Another Stakeout

Another Stakeout

Chris and Bill are called upon for their excellent surveillance record to stakeout a lakeside home where a Mafia trial witness is believed to be heading or already hiding. Unlike their earlier _Stakeout_, this time they are accompanied by Gina Garret from the DA's office and her pet rottweiler 'Archie'; their cover, husband and wife with son Bill.

After a government witness is targeted by the Mafia, she leaves police custody and goes missing, so detectives Chris Lecce and Bill Reimers are charged with finding her. This time they are accompanied by Gina Garret from the DA's office and her pet rottweiler 'Archie'; their cover, husband and wife with son Bill. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael P (br) wrote: A group of youngsters fall victim to a hideous family known as the Staunton family.

Nicki M (br) wrote: Watched half, couldn't get into it. Too far fetched.

Vinny D (br) wrote: it was ok but the romance was terrible. Why do they have a CGI lion in the mansion. B

Vimal M (nl) wrote: A good family drama, first film ever directed by Anupam Kher!

Michelle C (ca) wrote: "i love every second of it, i can't remember how many times i've seen it, which is probably why the song has stuck on my mind."

Scott C (nl) wrote: Sandra Oh was good and this was okay for a Canadian movie, but still pretty boring.

Andrew B (jp) wrote: Just standard classic Seagal. Really fun to watch.

Roberto R (gb) wrote: Not as harsh as the book, but still a grim view of what life was like for the white working class in 1950s Brooklyn. Well directed in dim, harsh tones of light, but the major let down is the music by Mark Knopfler, which just too 80s! There are three pretty extreme narratives of three very desperate and sad people, intertwined by the drinking haunts they go to and the young hoodlums who hang out there and the strike of the local workers of the docks. They all live in a violent world. They all seem to end up violated or beaten; because of their confused sexualities or like Tralala (Jennifer Jason Leigh) a need to belong and feel wanted and loved. The film does offer a more ??adjusted?? existence in the form of the nuclear family, which is shown in the household of Big Joe (Burt Young) while not prefect; it does show a degree of hope. Not pleasant viewing but worth it if you have read or like the Selby Jr Novel of the same name.

Joe H (ca) wrote: Pure nostalgia. One of the Gremlins knock offs of the period but great fun as a kid.Worth a watch for sure.

James D (fr) wrote: A classic and my favorite French film. The film is 4 hours, split into separate movies due to it's length. "Manon des Sources" is the "sequel" to the equally good "Jean De Florette". Best when watched together.

Jackson S (kr) wrote: The characters in this movie jump off the screen and grab you by the throat. Ramrod is one of the most sadistic/terrifying bad guys in Exploitation history. The lead also has some echoes of Steve McQueen and Season Hubley is a total cutie. Love this movie.