A lakeside resort comes under attack by a seemingly infinite hoard of flesh-eating ants.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:hotel,   insect,   ant,  

An old-fashioned, lakeside hotel targeted for purchase by an unsavory gambling casino promoter and situated next to a construction site, is attacked by an army of poisonous ants. Efforts to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ants torrent reviews

Simon M (nl) wrote: Despite good performances by Moaadi and Stewart, it's too predictable, shallow and preachy.

Greg R (es) wrote: Both made me want to be there desperately AND shunned me. A party now owned by the wealthy :-/

Cam E (nl) wrote: A funny follow-up to Tangled following Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding. These short follow ups are always worth the watch where Maximus the Stallion and Pascal the Chameleon lose the wedding rings and attempt to get them back, only to cause chaos, with surprising results.


Juanita P (jp) wrote: Pointless. 92 minutes of my life that I will never get back. The "writer" had an awesome premise with no interest in taking the time to develop it. At all. How lazy.

David M (us) wrote: They try. But lame.

Pej D (es) wrote: practice safe text when you have textual relations!! LOL. brutally honest indie flick on social paralysis & instant txt messaging seemingly bringing people closer but at the same time you're still alone, alienated and empty. makes you appreciate good ol' small town values and a simple life.

Brittany C (ag) wrote: i thought this was really good

Christopher H (it) wrote: "Black Mask 2" is a prime example as to why foreign franchises should NOT be rebooted for American audiences.

Nadja A (jp) wrote: Mein deutscher Lieblingsfilm. Schne Musik, tolle Story, lustig, tragisch. Perfekt! (Oktober 2014)

Edward T (es) wrote: Being Irish I find this film literally unwatchable after about ten minutes because of the atrocious accents. They really are that bad.

Dominik G (gb) wrote: Wow. Wicket The Ewok now speaks English. Much more endearing movie mainly because the annoying kid in the first Ewok Adventure is killed off at the beginning. A plodding middle act is redeemed by a thrilling 30 min action sequence at the end that is far more engaging than the majority of sfx heavy films of the past decade. I'm still trying to figure how they did the super fast speed visual effect of Teek's power way back in the 80s. A good kind of nostalgia.

Patrick D (ca) wrote: I enjoyed the shit out of this.Mostly based around two cops investigating several drive-in killings. There's alot of interviewing and interrogating by the cops in this short film, but these still plenty of B-movie goodness and exploitationy smiles and violence.What more do you want? Logic in a film?

Paul K (ru) wrote: A cracking British 50s thriller from the Boutling Brothers. Barry Jones portrays a man, suffering from a nervous breakdown, threatening to destroy London with an atomic bomb.

sara k (ca) wrote: love Robin Williams