Antarmahal: Views of the Inner Chamber

Antarmahal: Views of the Inner Chamber

In late 19th Century, Bengal Bhubaneswar Chowdhury (Jackie Shroff) is a wealthy and tyrannical Zamidar (Squire). He has two main obsessions: his desperate attempts for an heir, which even ...

In late 19th Century, Bengal Bhubaneswar Chowdhury (Jackie Shroff) is a wealthy and tyrannical Zamidar (Squire). He has two main obsessions: his desperate attempts for an heir, which even ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tristan F (mx) wrote: An absolute masterpiece! The best film of 2016 and one of the best films of the decade in my opinion

Sanity Assassin (ag) wrote: for a film about a boy trying to get his car fixed it's good, but it's a film about a boy trying to get his car fixed...

Chris P (ag) wrote: Nice to see Casper Van Dien act well for a change, but he's no Eastwood, even with the poncho. What isn't nice is that director Craig Baxley is not given the resources needed to really spice up his action sequences as he did with the Brian Bosworth classic Stone Cold. However, the film has a nice final shootout, but it's hard to take things too seriously when the bloodless squibs seem to emit newspaper from people's wounds. Bruce Boxleitner has a decent supporting role, but what's really surprising is that Ernest Borgnine (he's 91!) isn't just in the movie to give it western street cred. His role is actually quite poignant, and as he states in the interview on the DVD, westerns are few and far between these days. Aces 'N Eights is worth a peek, but is probably best appreciated by fans of the genre.

Rachel B (ag) wrote: Very inspiring even if some things in the movie are fiction.

John K (es) wrote: I think this film did its best to be fair towards the fans, and the word "educated" came up a lot. However, it was still uncomfortable viewing, i.e. it made me cringe. Also, I'd already heard most of the trivia points elsewhere. Lots of people would consider me to be an obsessive fan, since I've bought several Star Trek books/DVDs, but I don't go around in uniform. I understand the point about sports fans wearing replica shirts, but I think the equivalent would be a Star Trek T-shirt. If Starfleet really existed then I don't think they'd want random people walking around and calling themselves "Captain Fred of the Starship Bloggs". Maybe there's a fine line between tribute and delusion? Still, they're not hurting anyone. I think that Kate Mulgrew made the most interesting point, talking about the "Trekkies/Trekkers" terminology: I'd always thought that "Trekkers" was a poor name because we're not actually astronauts, but she said that some viewers are actively involved in the story rather than sitting back passively.

Angelo T (ag) wrote: Has a surprising amount of heart and charm for being based off of an educational TV show.

Sylvester E (nl) wrote: A true classic worth adding to your collection.

Henrik S (jp) wrote: A curious no-budget sci-fi that does way better with nothing to spend than most other sci-fi trash films of the era ( I am looking at you Mr. Wood). While the story is as thin as slice of nothing, the characters - albeit stereotypical - and their respective motives in the face of an alien walking the earth make this quite a diverse chamber play. The set is a reused Joan D'Arc set, but filled to the brim with fog and eerie lights, so if you are into old films that look like a ghost ride in a theme park, this one is for you. Personally, I found the alien quite scary, because its makeshift mask and dead expression make it far more haunting than modern CGI effects. The film can also be quite eccentric in parts, cue the Irish county constable with a thick accent and always accompanied by a jolly rovin' irish fiddle soundtrack or the antagonist and his communist beard ( cold war era here we go). I was pleasantly suprised by this, bu then again, I am a genre enthusiast.

Aran R (it) wrote: A brilliantly crafted drama about Mozart's struggles, enemies, glory and ambitions. Funny and full of marvelous music, I really ejoyed this film version about the Austrian genius.

Antonio T (ag) wrote: Una trama bastante original, con un dialogo brillante (sello de Diablo Cody); claro que tiene fallas, pero la combinacion terror/comedia funciona, adems de la eleccin de escoger a Megan Fox como Jennifer es ideal.

Ada D (au) wrote: Underworld: Awakening ... When humans discover the ongoing war between Vampires and Lycan's they send out a special team to destroy both clans and remove this threat to their own species. Selene awakens from a research facility and will lead the battle against humankind. The cast was great, there was a lot of fun 3D action scenes but the plot seemed different from the other films from this series, it was also not needed.

Timothy J (de) wrote: I didn't feel a connection with any of the characters. I am no longer a twenty something and I was never in my mid-forties having never had kids. This movie was really a bit pretentious. The characters are really very self-absorbed.