A young writer and his attractive wife looking to climb the social ladder move to an affluent area outside of Scottsdale AZ. Little do they know... Once you say yes... it's hard to say no.

The film follows a young couple: a writer and his beautiful wife. They are eager to change their position in the society so have conspiracy to attain their goal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Anthem torrent reviews

Paul P (ag) wrote: Horrible acting on behalf of Stewart.Very amateurish. She needs some lessons.Yet she definitely has potential to be great.

Sandy K (mx) wrote: This movie gets half a star because Andy Garcia and Maria Bello are in it. That's it. Nothing else.

Barry T (nl) wrote: A fantastic documentary about a man who buys some reels of films and uncovers a load of photographgs that were undeveloped but a reclusive nanny. As he develops more and more he becomes addicted in making her a star. SUPERB!

Dylan M (au) wrote: I didnt find this one funny. I feel like ive seen it before as its very predictable. Very few funny scenes and laughs. The Change-Up has the stars, but its comedy and plot cant even be held together by Reynolds and Bateman. Most will be disappointed with this movie.

Victoria K (kr) wrote: Awww it was so cute i loved this movie..

Adam F (es) wrote: "Joy Ride" might not be a groundbreaking thriller and sometimes it's pretty silly but it's got its moments and I had fun with it overall. Yes, I realize now that the franchise has turned into full-on horror, but this movie is actually a thriller. It's about a nice guy (Paul Walker as Lewis), his screw-up of a brother Fuller (Steve Zahn) and Lewis' longtime crush Venna (Leelee Sobieski) travelling on the highway when they mess with the wrong guy. After a prank that is not really all that mean-spirited, a trucker begins mercilessly stalking them, and the guy's idea of "getting even" is much too close to "murder" for everyone else's tastes. What I liked about the movie above all is that Steve Zahn and Paul Walker make a convincing set of brothers. I feel like they had some really good, organic dynamics together. I also enjoyed the overall pace of the movie. It keeps moving and coming up with interesting concepts and setups to keep its audience entertained as these people are chased all over the place by this villain. Speaking of which, "Rusty Nail" (as he is called) works as a villain that is partially threatening, psychotic, sympathetic and funny. It keeps the violence to a tasteful level and if you're looking for a horror/thriller film that has a bit of bite but never goes into very gruesome levels (save maybe for a brief scene in the beginning) it's fun and has some good laughs too. I just happened to own this movie on Dvd and if you do too, or if you're renting I have to point out something that I usually don't for these reviews. The Dvd includes what is without a doubt the most extensive set of alternate endings I've ever seen. One of them is almost a completely different film due to its 30+ min. running time so there's some good bang for your buck here too. Good stuff. (On Dvd, October 30, 2012)

Paul N (au) wrote: Beware the sheep shagger....

Fred F (gb) wrote: Alec Baldwin should have received an oscar for his performance in this movie.

Andrey B (kr) wrote: A somewhat dated with many flaws, but still enjoyfull.

Gregory W (gb) wrote: this is so bad the only good parts are the shots and EFX re-used from the first movie!

Alleah W (it) wrote: One of the old movies ever made.

Dan S (mx) wrote: Why this isn't on AFI's top 100 movies I'll never know.

Jarett B (us) wrote: Franco Nero. Thomas Milan. Jack Palance. Fernando Rey. That's an international explosion of greats. Add a Morricone score, and Cobucci's direction and... Viva le revolution!!

Sarah D (au) wrote: Though not as brilliant as the original, I must admit, the hilarity and wit that is Fanny Brice still rings true in this film. As far as sequels go, this one wasn't too shabby, and whatever you might think, the songs and entertainment are still as great as ever.

Ryan S (ca) wrote: The CGI for the Lizard was fantastic, and Andrew Garfield did do good as Spider-Man, but the acting wasn't that great. Also, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), got herself in danger, and Spider-Man had to rescue her.