The film takes a look at the life of a terrorist. Anwar starts off making money on small-time hawala deals, but later transitions to bombing plots. He becomes a big name in the Coimbatore crime world and wins the heart of Ayesha. Is he really what he seems to be or does Anwar’s past hold an even darker secret?

Anwar (Malayalam: അൻവർ) is a 2010 Malayalam film written and directed by Amal Neerad, starring Prithviraj in the title role.[3] The film was released on 15 October 2010. A Tamil dubbed version of the film was released on 19 January, 2011 at 150 centres across Tamil Nadu.[4] The film is loosely based on the 2008 American spy thriller film Traitor.[5][6] Though the film had a phenomenal four-day opening, the momentum was not sustained and the film has ended as a below average grosser at the box office. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason B (ca) wrote: Another low budget film but with an interesting twist

Rax K (de) wrote: Some clever ideas within this film but not enough to go and watch the film of the big screens. To many songs and all of them were weak. Save your money.

Bastiaan D (de) wrote: I simply couldn't watch the whole thing. Faukty acting, faukty fx, faulty filmwork, fuakty scripting....i

Sarah A (ru) wrote: The movie was somehow okay but not well written & performed or arranged ! Shahid kapoor performance is highly appreciated, i really loved his way of acting & how he handled the emotional part very well, Ajay Devgan wasn't really that good, he was expressionless ! Bipasha was good, i loved her performance & Amrita was rarely there but she looked really nice without makeup !

Tyler B (ag) wrote: This film is not the greatest piece of art put on film, in fact it's quite bad. However it makes up for it all with great action and some enjoyable scenes and plenty of unintentional comedy. A fun and exciting film, but not a dramatic masterpiece by any stretch.

Eric R (es) wrote: "I only kill to say alive, not for the luxury of glory" - DeathstalkerOut of all the sword & sorcery clones that came in the wake of "Conan the Barbarian", none has a worse reputation than "Deathstalker" (though "Ator the Fighting Eagle" could easily challenge "Deathstalker" for the that trophy turd ). "Deathstalker" is bad, real fucking bad... yet I love it. I will be completely honest and say that "Deathstalker" is one of my all time favorite guilty pleasures hence why I decided to bump it up a 1/2 star in my rating when it most deservedly should get nothing more than 1 star.Taking place in a time of barbarity and magic, Deathstalker roams the land raping women and killing trolls and other monsters. On a rather random note, he meets a king who tells him about a sadistic wizard who took over his castle. Deathstalker, with the help of a topless warrior woman, travels to the wizards castle to enter his tournament, hoping to kill the wizard and to bed any beauty he likes."Deathstalker" is the brainchild of schlock rip-off producer Roger Corman and even he seems to be a little embarrassed to have his name attached to such a feeble exploitation film as he goes uncredited. Though his name is no-where to be seen in the opening credits, "Deathstalker" still has the main two ingredients that Corman productions always deliver: 1) Violence and 2) Nudity. "Deathstalker" is full of these two ingredients as I lost count how many heads roll and boobies pop out.The production values are equally as shoddy as the overall filmmaking. Cheap cardboard sets, bad wigs, and ridiculous outfits. Even John Carl Beuchler's special effects are as delightfully absurd as they would be in later Charles Band productions "Ghoulies" and "Troll". My favorite special effect is the face of a cave troll and the actor actually has to fix it on his face while the camera was shooting. Seriously, what the hell?Our hero, the ridiculously named Deathstalker, is woodenly portrayed by Richard Hill (sometimes known as Rick Hill). "Hero" should be used loosely as this guy isn't even too shitty to be an "Anti-hero". Seriously this guy fucking rapes women and kills and steals from whomever he pleases. Our evil "hero" is matched by an interesting evil villain in the form of Monkar, an albino wizard that has a strange tattoo on his face and a hand puppet monster in a box. Monkar even has the amazing ability to spontaneously change the sex of anyone he pleases, making for an awkward attempted rape by Deathstalker when he finds out the women packs a little more below the belt than he expected.I won't lie when I say "Deathstalker" is the lowest common denominator when it comes to filmmaking but at the same time that's what is appealing about it for me. The extreme violence, nudity, shoddy effects, bad dialogue and unlikeable hero makes this awful "Conan" rip-off a must see for connoisseurs of trash cinema. Hell "Deathstalker" even one upped "Conan" by being followed by three, count 'em, three fucking sequels and even a spin-off franchise in the form of the "Barbarian Queen" duology. "Conan" was only graced with one crappy sequel... and I would much rather watch "Deathstalker" any day over "Conan the Destroyer". Take that Conan!Bonus praise: I love the sequence where a soldier with a pig head, while at a feast, picks up a roasted pig head on a platter, looks at it awkwardly, and then takes a bite! The filmmakers must have loved it too as it would make an appearance in both "Deathstalker II" and "Deathstalker IV" as stock footage.

Robert I (ag) wrote: Fun sequel. The more Hollywood this series became the better.

Dimitris K (us) wrote: A superior crime drama with political subtext.