This large format film explores the last great wilderness on earth. It takes you to the coldest, driest, windiest continent, Antarctica. The film explores the life in Antarctica, both for the animals that live their and the scientist that work there.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:40 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Antarctica 1991 full movies, Antarctica torrents movie
  • Category:Short
  • Stars:Alex Scott
  • Uploader:Chich1Phat
  • Country:Australia
  • Director:John Weiley
  • Writer:Les Murray (script), John Weiley (script), Michael Parfit (script)

This large format film explores the last great wilderness on earth. It takes you to the coldest, driest, windiest continent, Antarctica. The film explores life in Antarctica, both for the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad F (ca) wrote: Unfortunately I thought this movie was really very terrible.Very, very terrible. Acting was average from Cuba Gooding Jnr., awful by Lungren though he has a certain charisma regardless of his poor acting and as for the supporting mobsters - OMG they were just plain bad. I was actually laughing at their attenmpted accents.'m not normally one to be so negative but I honestly feel like I've lost an hour or so of my life that I can't get back. If this was classified as a comedy I would've given it another half a star.

Brent S (es) wrote: Just a let down from the 1st. Plot was dumb. A day in the life is what made Waiting fun.

Tim M (ag) wrote: Proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that a plane did not hit the Pentagon. Our government is lying to us again. Taking lives to impose more control and to fuel the war business.

Jessica H (de) wrote: the question is what is not wrong with this film. It needs to be redone and look less like a out of school highschool project on a very low budget. there are not to many positive things I can say about this film.

Ethan D (fr) wrote: Lots of laughs this one. If you are a fan of these guys, watch this movie.

Rob C (br) wrote: Disney has been no stranger to updates over the years, what was once traditional animation placed against painted backgrounds has now turned to fully computerised worlds, such as the one seen in Frozen. Disney saw a creative renaissance through the late eighties and nineties and at the end of it all, we were gifted with Tarzan, which is most definitely up to the standard Disney had at the time.For those unfamiliar with the story, Disney's adaptation (based on Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs) follows the titular hero from boyhood to adult. After his parents are killed by a leopard, Tarzan (Played by Alex D. Linz as a young boy) is taken in as a baby by the gorilla Kala (Glenn Close) who coincidentally lost her baby to the same leopard. But when the adult Tarzan (Tony Goldwyn) stumbles across members of his own kind in the form of Jane (Minnie Driver), her father (Nigel Hawthorne) and their guide Clayton (Brian Blessed), he struggles with the challenges of not only fitting in but also figuring out where he belongs. It's this central struggle that forms a huge amount of heart around the overall package. Just as the jungle swinging action is frenetic and engaging, so are the more poignant moments emotional and come with the right impact. It's a quickly paced film, flashing between the two and a mix of mild comic relief to keep the audience engaged at all times. The only problem, which will ring more true for adults than children, is that the villain is super obvious from the moment he's introduced, but even he gets some laughs to keep him from becoming completely stale. Tarzan's plot is a healthy mix of emotion, action and comedy, sure to entertain audiences time and time again, no matter the age bracket.With a varied and infectious plot, the characters rise to match its success. Both Linz and Goldwyn do a brilliant job of conveying the confusion and fascination present in Tarzan's mind which gets the audience to care about his struggle right from the offset. Jane fits the classic archetype of Disney's damsel in distress but her character is set apart from the other Disney heroines with her endearing clumsiness and a hint of Victorian authenticity, making her instantly likeable. Kala and her mate Kerchak (Lance Henrikson) are also very strong with the latter bringing an intense level of intimidation to match the disdain the alpha male gorilla shows towards Tarzan. The comic relief characters including Rosie O'Donnell as Tarzan's gorilla cousin Terk and Wayne Knight as the paranoid elephant Tantor are fairly amusing, but they never interrupt the emotional proceedings that are sprinkled throughout the main plot. When the main cast is so strong, it's a shame that Brian Blessed's performance as Clayton feels quite basic by comparison; there isn't really that much depth to his character and he doesn't develop much over the course of the film, but when the rest of the cast is so strong it's a mere drop in a lake of solid characterisation.Tarzan was made at a time before fully 3D computer generated animation became the norm and it makes some of the best uses of the technology before it was eventually replaced in the 2000s. While it may seem dated nowadays because of its static painted look, the jungle environment is nonetheless lush, colourful and green which works hard to transport the viewer into the film's setting; the painted environments also coalesce nicely with the animated characters. But where Tarzan really makes an impression is through its cinematography; the set piece moments are all incredibly thrilling and tense and they take the hero far beyond just swinging on vines; the chase scene involving the baboons is brilliant to watch because of the way the camera spins and twists to brilliantly capture the wild nature of Tarzan's life in the jungle. And then there's the soundtrack featuring songs by Phil Collins; one of the most riveting orchestrations ever seen in an animated film (I'm serious; "Son of Man" and "Strangers like me" deserve to be right up there with Frozen's "Let it go"). It's fast and furious in the action sequences and it also finds time to calm down for the more emotional moments; it's simply the perfect complement to an already fantastic animated film.Tarzan is heartfelt, breathless and exhilarating and it stakes its claim as one of the best animated films of the nineties; quite ironic considering how it was the last of the Disney Renaissance films (which lasted from 1989 to 1999). For adults it's easy to nit-pick some of the more light-hearted moments and blindingly obvious villain, but you'll be so enthralled by the film's brilliant animation and set-piece moments that you won't mind one bit.

Roxanne R (fr) wrote: Ally Sheedy gives a great performance as Lucy Berliner, a once famous photographer whose career is revitalized when she meets Syd (played by Radha Mitchell) who is a lovely young assistant editor for a prestigious photography magazine. Withdrawn from the art world, Lucy is reawakened by Sid who offers her the hope of escaping her drug-filled world. Before Syd realizes it, she is drawn into Lucy's seductive and dangerous mix while forced to make choices she never imagined. This is an intense movie and very gritty, dark, and at times sad because you see how talented Lucy is yet she has allowed drugs to rule her world. Can Syd save her in time or will it be too late? You have to watch the movie! Recommended and added to my private collection...

Greg S (fr) wrote: Under the delusion that he was switched at birth with the kid who ends up being his next door neighbor, Thomas spends his life plotting revenge. He also falls in love with his sister. Strange little Belgian dramedy that jumps around in time and in reality (there are flashbacks inside of flashbacks, dream sequences, and so on) but ends up painting a poignant portrait of lifelong envy.

Steven S (es) wrote: a very fun, interesting, dysfunctional, and charming love story. One of Cassavetes best films.

Shireen Hakim R (br) wrote: This made no sense.Matthew McConaughey looks anorexic.