Another Time, Another Place

Another Time, Another Place

Lana Turner stars as an American news correspondent working in England during WWII. Her affair with a married British correspondent (Sean Connery) ends tragically when he is killed in action. Fearing a nervous breakdown as a result of his death, she travels to Cornwall to mourn with his family without any intention of revealing her relationship with him.

An American war correspondent falls in love with a BBC reporter, but their relationship seems doomed from the start. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gavin F (us) wrote: Budget documentary, but that's not the point. Very interesting topics discussed, which will make you think and question the society we all live in today. Are we all puppets?

Lawrence G (us) wrote: It's f***ing stupid as hell but I grew up watching it so for whatever reason nostalgia keeps pulling me back in.

Leon B (ca) wrote: Review:This movie sees Jackie Chan (Who Am I), play a top secret agent who goes on a mission with his elite force to kidnap 3 scientists who are experimenting with a powerful new source. On the way back from the mission, the elite force are double crossed by 2 of the agents within there team and they send there helicopter crashing to the ground. Chan manages to escape from the crash and ends up in the South African wilderness, covered in bruises but he gets saved by a tribe who take him in as one there own. The only problem is that Chan has lost his memory and he keeps on getting flashbacks about his last mission. The tribe then see some cars driving through there area, so Chan goes to investigate, only to find a man dying from a snake bite so Chan saves his life with his new survival skills. The man's sister, who was panicking through the whole ordeal, brings Chan back to civilisation but he is still struggling with his memory lose. The agents that tried to kill the whole elite force, soon realise that he is alive and his life becomes in danger. Whilst fighting against corrupt CIA agents, he pieces together his shady memory and exposes the powerful individuals who stole the unique energy source. The storyline wasn't bad and the action scenes were OK but I still struggled to get into it. It definitely wasn't as authentic as Chans earlier movies and you can see that this film was made for a world wide audience, mostly for the Western market. Chans acting wasn't bad but the rest of the cast was pretty awful. Like most of Chans movies, the stunts were amazing, especially the scene on the helicopter and the epic fight scene at the end but I don't know why he has to over complicate his movies. Anyway, it's worth a watch if your into your action movies but it's not a must-have. Average!Round-Up:This is another movie which has been written and directed by Jackie Chan which explains why the epic action scenes were spot on. Personally, I preferred his earlier movies like Drunken Master and all of the movies that he done with Sam Seed but thats just me. As this is the beginning of my Jackie Chan season, I'm holding out for his earlier movies, before they started to fly on strings and they had those crazy Kung Fu styles. I'm struggling to find some of the classics so I might have to import them from the Oriental market to have an impressive collection. Anyway, if there's anyone out there who have loads of Jackie Chan movies, or any old classic Kung Fu movies, then please let me know.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: HK$39millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their action/adventure/comedy movies about a man who loses his memory and tries to piece his flashbacks together, whilst fighting against armed assassins and corrupt CIA agents. 4/10

Khem T (kr) wrote: This is my favorite film when I was just 16 ..ok..ok, I am getting old now ><'. Full of fun and the movie mingle the Holy spirits and some bad habits of the ordinary people quite well. Smooth story and good enough to see it again when you are reaching 40 ><'. Whoopi was my favorite Black actress since the 1st time I saw this film. Love Her!! She is my Sister Act !!

Rawballs B (ru) wrote: Twice the sickness but better laughs and gigs than the original...

James S (mx) wrote: pretty funny, stupid looking brain aliens. A dog gets mind controlled. All good fun, b&w scifi.