Another You

Another You

George has been in a mental hospital for 3 years and is finally ready to go out into the real world again. Eddie Dash, a dedicated con-man, is supposed to keep him out of trouble, but when people begin to recognize George as the missing millionaire Abe, Eddie wants to take advantage of the situation.

After years in a mental institution, George is finally released and tries to adapt to life outside of the hospital's walls. Eddie Dash, a dedicated con-man, is supposed to keep him out of trouble, but when people begin to recognize George as the missing millionaire Abe, Eddie wants to take advantage of the situation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Susan B (ca) wrote: You have got to be kidding me! This is one of the GREAT PATRIOTIC movies of our times and to think I almost did not watch it because of your inept rating process which allows a movie like this ti rate in the 50's and 60's? Do yourselves a favor and turn it on as quickly as you can and you will be writing the next rave review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cole B (mx) wrote: It's great to see Mookie still delivering pizzas in Brooklyn. Not much else to celebrate in this film from one of my favorite filmmakers.

Phil P (ca) wrote: Good casting. Either that or I was really tired when I watched it cuz the kid actually looks like Ryan Reynolds.

Jen M (fr) wrote: I watched like the last hour of this. I really really liked it, though I don't think I quite understood it. I need to see it again, from the beginning.

Sawan K (gb) wrote: Good film but I've seen it too many times.

Becs D (kr) wrote: Yes there are cheesy elements to this film, but I love the concept and despite the rough times in this, it is an easy going build up to a moralistic tale.

Bart P (es) wrote: very good. Sorkinesque in its dialogue. Plot got a little ridiculous toward the end, but the first hour plus is very solid.

Keenan S (kr) wrote: Ever wonder what might happen if Jurassic Park collided with Friday The 13th? That's what this film feels like: A gory sci-fi slasher film with dinosaurs as the culprits behind brutal maulings. This is easily one of the best B-movies I've ever seen because I got a good laugh out of the unintentionally dumb dialogue, gloriously cheesy death scenes (Remember people. Don't become hippies who chain themselves to objects or engage in premarital sex, or the fucking dinosaur's gonna maul your ass!), very cheesy special effects (Rubbery dinosaurs killing people? FUCK YEAH!), ridiculous scenes (Women giving birth to baby dinosaurs? Oh yes!), and it was just tons of fun to watch. I remember I saw this film when I was maybe six or seven and it scared the hell out of me, but after I finally tracked it down years later I absolutely love it and I get good laughs watching it. If you love gloriously cheesy films, then I can't recommend Carnosaur enough.

Austen B (es) wrote: Very Very good. Wonderful story, very well written, and amazeing acting!

Misty A (gb) wrote: hey. it was the 80's. they tried. comical at best.

Christopher S (jp) wrote: fun slice of 1980s cheese. Lots of fromage with this flick. It was very fun though. I enjoyed it a lot. A monster movie mixed with some slasher elements so it's a little of both. And of course, unintentional comedy.The skillful acting of Allan Hayes stole the show. You may remember Allan Hayes from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. He played Paul, the dude that got stabbed in the weenie with a speargun after finding the hot Judie Aronson naked & dead in Crystal Lake. He plays the lead here as Steven & is likeable despite not too great acting.The score to this movie is hilarious. It's so 1980s. And the bands that played during the climax, The Outlaws & Jaded, were also pretty hilarious. The Outlaws were Steven's band & were a pop/rock band. Jaded was a metal band with a flaming singer. The battle of the bands never got decided but I'm going with The Outlaws because Allan Hayes is a rock n roll love machine.The Neon Maniacs were pretty cool. My favourites were Doc(Andrew Divoff), Soldier, Punk Biker, & Samurai. Punk Biker had this cool fight with a biker kid in the park. The biker kid actually kicks his ass some only for Punk Biker to snap his leg. Haha.It had a fair share of gore but nothing really over the top. Two arm chops, an ugly girl getting decapitated, an arrow to the back of the head through the mouth, a slit throat, & Doc performing open heart surgery on a fat security guard...or was it the janitor?My only gripe with this is that it didn't have any type of origin for the Maniacs. They were just kind of there. We never knew how they came to be or anything. We just know that they come out at night & that water hurts them. I guess it's up to our imaginations.Pick this one up if you like fun 1980s horror movies & have an open mind. If you're expecting something like Casablanca....just go out & buy Casablanca.PSThis movie also features the asshole cop from Boyz N The Hood that gave Tre & Ricky shit although they didn't do anything. He plays...a cop that is riding Paula's bike. He gets killed but sadly it's off screen.

Harry W (de) wrote: The first film to win an Academy Award for a dead actor, Children of a Lesser God peaked my interest.The theme of deafness isn't actually dealt with in films much, and it took me seeing Children of a Lesser God to actually realise that. I was more than glad to actually see a film that touched upon such a theme because any film that explores concepts about people different than me or than the usual cinematic archetypes is something I want to check out. And the story of a hearing speech teacher and a deaf custodian entering a relationship together and learning from each other's beliefs sounded like an interesting way to explore the subject.And it proved to be just that because as well as exploring the concept of deaf people, Children of a Lesser God took an interesting look into the relationship between a deaf woman refusing to speak and a teacher at a school for the deaf. It soon evolves into a complicated romantic drama which is so well written that it distracts viewers from its thin plot. The characters are so thoughtfully created and the dialogue is so strong that it makes Children of a Lesser God a very intelligent film. There is a lot of thought in Mark Medoff's film adaptation of his own play combined with the writing talents of Hesper Anderson, and they ensure that director Randa Haines is supplied a lot of material to work with as the director of this feature. She ensures that the material is handled appropriately and that it is visually appealing as well since the cinematography in the film is very nice and constantly captures the positive visual aspects of the settings and sets a certain kind of atmosphere. Children of a Lesser God does have good style to it, and director Randa Haines treats it well. Although there is a certain point where it gets faulty.The problem I found with Children of a Lesser God was although the film began with a suggestion that one of its key themes would be James Leeds teaching at a school for the deaf, but it later lost touch with that and became way too focused on the relationship between him and Sarah Norman which left the concept of the school for the deaf forgotten and essentially an expendable subplot that was written out of the film halfway through. So it's written in there but it isn't explored well enough which is a little disappointing.And the film's ending is very abrupt. It feels like the end of a soap opera episode because everything is closed with a sudden resolution which really isn't enough to justify all the drama that the characters have faced. There has been a lot of emotional trouble for the characters, and to resolve it with a 5 second realisation of love between the two and a hug just isn't enough. It how characters solved problems on 1980's family sitcoms, but a genuine drama film of the calibre that Children of a Lesser God is of deserves more. Considering that the film has had a consistently slow pace for the course of its 114 minute running time, for it to suddenly resolve everything within a very brief time period is just not what the rest of the film has been building up to. Children of a Lesser God's sudden ending drags it down and makes it less of an experience than it was building up to, so the ending is the weakest moment in Children of a Lesser God.The musical score was also a little overwhelming at times, particularly in the film's ending scene. While the music is ok for the first half of the movie, in the second half it screeches fairly loudly and repetitively which damages the enjoyment of the scene if not the ears of the hearing viewers watching the film. But still, Children of a Lesser God was a good film with a great cast.William Hurt's lead performance is a challenging role which he completely nails, and it is very impressive. As he has to constantly speak in sign language as well as out loud, he has a lot of things to do. Although it is clear that he is speaking so that audiences are able to understand him, the way he does it is magnificent. William Hurt speaks with excellent sign language which he ties into the words he projects very well. His physical acting and his vocal acting is excellent and he ties it clearly into his facial gestures so that he is easy to understand from every perspective. William Hurt does everything so that his performance gets across to viewers, and he does it so well that he makes Children of a Lesser God unforgettable for his performance among other things. There is not a second when William Hurt has any weakness in Children of a Lesser God, and it is a very impressive lead performance that he delivers.It isn't often that a woman who doesn't speak in films is strong enough to win the Academy Award for Best Actress, but Marlee Matlin manages to do it so excellently in her debut performance that she gives one of the greatest silent performances I have ever seen on the cinematic screen. Although there is one brief moment where she makes some noise, she consistently gives a performance earning her the Academy Award for Best Actress without needing to speak, even better than when Holly Hunter did it for The Piano. Marlee Matlin's emotion is all in her physicality. You can tell by the way that she moves her arms about when speaking in sign language just what emotional state she is experiencing, and it is some incredibly powerful physical acting without going over the top. Marlee Matlin is a very impressive actress and her recognition and awards are very well deserved for her. It is hard to establish chemistry with someone else without speaking, but Marlee Matlin does it and the chemistry she shares with William Hurt is just terrific.Piper Laurie's brief performance is also great. Within her very brief time on screen, she manages to create a tense chemistry with William Hurt and a sweet chemistry with Marlee Matlin, the latter of which has a true mother daughter feel to it. And she delivers her lines with the natural charisma of a caring parent without going at it on a melodramatic angle. Although Piper Laurie only has brief screen time, she makes Children of a Lesser God a more compelling feature and gives a gentle supporting performance.So despite a few story flaws and an abrupt ending, Children of a Lesser God is a thought provoking romantic drama with intelligent characters and excellent acting.

Grant S (fr) wrote: Pretty good mercenary movie, based on a Wilbur Smith novel. Certainly better than Wild Geese and Dogs of War. Reasonable plot, good action, well paced. Does get bogged down in empty sentimentality towards the end, but otherwise is fine.Rod Taylor puts in a convincing performance as the all-action no-nonsense Captain Curry. Good performances all round.

Dave J (gb) wrote: Tuesday, August 6, 2013 (1964) Guns OF Diablo WESTERN A very satisfying made-for-TV western cobbled together from two episodes of the TV series "The Travels of Jamie McPheeters" of the Robert Lewis Taylor Western novel of the same name starring Charles Bronson as Linc Murdock and a 14 year old Kurt Russell as Jamie McPheeters visiting a small town to pick up a few provisions for their 'wagon train' on their way to California. And while there, Linc then recognizes a woman who was supposed to be dead. Viewers know that they have some history together but don't quite know what it is for it involves a love triangle. While Linc is trying to make sense of this, 14 year old Jamie is befriending an old man who was supposed to be a millionaire. What I liked about this movie is the fact that throughout the experience it kept me fascinated since it showcased a never-before-seen plausible scenario with a fictional setup and the performances are great with the small cast they have. The only downside is that it does consist to have a made-for-TV movie which the budget had been compromised despite the superficial ending. 2.5 out of 4 stars

Matthew C (it) wrote: A boorish d-bag brings a wife back to his family plantation in India, and proceeds to mistreat her. But it's OK, because there's a handsome young man waiting in the wings to give her some loving. Or not. And all the while, the elephants just want to get a drink. And if they're denied too long, they'll wreck up the place but good. Similar stories have been done better elsewhere. And the frequent, clumsy use of blue-screen doesn't help.

Caleb K (de) wrote: Another great in the annals of comedic history.

Ca H (ca) wrote: Really fun and I actually really liked Keira Knightley in this. However when it got serious that was when it didn't quite work for me: the relationships weren't quite developed enough although there were still some interesting ideas and the conclusion felt sudden. But it was incredibly fun and I did still enjoy it.

Billy S (nl) wrote: Will Ferrell and Zach galifainakis are hilarious .The greatest political comedy since Dr.strange love.

Bernadette H (mx) wrote: I have never understood club or house or trance music (except for that one time I accidentally got high...long story...) but Michael Dowse tells the story of Frankie Wilde with such sensitivity that I don't care what your musical affiliations are I promise you that this film will make you cry at some point. And laugh. And want to throw things. And give strangers hugs. The story of thousands of famous drug addicts have been told in a thousand different ways, this one still made me stand up and notice. Get it. Watch it.