The story of two couples - each with their own struggles to survive as a couple and as individuals. After living in London for a few years, Rahul and Nandita have recently moved back to Kolkata and become friends with Amit and Preeti. It is the lives of these four friends that creates a resonance, a chord, that echoes through their present and future.

Rahul Chatterjee is a second-generation East Indian who lives in Birmingham, England, along with his wife, Nandita, and works as a Designer. Rahul's late father used to work in England, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jaime D (de) wrote: Maybe I live a privileged life but the premise that people would vote to have one of their colleagues lose their job for just a paltry 1000 euros stroke me unbelievable and nothing about the situation, words or actions of these characters convinced me other wise. That aside the film is sluggish, repetitive and, as you would expect given the subject matter, uncomfortable and slightly depressing to watch.

Amanda B (ag) wrote: Would this be considered a B-Rated movie? Either way, I've seen MUCH worse. The dialogue is a little bad, but overall it was a fairly decent movie. Very good concept.

Christopher H (ag) wrote: Slow paced look at Alzheimer from the perspective of the elderly. There are moments of beauty and joy but the uneven pacing and odd tone sticks out.

Jacob P (jp) wrote: A very good horror movie with a twisted plot.

Sunny B (mx) wrote: A movie that inspires me. A family movie at it's best filled with crazy chases and hi jinks. Fender voiced by the late Robin Williams so you know it's going to be fun.

Marco P (gb) wrote: This movie is epic com'on how can you say it is bad... this is epic good. Good Job Jean Claude! Of course it is good for the people who appreciate Jean claude works otherwise it is not. It is good to entertain an after dinner night. "That's all".

Lafula14mhotmailcom L (us) wrote: se ve como interesante ,pero la verdad no ensean casi nada para adulto,bueno en este espacio,no c si es x k solo ensean un pokito como de ejemplo de la pelicula,gracias.

Hindnbrg E (au) wrote: I give this 2.5 stars because Flea gets shot in the face by Lee Ving. I wish every movie had a scene like that. Other than that I don't remember too much about this movie other than it was really pretty retarded.

KiRstin M (us) wrote: this movie is a trip ann marie johnson and the wayans are too funni!!

MARS D (fr) wrote: One-of-a-kind, and very underrated, thriller about a troubled youth living inside a old house.

Michael H (br) wrote: Fred Zinnemanns Act of Violence is one of MGMs best film noir, a work with a social theme, dealing with what would become the directors recurrent motif: conscience.Based on unpublished story by Collier Young, the tale deals with a disabled war veteran (Robert Ryan), who travels from the East to find a man (Van Heflin), a respected contractor responsible for deaths of men in a prison camp. The contractor, guilt-ridden, is now married to a woman of dubious reputation, but his conscience torments him and at the end he sacrifices himself to save veteran.Enley cant forget that his comrades were shot down, but his memory focuses on such marginal questions as the food, with which the enemy had rewarded him. The character of Parkson is not a complex one, for his wish for revenge is not based on a moral decision.Though dealing with guilt and atonement, the social theme is not forceful and the whole tone of the film is dispassionate, which is true of other Zinnemann films.

Well A (ag) wrote: Filmes que so concebidos como uma declarao de amor gastronomia so meu fraco. E este pura poesia! Brad Bird mais uma vez acerta todas as notas com uma animao que beira a perfeio. Espetacular.

Cate Doutre S (de) wrote: Loved it...Beautiful story for the times. Well done...not cheezyball Christian film. Something to bring hope and faith back into Christmas and our lives.