovered that the Banshee is now terrorizing them after opening the box and they soon discovered that they're gonna get killed by the screaming Banshee and the group must find someone who knows how to stop the Banshee's screams in order to silence the Banshee forever. Ok I admit that this movie could have been so much better. It is problematic and too Syfy like but on the inside the movie itself is an entertaining time killer. This movie has some of the most original ideas that After Dark Originals made. There are lots of really good moments with Scream Of The Banshee and the film has a really creative technique and it's really moody and dark on certain parts and it has a brooding feel as well and the movie itself is entertaining and never boring at all. What's great about Scream Of The Banshee is that the film has a lot of suspenceful scenes and there are lots of freaky moments in the movie. The scene where the group opens the box and the Banshee starts to scream is one of the most freakiest moments in a Horror movie and the Banshee's scream is freaky and loud as well. The way the Banshee screamed in this movie is great and I like how the Banshee screams and it really freaked me out whenever I hear the Banshee scream and I did like a couple of suspenceful parts in this film. The scene where Otto gets attacked by the Banshee is one of the most suspenceful parts of the movie and I did like how that scene played well and it was super scary and creepy as well for one reason. The scene that I also like is when Professor Whelan gets attacked by the Banshee and she gets stabbed with the Spear is one of the most intense parts of the film as well and I did like how the Banshee attacked her and it was great for one reason. The scene where Janie looks at the peeping hole of the door and the fingers appear is one of the most suspenceful parts of the film as well. What I also like about this movie is that the Banshee looks really scary and freaky as well and I did like how the Banshee looks like and the way the Banshee screams at every person and the way the Banshee kills people is one of the most impressive things I've seen in a Horror movie for a long long time and I did like the idea of the Banshee a lot. What I also like about this movie is that the film has a lot of impressive visual and practical effects and all of the practical effects in this movie are great and the use of practical effects on the Banshee is so cool and impressive and I did like the idea so far. The other things I like about Scream Of The Banshee is that the movie has some great kills though they are just a few. The scene where Janie gets killed is really gruesome and intense and the way her eyes gets ripped out is really gory and suspenceful as well. Lance Henriksen's death was gruesome and nasty as well. Kurtis' death scene was also a gruesome kill. While the rest of the kills are suspenceful and scary as well and I did like the kills in this movie so far. The biggest downside of Scream Of The Banshee is that the film is really Syfy like and the movie itself has a couple of unscary and unsuspenceful parts and the CGI in this movie is so Horrid and worse than 51's CGI. The scene where the projector is playing and smoke starts coming out and the giant CGI hand looks fake and boring plus it makes the movie look dull and comprehensive and the movie also has some tedious parts as well and this movie could have been so much better for one reason if it wasn't for those problems. Now the acting is great the performances of the casts is really good and all of the casts did a wonderful job with they're work in the film so far even Lance Henriksen did a fascinating job with his role in the film as well so far. Director Steven C. Miller could have done something better with this movie and I'm willing to see his first feature film Automaton Transfusion because this movie he made isn't good enough and I'm interested to see if he did a fascinating job with Automaton Transfusion and I'm interested to see his Silent Night Deadly Night remake when it shows in theaters this November 30 so I hope he does a good job with his next film because here in Scream Of The Banshee he almost handled it well and he almost went down the hill with this movie for one reason. Overall Scream Of The Banshee gets a 6/10 because the film has some of the most impressive styles in a Horror movie but it falls short due to several issues and problems in the movie. Try better next time Mister Miller.

Jean D (it) wrote: encore une reussite de ce nouveau cinema franais.


Joshua H (br) wrote: I really liked this. It's kind of at times a poor man's Richard Lancaster film, but pretty thought provoking and interesting. I guess if you like movies like Before Sunset or Thirteen Conversations About One Thing. It's interesting dialogue about sex, relationship, religion, and just interesting human drama.

Nate P (mx) wrote: roflmao why does the komodo dragon have the t-rex roar from Jurassic Park in the trailer

James H (gb) wrote: I just never understood the Jerry Lewis phenomenon. He is obnoxious and not funny at all. There are a few laughs here and there, but not near enough laughs. For fans of the stars only.

Aarias D (mx) wrote: Its fun to see the Hulk on the screen but the movie feels so slow and dull.

xGary X (fr) wrote: A stranger uncovers the secret past of a small town gas station owner drawing him back into the shadowy world he was trying to forget. This was Robert Mitchum's first starring role and it's easy to see why it made him a star; he is superb as the ex-private eye who falls for the charms of one of the quintessential femme fatales in the shape of Jane Greer. Kirk Douglas also gives brilliant support as the great manipulator looking for revenge and the web of deceit he weaves makes for an intriguing plot that's complex without being overly convoluted. The icing on the cake is the artistic eye of Jacques Tourneur who makes the film one of the most visually attractive crime dramas ever made. Years ahead of its time, Out Of The Past is one of THE greats of Film Noir.