An anthology film drama featuring a poetic mirror structure based on existential identity. In "The Immortals," adapted from a Helder Prista Monteiro play, two famous doctors, an 80-year-old father, and his 60-year-old son, contemplate senility and death. "Suzy," from an Antonio Patricio story, is set in the '30s when a young courtesan dies on the operating table. "Mother of the River" is from an Agustina Bessa-Luis fable about eternal life.

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Anxiety torrent reviews

Bill S (es) wrote: Bleak, but relatively engaging.

Cedric L (ag) wrote: Near-perfect documentary sure to tickle your emotional bone as much as it tickles your funny bone.

Alex S (mx) wrote: Mostly wacky rather than funny, but because Sammi Cheng and Ching Wan Lau are the actors being wacky, it works.

Donovan S (us) wrote: "Duplex" is an hour and a half tour I wish I never took. Awful

Scott A (kr) wrote: While I generally like Gibson and Hawn, this movie was just too much for me.Gibson is great here, showing is usual charm and quick wit. But Hawn is pretty much there to say or do the dumbest things one could think of, just to alone keep adding more problems to the these characters. I don't think she even once listens to Gibson's character when he tells her exactly what to do.While I kind of dug the zoo scene the other action scenes were a tad over the top, plus Hawn reverts to a screaming mess during every one of them.As someone who resides in Wisconsin, where exactly does this super cool zoo even exist? And when did Racine ever house a Chinatown??? That took me out of the movie, as the filmmakers didn't put much thought into their locations.The bad guys are just killing thugs, no plot is given to them. I did like the brief scenes with Severance though. She SHOULD have been the lead actress!Hawn just ruined whatever the movie had going for it.

Keith M (fr) wrote: this film was terrible. It had no time frame reference so i didn't know what was going on. it had charm or style like the first film. this was a bad film

Paul F (ag) wrote: I was once working at a video store when a couple I had a regular rapport with had rented the HBO movie CITIZEN X, a decent docudrama about Andrei Chikatilo. When they returned it, they were not impressed. "It was okay, I guess," I believe was their exact comment. "Yeah, but it was made for TV," I mentioned. "Well, in that case," the male of the couple mentioned, "It was pretty good." And, indeed, CITIZEN X is a pretty good movie. In fact, I'd be inclined to say it's near great for a TV-movie. But that's because there's a different set of criteria for movies made for television. You're not expecting much--simply to be entertained for an hour and a half. You know there's not going to be any nudity or extreme violence, and that sleazy CONCEPTS are as far as it's going to get. And by those rationale, DEADLY MESSAGES is pretty good... for a TV-movie. "Dynasty" star Kathleen Beller plays Laura Daniels, a video dating agency employee in a relationship with a lawyer (Michael Brandon). A friend of hers (actress-turned-writer-turned-"Little Mermaid" model Sheri Stoner) uses her ouija board and ends up killed in Laura's apartment, an event Laura witnesses from outside. Laura informs the police, but no body can be found, so the detective on the case (Dennis Franz, in between "Hill Street Blues" and "NYPD Blue") thinks she's crying wolf. The sunglassed killer continues to stalk Laura, but not even her boyfriend believes her after a while, especially after she's fired from her job (by SPACEBALLS' George Wyner) and continues using the ouija board to try to find out clues to the killer's identity. The plot, while not exactly paint-by-numbers, is for the most part pretty predictable. One particular plot point regarding Laura's history is so obviously set up that you'll have it figured out a good half hour before it's actually "revealed" if you're paying any attention at all. Still, there is at least some originality to all the trickery--twists include arson, electroshock therapy, and a series of Children's detective books. DEADLY MESSAGES doesn't rise up above the norm with its structure or revelations, nor does it have a particularly appealing lead cast--Beller and Brandon are fine, but unexceptional. No, what makes DEADLY MESSAGES worth an actual watch is the attention to detail. If you watch closely enough, you'll notice each person that appears on screen is given something to do and an actual character to play. Not just the leads, but EVERY SINGLE PERSON WITH A LINE OF DIALOGUE has clearly been given something of a background. A one-scene doctor laughs an inappropriate moments and has a giggling doll to accompany him. A pizza delivery man extols the virtues of a new type of insolated pizza box. A man in a department store whose hat is stolen by another one-shot character gets bickered at by his wife. It's these tiny bits that give DEADLY MESSAGES a slightly more realistic feel that allows a little bit more of a connection to what's going on. I don't know if this was the direction of Jack Bender or writer William Bleich (who teamed on the also-pretty-good-for-a-TV-movie MIDNIGHT HOUR the same year), but it works. Don't waste too much time looking for it, but if you happen to come across DEADLY MESSAGES on TV, give it a chance. Plus it's got Kurtwood Smith (Police Chief), Scott Paulin (doctor), Charles Tyner (motel owner) and Al Adamston regular Erwin Fuller.

cli o (ca) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Levi P (br) wrote: The book was hell of a lot better.

David Y (jp) wrote: One of the bitingly funny and entertaining movies you will ever see, especially for those who grew up idolizing the Beatles.

Robert L (it) wrote: one of those movies i was forced to watch in elementary that made me cry against my will..

Adam C (fr) wrote: Funnier than Titanic ;-)

Stefan L (au) wrote: I'm still not quite sure what I've seen and why I even watched it. Or why does this movie even exist. I guess they tried to be super smart but failed thoroughly. Even some nudity could help this one. Disappointing.

Matt G (ca) wrote: Oh, horse movies; why must you all have the same silly tropes (underestimated beast, training montages, barely believable rapport with owner)? Having said that, Spielberg makes the suspect script more than just corny and old-fashioned with some truly gorgeous visuals and just enough big dramatic moments. Like a horse-breeding calendar, "War Horse" is vapid and inoffensive, yet pretty and solidly epic.