Another Happy Day

Another Happy Day

A wedding at her parents' Annapolis estate hurls high-strung Lynn into the center of touchy family dynamics.

A wedding at her parents' Annapolis estate hurls high-strung Lynn into the center of touchy family dynamics. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sam A (jp) wrote: Superb movie one of Vijay's top acting, Jeeva was great - even better than Sharman Joshi, Srikanth was Solid, Ileana proved solice with her mezmerizing hips and appearance, Sathyaraj has once again proven why he is one of the mire versatile actors in the business and Sathyan has given us his best performance till date and can boast about his acting skills. Movie has funnier dialogues than the original and just as good music to top it all of. Shankar has done the correct thing by being faithful to the original script while inputting a touch of Shankar class to an already existing story. A wonderful family and youth entertainer with a strong message. A must watch for both Vijay, Jeeva or Srikanth fans or not. This is a great film to begin the year with and signing of a hattrick of hits for Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay and ultimate success for the whole Nanban Crew. 5/5 Stars!!!

Steven B (ru) wrote: 4/5 Stars-Obviously, if you didn't vote for him, or if you aren't a political junkie, you're probably not going to be interested. However, despite the narrow viewpoint and topic, it's a nice fly-on-the-wall look at the entire 2008 campaign (primaries included), much like "The War Room", the great 1993 doc on the Bill Clinton campaign. It's a great companion piece to "The Audacity to Win", campaign manager David Plouffe's fabulous memoir of the same campaign. My favorite parts were the little meet and greets with people in Iowa and other "small" states. It works because you know the ending, for once.

Jessica M (mx) wrote: An interesting & enjoyable romp through some of the life and work of Harlan Ellison. Having only read "Memos From Purgatory", the film offered samplings of his other works in a fashion that made me want to read more.

Kym c my community profile R (au) wrote: Usual Predictable fodder. Why is it any movie having to do with divers, a boat, & something the 'good guys' are looking for ends up to be some trap with fakes that are looking for a nuke (or something illegal) so now them & friends are threatened good guys turn around kick-ass & then there's still after story (like 3-6 months later...they get a new boat or find that treasure they're looking for. Chris Carmack (plays Sebastian) reminds me of Casper Van Dien (when he was younger) Laura Vandervoort plays his girlfriend Dani While Audrina partridge (UGH!) shows her face a couple times playing Avery's GF. (Thak goodness it's a bit part she has no real acting skills as far as I see in this) Oh & my surprise ... & with an English Accent no less...that for a 2nd didn't think it was him... Johnathan Gilbert himself!! David Anders plays big surprise the baddie Carlton. The only part of this movie I give an A or a B to is the beautiful blue water & under water shots. Otehrwise.. I'd have had more fun watching my Surf Movies & Documentaries. Too Predictable D

Brody M (ca) wrote: Its funny how you can have all the power & somebody can come in out of nowhere & just take it from you

Noname (fr) wrote: This movie was pretty decent altho the story was kinda boring perhaps , not all but some parts. Sarah Michelle Gellar finds romance in an older man (Alec Baldwin) .. the ending was a bit different than similar movies otherwise its just another drama / romance flick.

pamela v (fr) wrote: Best tear jerker EVER, makes you think, maybe that could have been you or someone you know.

Sean C (us) wrote: Just ok. Sometimes funny, more times than not it isn't. Most characters are unlikable. The subplot of betting the house (pun intended) on the regatta, same concept as Summer Rental, which was released before this one. Great cast, mostly falls flat.

Richard B (nl) wrote: Might be awful, but sounds interesting.

Jiri B (ag) wrote: Fun to watch anthology. One is always reminded of the tragic death of actor Vic Morrow and the child actors in the Vietnam portion.

Allan C (gb) wrote: Featuring Patrick Wayne (son of John Wayne) and Taryn Power (Daughter of Tyrone Power), I wonder if this movie when it came out was like a Don Swayze or Frank Stallone caliber of film. Probably not, but since the great Ray Harryhausen was involved, but it's still a pretty silly film and probably the weakest of Harryhausen's Sinbad films. Also, I much preferred John Phillip Law as Sinbad than Wayne. If you're really needing a Harryhausen fix, stick with "Jason and the Argonauts," though the special effects in this one are good.

Rod S (it) wrote: Predictable, yet funny.

Magnus S (ca) wrote: Disturbing and intelligent. Perfect for psychological thriller lovers.