Another Lonely Hitman

Another Lonely Hitman

After serving 10 years in prison due to a drug-induced assassination of a rival gang boss Tachibana (Ryo Ishibashi) enters a world that's nothing like it was when he went in. Once a respected and feared Yakuza mastermind, he now must try and adapt within the confines of the new generations vision of honor. As he still garners a somewhat decent amount of respect he just tries to get by. Hooking up with a prostitute he's been in passing by with he begins to feel some sense of comfort. Upon stumbling across her being beaten down by her pimp, Tachibana can't just sit by and do nothing. So he commences in putting down an old school Yakuza ass whipping, thus beginning a showdown with the "now" boss, Sato.

Tachibana is a mob hit man, just released from 10 years in prison where he kicked his drug habit. He's dismayed to find that the code of conduct he honors no longer counts, and soon gets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim S (mx) wrote: Not bad. It's got a lot of crazy, violent action and it pushes the bounds of good taste. It's actually quite entertaining. I'd call it a guilty pleasure.

Jacob G (br) wrote: A decent documentary on policing missions in Iraq - for those who are interested in the kinds of conflict we were dealing with for the first few years.

Gabriel A (gb) wrote: I'm pretty sure this film holds the record for most cliches in a film.

Bree K (mx) wrote: gud martial arts movie, great tension in between characters good cinematography

Mago C (de) wrote: Pure ethnography. Minimalistic, but meaningful. Open ended and open to many interpretations. I watched it more than a decade ago but can still recall the tune of the "Green Hills of Manchuria" hummed by the Russian.

Daniel B (kr) wrote: The last truly great Hammer film (cry) which has the delectable Caroline Munro in it. Get in there.

Robert W (ca) wrote: Still classic hammer, but it could have been better.

Todd G (jp) wrote: @Jenn Warren hated it too!

JohnnyLee T (nl) wrote: Not up to Hitchcock's best standard. Music (which is over-used) not on a par with Herrman's. Merry-go-round scene still spectacular but plotting a bit cumbersome, with police behaving like plods in the background almost the whole time.I agree with Bosley Crowther in the New York Times when the film was originally released that "the story does not stand". Hitchcock with his scriptwriters had drastically altered Patricia Highsmith's original story so that in major ways the plot hardly bore any resemblance to hers.Watch the English version/release which has extra final scene involving a clergyman. It helps the movie enormously.

Jacob B (ca) wrote: There is a lot of action and 'Total Recall' is very violent. But it is also over-the-top and very laughable.