Another Part of the Forest

Another Part of the Forest

This 'prequel' to The Little Foxes tells how the ruthless members of the old-South Hubbard family got that way.

This 'prequel' to The Little Foxes tells how the ruthless members of the old-South Hubbard family got that way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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sam v (kr) wrote: a great performance by the mega power star!

Brandon R (ag) wrote: Captain Phillips was a great piece of film making no doubt. Tom Hanks makes you cry with the ending that sticks with you.

Viktor N (au) wrote: Underworld ripoff. If not for the worst acting on the planet.. it would have been better.

James K (fr) wrote: This is a well-acted and engaging film. The cinematography was quite good and the characters felt realistic enough. However, there are a couple of problems. The first problem is that you know who the next victim is because (spoiler) that person is involved in a discussion about their home/background. Once they have had this conversation they get killed. The second problem is that it has the cliches that surround the 'my comrade is dead' situation that exists within a whole bunch of war films (but not all war films). The long pauses, the crying, etc. The final scene of the film tries to be emotional but in a very slow way and it just misfires. Overall, it is a film worth watching.

Mark S (es) wrote: Quite well done and keeps you interested. They cover almost everything you'd want to know about Superman and its history.

Andy P (es) wrote: It's not a particularly eye opening or revealing film, the evangelical church is notoriously insane. However, it's a disturbing, and fascinating film that gives a frightening inside view of the religious brainwashing of American youths.

vipul g (jp) wrote: The best father one can ever dream Of

Jayne B (fr) wrote: yes would like to see this film,

Kelli B (gb) wrote: Intense. This has made me glad of my "no kids" choice.

Leonard D (au) wrote: Talk about insulting! I couldn't see Broderick sinking any lower! LAUGH, DAGGONE IT, LAAAUUGGHH!!

Jeff J (it) wrote: No matter how you look at it, in the end it is a movie about giant cockroaches.

Marty B (au) wrote: an absolute must-see for any aussie movie buff, and a true winner when it comes to style and result. ACTORS BEWARE: you get quite a kicking from the loonies (bless) in this one ;)

Byron B (ru) wrote: nominated for best foreign film by NBR

Charlie L (fr) wrote: It's a fun, entertaining actioner which shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Philip J (ag) wrote: Poor reviews are ironic considering that this movies touches on truths that we as a society are so accustomed to hide from.

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