Ante se vraca kuci

Ante se vraca kuci


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Serbo-Croatian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Ante se vraca kuci torrent reviews

Russ V (mx) wrote: Cleanskin is a very solid spy thriller that should please most Sean Bean fans.

Shane O (us) wrote: dumb, badly acted and mind numbing.....but i think thats the idea in this low budget horror movie about a reality show. watch this if your drunk. dont watch this if you couldn't possibly handle seeing gossip girl cast members get 'offed'.... OMG! xoxo etc etc

Sam S (us) wrote: This doc is long overdue, and they did a fantastic job keeping thing even-toned and interesting. I loved the animation and the music! Usually, I shy from most docs in favor of something with some action and wit - this film has both 'and' it's a compelling look at the topic from ancient history through modern times.A+ for a doc, even in my anti-documentary book!I actually just signed up on here so I could give these guys some props!Cool movie!

Dan M (ag) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie and found myself rooting for Mr. Brooks.

Emily R (fr) wrote: A great thriller that perfectly captures the sense of panic and tragedy associated with the paranoia of a zombie scenario. The decisions of the authority in the situations presented in the film are as much realistic as they are dramatic.

Karsia S (es) wrote: This story should have been told a long time ago. It was well depicted and the acting was great.

Jacob G (kr) wrote: i love this movie. the best

Mary P (jp) wrote: amusing spoof, but it isn't exactly blazing saddles. Still hard to miss if you like westerns, though.

Mike K (au) wrote: one of the most flims ever to be made!

Trent A (au) wrote: a fantastic journey of a movie.

Ashley H (br) wrote: Play Misty for Me is an amazing film. It is about a brief fling between a male DJ and an obsessed fan. Clint Eastwood and Jessica Walter give fantastic performances. The screenplay is well written. Eastwood also did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the mystery and romance. Play Misty for Me is a must see.

Andrew A (br) wrote: very very very poor remake of a 70s classic.. the only thing i enjoyed about this film was the comical wire twing sound effect during the night vision bike chase.