Anuska, Manequim e Mulher

Anuska, Manequim e Mulher

An aspiring model leaves her wealthy middle-aged lover for a handsome young writer. But as her career takes off, their relationship gets worse.

An aspiring model leaves her wealthy middle-aged lover for a handsome young writer. But as her career takes off, their relationship gets worse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Anuska, Manequim e Mulher torrent reviews

Roy V (jp) wrote: Michelle Monaghan does a great job and the characters are well drawn for the most part. The story line was a little stretched at times but the performances made it believable and compelling!

Brendan R (nl) wrote: I added this movie to my ?Saved? queue a long time ago, when it first made its way onto the indie movie scene. A friend emailed me thinking it was a zombie thing, but the title intrigued me nonetheless. Suddenly, in the last couple weeks, it showed up in the instant watch queue on our TiVO, so we checked it out on Saturday.The plot follows a theater director, his estranged girlfriend actor, his best friend (also an actor), and Ralph Maccio as a wealthy gangster businessman as they tangle with a troupe of Vampires producing an adaptation of Hamlet that involves, well, Vampires.A few quick thoughts on this chilly January Monday: * Better than I thought it would be. I?ve been bitten by movies with excellent titles before (I?m looking at you, The Dead Hate the Living), so I was predisposed to doubt. But the comedy was funny, the writing wasn?t bad, and the acting was pretty good. The production values were excellent. * The opening line is great: ?There have been many adaptations of Hamlet staged over the years. This is one of them.? * One part of the premise is that the seemingly random bit about Rosencrantz and Guildenstern was actually a secret message from one Vampire to another, written into a famous play. I?d love it if this were true of lots of little bits of fiction that seem unconnected. Particularly ?Klatu Verata Nictu,? from The Day the Earth Stood Still and ?42? from The Hitchhiker?s Guide to the Galaxy. * I love the stagecraft of the play-within-a-movie. The water sequence, with Ophelia, is particularly amusing. * The play within a movie is already pretty meta, with famous lines from Hamlet being repurposed for comedy. But my favorite moment is when the characters need to get a second message out, so they decide to write a whole play about Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and ponder whether they can get Tom Stoppard to write it. Then, in the ?Thanks? at the end of the movie, they thank Tom Stoppard. What were they thanking him for, I wonder? Was it for not suing them over the title? Was it for the general awesomeness of being Tom Stoppard?Overall, pretty entertaining. And well worth watching.

James C (it) wrote: Dyer and Canuso put thier own final nails in thier acting coffins. Bad acting, bad script, bad storyline and bad directing make this an absolute joy. When I'm on my death bed i'll regret the 2 hours I wasted on this utter garbage.

Peter C (nl) wrote: Don Cheadle is holds the screen in a taut thriller where the moral lines become increasingly blurred and are ultimately drawn by faith.

Alberto C (us) wrote: Un claro ejemplo de que no puedes mezclar dos cosas geniales y esperar algo bueno.

Loren R (it) wrote: Eine Telefonzelle irgendwo in New York. Der egoistische und labmachen. Als er gehen will, klingelt das Telefon und er geht ran. Auf der anderen Seite der Leitung hrt er eine Stimme, die ihm befiehlt, wenn er auflegt, wird er erschossen!Eigentlich eine vllig einfache Geschichte. Der Film kommt ohne berladenen Special Effekte aus und das Geschehen bleibt wirklich auf Colin Farrell fokussiert. Diese Rolle ist auch auf Farrell zugeschnitten. Hier kann man wirklich vereinzelte Facetten, seines Knnens schon sehen.Als Gegenpart und Hoffnungsschimmer ist hier Forest Whitaker. Er versucht hier wirklich, dem Opfer zu helfen und irgendwie den Scharfschtzen zu finden. Der Scharfschtze oder beziehungsweise nur die Stimme, wird hier von Kiefer Sutherland gespielt. Auch ein guter Schachzug, denn man hrt wirklich nur die kalte Stimme und das verrckte Lachen von Sutherland, was der Geschichte noch mehr Spannung gibt.Regisseur Joel Schumacher, der eigentlich gerne Genrefilme macht und dabei zwischendurch gerne bertreibt, ist hier mit Phone Booth" ein kleiner und kurzweiliger Film geworden.Die Spannung liegt hier richtig in der Luft und man mchte nicht, mit der Haut von Farrell wechseln. Stellt euch mal vor, ihr wret dort in dieser Telefonzelle und man hat euch im Visier. Was wollt ihr machen?Fazit: Ein kleiner, feiner und gemeiner Film. So kann Spannung auch Spass machen!

Daniel J (ag) wrote: Hectic action, good story, A really raw movie.

Kyle K (au) wrote: One of the worst movies I saw all year.

Brandon O (mx) wrote: /10Acting - 6Writing - 6Dialogue - 6.5Plot & Characterization - 5.5Cinematography & Editing - 6.5Soundtrack/Score & Set Design - 6How much I enjoyed it personally - 6

Trey W (au) wrote: The Smurfs is a movie about the smurf gang going to New York. What is wrong with this children's flick is that this relies too much on comedy than the storyline. Next is the bad cgi animation. The Smurfs may be funny and childish but this is ultimately forgettable. Complete utter crap.

To C (ag) wrote: Talvez a era para os filmes de "bandidos romnticos" que comovem multides l "Bonnie e Clyde" tenha passado, entretanto este filme baseado em fatos reais ocorridos nos Estados Unidos no final da dcada de 1960 resgata com competncia esta poca mais inocente da nossa histria recente. Primeiro filme de Steven Spielberg dirigido para o cinema, "Louca Escapada" j traz consigo alguns elementos que caracterizem o cinema do diretor - como j havia demonstrado no telefilme anterior, "Encurralado" -, como a mistura quase que homognea de comdia, aventura e suspense, alm do toque dramtico, resultando num excelente carto de visitas do cineasta a indstria do cinema norte-americano, que com o relativo sucesso do longa viria a dirigir um dos mais festejados trabalhos de sua vitoriosa carreira, "Tubaro". Estrelado pela ento principiante no mundo das estrelas Goldie Hawn, "Louca Escapada" considerado um filme menor de Spielberg, contudo tem qualidades prprias que o igualam a qualquer obra escapista do diretor. Sendo assim, mais um filme que merece ser constantemente redescoberto pelas geraes mundo afora.