Anthony Jeselnik: Caligula

Anthony Jeselnik: Caligula

Anthony Jeselnik brings his signature dark and twisted point of view to this special. He holds nothing back, routinely saying things most wouldn't ever dare. Anthony is not for the easily offended or humorless.

Anthony Jeselnik brings his signature dark and twisted point of view to this extended and uncensored special. He holds nothing back| routinely saying things most
wouldn't ever dare. Anthony is not for the easily offended or humorless. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Anthony Jeselnik: Caligula torrent reviews

Frances H (mx) wrote: Really cute film about a father who wants to teach his rich, spoiled kids a lesson, and ends up learning one himself. A really good dubbing job, too.

F B (ru) wrote: Very enjoyable film and story. Although very long I did not lose interest and it kept me entertained from start to end.

Carlos R (jp) wrote: Beautiful, touching, funny, and amazing animation! How To Train Your Dragon is very unforgettable that soars a cute story with an outstanding musical score!

Carlo C (kr) wrote: Basada en un novela de la autora canadiense Anne Michaels, trata sobre la lucha interna en la que se bate el personaje principal, Jacob, para reconstruir y empezar a vivir su vida. Es una historia sobre nazis y la tragedia que la segunda guerra mundial signific para muchas familias europeas, pero con el matiz de que los nazis tiene un rol secundario como personajes y la mayor parte de la historia se desarrolla en Grecia y Canad. Buena pelcula.

yvind E (us) wrote: En av Kaurismkis absolutt beste. De tre bohemene er herlige i all sin ubrukelighet, og det minner meg sterkt om gamle dager. Glimrende svarthvitt. Kaurismki har den unike evne at han bde er en utrolig effektiv historieforteller, samtidig som han tar seg tid til dvele ved detaljer andre regissrer gir fullstendig blaffen i. Likevel lager han filmer som stort sett klokker inn omkring 70 minutter. Dette er et av de "episke" unntakene, hele 100 min!

Christopher S (de) wrote: I was prepared to put this on my list of Under Appreciated Films, but then it ended, about an hour too early. They don't deal with why or how being stuck in 30 years of cryostasis other than in their personal lives. And since Peter Berg's character is mildly retarded his closure, while nice, isn't enough for me, well none of the closure is. It feels like it ends with the first act. I wanted a lot more out of this one. Forever Young with Mel Gibson does a really good job of dealing with the post sleep sickness of cryostasis where he rapidly ages to catch up to he actual age, here the characters suffer no post sleep ailments and just continue on with their lives. A good sentimental film, but nothing more than fluff.

Timmy R (mx) wrote: I'm not sure if it can be considered Noe's most accessible film (or medium length film), if anything can, but I would consider it his most humane. While "I Stand Alone" is heavily nihilistic and "Irreversible" is a bit too unfocused and intimidating, "Carne" has a true heart. Much of Noe's work is intent on assaulting the audience, but here it feels just tolerable enough to have an impact that doesn't scare us away. The fact that Noe isn't yet trying SO hard to push buttons makes the sad and disturbing elements more powerful.

Phil H (ag) wrote: A film purely based around the unusual poem by Lewis Carroll which in turn is set within the 'Alice in Wonderland' story. So a sweet classic source is corrupted and transformed into a dank musty set olde England, a time in the middle of the Dark Ages.'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe.All mimsy were the borogoves, and the mome raths outgrabe.'A stunning British cast of all stars and a style so obviously Gilliam mixed with classic Monty Python, all very familiar and reassuring when you watch. You know just what you're gonna get and you know its gonna be damn dark, grim, dirty, gross, unique and very creative. Gilliam is so good at creating Medieval/Dark Ages visuals with his sets, costumes, use of light, use of locations and wild imagination, plus without huge amounts of money. Yes it does look very much like 'Time Bandits' and 'The Holy Grail' which does seem a little similar/repetitive, but there are some many nice touches with that bleak eerie atmospheric look that you just can't help but enjoy it.The characters do feel slightly cliched and again a bit too Python-esque but they are all fleshed out so well by the classic cast, helped along with brilliantly cheap yet effective costumes, props and sets. The story is your basic Prince Charming or 'knight slaying monster' type fable, with some wickedly devilish twists. I love how the Princess (Griselda Fishfinger) in this is a fat ugly female who doesn't like Palin's character at all...until he becomes the famous monster slayer and then she wants his ass. The fact that Dennis Cooper's (Palin's character) father hates him for being a wuss and the way Mr Fishfinger treats him like crap, until he becomes famous. The character names are brilliant aren't they...Mr Fishfinger, Griselda Fishfinger.There are other clever distorted fairytale elements here too, the way wealthy town merchants don't wish to help the King fight the Jabberwocky because it brings them much revenue. The local Bishop is happy to let the terror continue as it brings in lots of donations for the church and a local skilled tradesman can't find work so he cuts off his foot to become a beggar. This proves so successful he cuts off his other foot also.The film does feel a tad dull and strung out through the middle, perks up towards the finale obviously as we wait with baited breath to see the monster. Its all about the monster really isn't it, the quirky bits in between are fun if typically overused Gilliam type stuff but really you just wanna see how this creature will appear. Some glorious gooey moments throughout are the highlight for me with some really nice makeup/effects using good old fashioned methods. The mauling and eating to death of a lonely pleasant in the woods at the start is fantastic stuff! very simply done but so effective and really gory. Love how Gilliam doesn't shy away from showing the gory remains. The Jabberwocky in the end is also nicely done, kinda like a large Muppet, the old man in a suit routine. Nicely designed but I'm sure will look hokey to some now.The film is pretty dated now but its amazing how well it stands up today. Everything really does still look good and quite authentic in that typical Python-esque way. I adore the dark gallows humour in this film, I'm sure all Python fans will do so too, its a style that isn't really seen least not in comedies. Its all so very Monty Python, I realise I say this a lot but it is! Gilliam never liked how his work is always compared to Python, sorry Terry. But kudos for creating a perfect gnarly misshapen fairytale of grimness n gloom.