Anubis en de wraak van Arghus

Anubis en de wraak van Arghus

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Anubis en de wraak van Arghus torrent reviews

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Joshua S (es) wrote: I had such a blast watching this. Yes, I'd pay big money to see Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek in a movie like this. I'm really glad that the pairing came with a good movie too. Don't take it seriously, just have fun, give into it. Beats alot of the comedies that are out these days.

Rodrigo R (br) wrote: A great movie about a family and boxing.I liked it very much

Geoff C (au) wrote: Great film. For fictional characters, they somehow seem familiar.

Sean L (au) wrote: Sparks fly when a pair of new neighbors fall into a lesbian love affair and scheme to lift a seven-figure sum from an unwitting mafia goon. Written and directed by the Wachowskis, rumor has it that this film gave them enough cred with the studios to turn around and produce The Matrix a few years later. I can see that potential at times, though it's still very rough around the edges. The first act is a real bore, borderline softcore porno that I very nearly shut off and wrote off, but the plot really comes to life at about the forty-minute mark and swiftly ramps up into a rousing, unpredictable little dose of dark suspense. Sadly, no amount of nifty writing and unexpected twists can compensate for Jennifer Tilly's acting. She's Anna Nicole-Smith levels of bad, trying to seem sultry, deep and smart but really just coming across as drug-whipped and out of her depth. Apart from an inspired effort from Joe Pantoliano as the short-fuse mafia fall-guy at the center of it all, though, that's pretty much par for the course. Low-budget but high-intensity, it's always just *this* close to hitting its mark.

Kami L (ag) wrote: So little action, so much drama..Despite the good, solid idea, this movie is a letdown. Even it has the sama 'Ridley Scott-feel' Blade Runner did, it just doesn't work here. There's no chemistry what so ever between Berenger and Rogers, which is partly because the script is mediocre. And although there's hardly any action and LOTS of "emotional" drama shit, all characters are left too distant and undimensional.It's hardly watchable and a huge disappointment considering it's Ridley Scott-movie. More action and less drama would have saved this.

Joey K (fr) wrote: The Rapture could have been creepy and atmospheric, but in the end it simply fell short. One of its biggest problems was not taking the time necessary to make the viewer actually care about the main character or her story.

RJohn X (gb) wrote: This is barely a Frankenstein movie, other than the fact that it is one of Cushing's best performances. From the moment he awakens with a bit of frost on his nose to the very end where he watches his lovely creature meet her fate, the good Baron plays his arrogant genius to the hilt. "I am a very busy man," is his clipped mantra even at his good assistant's murder trial. Seeing only the possibility to have a fresh corpse, the Baron embodies the calculating humor of the gallows. Susan Denberg is considerably more attractive as a deformed lover than the icy vessel of steely revenge. In the end, Thorley Walters and the three drunkards twist this monster movie into a revenge comedy of the grand English tradition. In that regard, good stuff. As a Frankenstein movie, not so good.

Rodney G (kr) wrote: Revealing. Every person in the world should watch this at least once. They thought this oppression and decadence, exploitation was terrible then... f***!, it's the norm now. Maybe people today won't see the signifigance of it I'm serious of course.. evil is more subtle and perhaps acceptable now.

James C (mx) wrote: Had to get through this in installments as it just wasnt gripping enough, the premese of them playing out the story's they had been writing was good, but it just didnt feel right and detracted from the real situation they were in.

David S (gb) wrote: A lost soul wanders in the wasteland that was the Philippines at the end of WWII. Ichikawa's increasingly oppressive anti-war film is at times dream-like but most times horrifyingly real.

Misty F (es) wrote: I liked the real breakdown. Michael Douglas is fantastic and I have always heard that I needed to watch the movie for the scene in the fast food joint. I just did not like how they seemed to treat female characters, especially Robert Duvall's wife. Even though there were parallel breakdown stories, the wife was seen as more of an annoying shrew where Michael Douglas's character was one that could be sympathized with.

Stevie M (ag) wrote: Rush Hour puts two polar opposites in the leads and watching them bicker is priceless. Funny and then some.