When cattle mysteriously start dying of anthrax in a small Alberta ranching community, an RCMP officer tries to keep the peace as ranchers lay the blame on a local agricultural research center. A reporter encourages the angry ranchers - led by the Mountie's mother-in-law - to stage a sit-in at the research center. When an eccentric old rancher dies after being exposed to a deadly strain of anthrax, the protesters are quarantined. No one notices that the reporter has disappeared - along with several vials of the deadly bacteria. The RCMP officer begins his own investigation, gleaning information from a U.S. government agent. He finds himself racing against time to recover the stolen anthrax.

When cattle mysteriously start dying of anthrax in a small Alberta ranching community, an RCMP officer tries to keep the peace as ranchers lay the blame on a local agricultural research ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tiffany L (br) wrote: Basic didn't have the usual rising action/falling action structure, and therefore felt flat in terms of tension (if there was any), plot (which, at its core was straight as an arrow), and action, but the twists and turns of each person's account leave you trying to make sense everything. This film's excitement lies in its mental stimulation. Be prepared to watch it at least twice to really understand what's happening!

Matthew S (au) wrote: Interesting story, let down a bit by Gary Sweet's character. He's such a thorough bastard, that ordinary racism can't explain it - why is he such a monster, and how did a fellow like that end up in the position of heading this little troupe in the first place? The movie doesn't seem to care about these issues. Or maybe the problem is that Gary Sweet appears to be play-acting at being evil, rather than really embodying it. And the dialogue & accents aren't always convincing if this is meant to be 1922.But I liked where the story went in the end, and David Gulpilil, as usual, was wonderful - he makes everyone else look like amateurs. Worth seeing for his character alone. I just found things more believable when Gary Sweet wasn't on screen.

Aleksandra D (jp) wrote: Two quarreling peasant families, expatriates from the Eastern part of Poland, after war homelessness are settled by accident on two neighbouring farms.

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Peter A (br) wrote: I file Seraphim Falls under: "meh!" Like so many other movies, this is isn't bad, but it's not that good either. The acting's fine, though Liam Neeson, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Wincott and most of the rest of the cast don't stray too far from their comfort zones. Wes Studi and Anjelica Houston actually play the more intriguing characters, but the roles are brief and are mostly serve as allegories than actual characters.And I think that's the big problem. Seraphim Falls wants to come off as this deep, dark Western, but it's mostly dull. It tries too hard to feel weighty, like we're supposed to regard it as an art film, leaden with metaphor and symbolism. The problem is it whacks you with all its metaphors with a sledge hammer. There's no subtlety, just this dark pursuit without much context to it.Neeson is chasing Brosnan, but the reason why isn't revealed until the end. Turns out to be a reverse Josey Wales, and as a plot device, with Angie Harmon running Into a burning house, it's pretty stale. I think if the reasons had been revealed a little at a time the chase would've been more interesting. There would've been some reason to invest my attention in it. I also think a more clever reason for the pursuit was needed, beyond simply vengeance for losing one's family during the Civil War. That sounds callous, especially since a dead family usually makes for a good vengeance story, but it's such a common trope now. So common that making me wait an hour for a big reveal that turns out to be a cliche is frustrating.Maybe if I watch this again some other time I'll change my opinion and be more invested in considering the meanings of the different groups Brosnan & Neeson encounter. Maybe, right?It's also worth noting: the McPoyle brothers from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia both have roles in this. Don't know if that means anything, just wanted to point that out.

Paul D (mx) wrote: A nice costume romp, but an average adventure.

Paul C (es) wrote: Certainly no 'El Cid' this however does have curiousity value - even among Charlton Heston's other films - though i doubt he has ever had a worse hairstyle!

Christopher B (de) wrote: Gore-fest in the style of Hostel. Liked the sequel better.