Any Day

Any Day

Following his release from prison, an ex-fighter meets a woman who helps him put his life back together.

Following his release from prison, an ex-fighter (Sean Bean) meets and falls in love with a woman (Eva Longoria). But when a tragic event happens, he is thrown into a dark place and faces the greatest challenge of his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenn T (ag) wrote: I love Robin Hood and Marian! Great flick.

Mark K (it) wrote: A absolutely horrible film.

Chris S (au) wrote: "Do you think I'm a bad man?" the engineer asks the child, since he's just impatiently waiting for the old woman's death. It's definitely not Kiarostami's best but still a watchable and interesting film even though the routine of his stay in the village is intentionally repetitive. The most beautiful scene is when the protagonist recites poetry along with the village doctor, discussing about the importance of life and the beauty of nature, while riding a motorcycle.

James W (us) wrote: This Ace Ventura has some fun in it and is just a sequel as good as the first one.

Patrick J (mx) wrote: There's a point in this movie at which Morris Day doubles over and throws up on the floor. I'm convinced that scene was not scripted -- but rather Morris Day's sincere reaction upon realizing the magnitude of the artistic abomination he'd gotten himself sucked into.I'm a lifelong Prince fan, and I'll say he's doing some of his best work even today. But Graffiti Bridge is cinematic tennis elbow. It is an incoherent mess of bloated ego, retarded spirituality, and junior high poetry. It's the only movie that can make six week old babies sit up and ask "what the hell is going on?" Every time someone watches this movie, monkeys become more emboldened to take over the planet. Every time someone watches this movie and enjoys it, a cancer researcher applies to law school.Prince's performance here is downright creepy. He delivers half his lines as if he's an adolescent boy imitating his own androgynous swagger from Purple Rain (and failing miserably) and the other half as if he's addressing dogshit he just noticed on his shoe. Morris Day, who is supposed to provide the comic relief, is funny only when he's trying to be threatening. Ingrid Chavez, in every scene, adopts a demeanor that is somehow both detached and bubbly, and her attention flits about so randomly that I wonder if there's a strain of Alzheimer's that specifically targets android hamsters metamorphosed into human form.The soundtrack used to be one of my favorite Prince albums, but now I can't listen to it anymore. Partly because of the unspeakable horror of being reminded of this movie -- but more so because as soon as the end credits rolled, my CD disappeared in a puff of smoke that left the odor of abject humiliation and tearful apology lingering in my living room for seven days.

Ijstdontgiveafuk G (mx) wrote: i love this fave character is proctor

Bertn60 B (kr) wrote: Chicago in the 60's, I was a kid but I lived not far from Cooley, and all those charecters seem like, the people I knew.

Bjorn O (us) wrote: En av mina favorit giallos, snygg och obehaglig

Matt M (ru) wrote: A gripping tale of disillusionment. Douglas Sirk considered this to have been the best film he had ever made. Indeed, it is certainly among his most solid works. This Depression era set melodrama is quite remarkable for its mature portrayal of heavy undertones and themes, some of which would have been considered taboo at the time. On top of that, the daredevil air racing sequences are quite spectacular and the performances are strong all round.

Bum D (es) wrote: corny. suppose that's to be expected, but i don't know how to get around it.

Gerard M (fr) wrote: good acting and fighting from scottt adkins and the fighting choreography but the schematics and story are a little out played avenging the person who killed your wife white guy in a traditional spiritual Japanese environment best friend betrayal all a little out played

Lee M (gb) wrote: A striking Ken Loah film about the emotional firefights that flare up when the personal and the political are linked.