Äntligen midsommar!

Äntligen midsommar!

A beautiful waterfront house, a Swedish flag fluttering in the wind. A sailboat tied to the wooden deck below. This is the setting of the friends' annual Midsummer celebrations. The friends...

A beautiful waterfront house, a Swedish flag fluttering in the wind. A sailboat tied to the wooden deck below. This is the setting of the friends' annual Midsummer celebrations. The friends... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke A (fr) wrote: I actually liked it a lot... The action scenes were awesome with decent acting and a pretty good script.

Baton M (ca) wrote: A deception. previous Ip man are so much better. the story is a bit confusing and the narrative is not brilliant. I was so waiting for this but when it finally came out the magic wasn't just there. I may watch again to be certain, but I can watch ip man 1 every day and never get bored.

Corinne L (ag) wrote: Great intense drama...

FilmGrinder S (br) wrote: 65% "I've never seen a shark swim in the sand."-Sandy Powers (Brooke Hogan) That's as far as intelligence goes, in this flick. The CGI and reactions from the actors were horrible. Parker Lewis can't save this beach. "You're gonna need a bigger beach, Angus."-Shriff John Stone (Eric Scott Woods) Do you know how many film makers, Speilberg could sue?

Tracy F (mx) wrote: A little disappointed this cast didn't add more to the movie. It was pretty good, but nothing to write home about.

Daniel K (ru) wrote: While not a bad Horror film, it's corny and there are too many silly moments, but you can still enjoy watching it.

Michaela B (au) wrote: Gritty and well-acted by Famke. The soundtrack was great. Clog is wonderful.

Rebecca A (kr) wrote: It was refreshing to watch something different. The story is unique and progresses well over the course of time. The main character, Anna, did an excellent job and was quickly relatable. The subtitles were not bad, they were easy to read as the dialog was not overly verbose. Beautiful cinematographic shots throughout, including a nice hand-holding running shot.

sheri s (it) wrote: Like high school students filmed this movie themselves. Alright twist I suppose.

Wais Ahmad B (jp) wrote: i want to see this movie

James S (de) wrote: Illuminating look into true punk culture during 1980/1990s. A favourite of Trish.

Abel D (de) wrote: Despite a top-of-the-line cast, a stirring soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, and some sweeping country vistas, August's South American melodrama lacks a hook or central focus, wanting to a tell a generational story about family sins but never centering on a specific theme, jumping from love to war to politics to deceit at a moment's notice, not helped by its' one-note characters, especially our overly mean protagonist, Estaban, or his cartoonishly evil bastard son, completely with hideous smile and moustache.

Alex K (kr) wrote: My Favorite Spike Lee Film Is 1989's Do The Right Thing.

John B (ca) wrote: Just a tad bit too silly. Your mom will love Pauline Collins. The rest of the audience, perhaps not. Non offensive..in a dull sort of way.

Frank J (us) wrote: Mais il m'emmerde la fin votre Schubert!Un conte contemporain sur la moralit de l'adultre, sur l'amour comme vraie source d'expression. Le film abat des conventions, a va de soi, et remet en question certaines moralits tablies depuis plusieurs sicles. Effectivement, imaginez-vous Bernard Barthlmy, un bourgeois franais, combl par la vie qui l'accable de richesse et qui l'a dot d'une belle femme fidle qui l'aime perdument et qui fait l'envie de tous. Au bout du compte, je m'aperois que a sonne comme bon nombre de scnarios populaires, mais le traitement de Blier est si particulier que le film se dmarque par bon nombre d'aspects. Franchement, je peux bien vous avouer qu'il est si particulier que j'affirmerai que je n'ai jamais vu d'autres films avec un traitement semblable.Donc, ce fameux Bernard Barthlmy, curieusement, un beau matin, tombe amoureux de sa secrtaire, une femme qui possde trs peu de charme, un peu bouffie et le sourire inexistant. La course la moralit s'enclenche donc, et Blier tente, par l'entremise de ses personnages, d'veiller en le spectateur une ouverture d'esprit diffrente qui tmoigne de la franchise du 21e sicle.

Audrey L (nl) wrote: Hello friends! Well, we are going into the last leg of mom's 3 month visit and I'm still unmedicated and I've stopped spinning shiny metallic objects for hours. I just may get through this one with my psyche intact-YAY. Thanks to Kevin for his long ago recommendation for this title to share my trials and tribulations with Mom. Tis perfect!! I've gone to bingo so much I wake up screaming B 52 several nights a week.There are multiple explanations of this-I could use a B52 or I am subconsciously longing for the Love shack... In any event,Mummy has bagged about 5 grand playing bingo and is quite pleased with herself. I am looking forward to getting back on site and catching up with everyone, as my time on site has been haphazzard at best. I have really missed movie world. Mum has been great to have here-and I have no plans of dismembering her. It's so nice to be taken care of-handed my coffee in the morning and all the wonderful things we've been up to,despite the pitifully shitty weather. By the time August 9th-D Day arrives,I shall be a weeping basket case as she returns to Newfoundland and I'll have to make my own coffee and I'll miss her kiss good night-awwww sob!

Kristina K (kr) wrote: after I had rented that movie I was afraid of watching it because I expected a bad b-movie - I love vampires. surprisingly Dracula captured me immediately! because it is only "based on" Bram Stoker's Dracula I didn't have any problems with the fact that there are characters missing or added. the whole movie was pure fun. Marc Warren as Dracula was sexy for me, even the wizened-greenish-before-I-drank-blood-Dracula succeeded in transferring a sex-appeal (later: black hair and blond breast hairs - unbelievably great). Sophia Myles who I know from the vampire series Moonlight was great, too, and looks very sexy in vintage dresses. luckily there is no disgusting splatter. the actors are very good, Van Helsing is just sweet. There is a pinch of erotic and some shocking moments. one time I even screamed although I never do that when I watch a movie alone. very often I got goose bumps (sometimes erotic, sometimes horror, sometimes because of monumentality). a very impressive movie! ps: in my family I am infamous for the fact that I like movies which nobody else likes. They just touch me.

Alexander L (kr) wrote: Pretty decent but not memorable.

Ben B (jp) wrote: Thanks to a crisp script, steady-handed directing, and an all-star cast, Ocean's Eleven is elevated from forgettable mainstream entertainment to a standard in its genre.