Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday

A star quarterback gets knocked out of the game and an unknown third stringer is called in to replace him. The unknown gives a stunning performance and forces the aging coach to reevaluate his game plans and life. A new co-owner/president adds to the pressure of winning. The new owner must prove her self in a male dominated world.

A behind-the-scenes look at the life-and-death struggles of modern-day gladiators and those who lead them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anoop K (mx) wrote: The most original film of Aashiq Abu yet!

keira g (us) wrote: how do i watch this movie?

Bobby L (gb) wrote: This retcons the second, and is a true sequel to the first. It includes a handful of returning characters- Bunt, Ed (Lance Henriksen), and Haggis, the witch from the first one. It also uses the time difference, 18 years, between the two to appropriately age the characters. Bunt, 12 or so in the original, is now in his late 20s/ early 30s. The tie that binds he and Ed at first seems like a gimmick and is used in an excellent manner. The director, Jake West, can really frame and move his camera. Excellent shots throughout. He also has a keen sense of pacing and timing, with the movie never really dragging, and keeping me interested and invested the whole time.The acting on the other hand, varies wildly. Some of the main characters are piss poorly acted (Molly Sue, the preacher), most are simply adequate, but Lance, Lynne Verall (Haggis), and Pinhead himself, Doug Bradley, as the main villain, are all very good.The creature suit looks good, and I like how it expands the mythology and keeps the link between those who summoned him vs. how powerful he is. A few bits of CGI, especially the fire burning the church down are good, but anytime we get a full on CGI rendition of Pumpkinhead, it's really bad, even by low budget standards, it's really bad.Despite the few flaws, fans of the original will be pleased.

Andrew O (jp) wrote: This movie's only saving grace is the ability to make joke's at its expense while watching it. The only way this movie succeeds is in the terrible writing and poor acting, which made the movie even more unbearable. Whoever came up with the idea for this movie has promise in their creative abilities, but seriously needs to take writing lessons. The title lends itself to humor for anyone who watches as well.

Ingela A (gb) wrote: I saw it when it came out and saw it again last night and it's even better now. Great film about happy and serious matters.

Heather M (kr) wrote: I tried to watch this one, but it was too awful.

Edgar W (us) wrote: Not a highlight, but a chilling movie to watch !

Chris P (au) wrote: Good flick. I love Gary Sinise!

Marian D (mx) wrote: Such a stupidity that it's actually good. The length of this road-movie is also just appropriate (78 min). Short appearance of Jim Jarmusch as a car seller!

Victoria K (fr) wrote: Wonderful musical score and so romantic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James H (de) wrote: Typically outstanding Bette Davis performance. Joan Lorring is terrific in a supporting role. Very well produced drama, excellent art direction and very well produced. Good direction. But, it is Davis' film all the way.

Aaron M (de) wrote: Boring, confusing, and stupid. Saw 5 really feels like they're running out of ideas fast.

leo a (ru) wrote: iiiiiiii liiiiikkkkkeeeee

christina h (mx) wrote: So creepy. I can't stand that my son enoys this film. Charlie Brown borders on stalker and definitely has a fantasy obsession with a new girl that moves in. Totally unhealthy, over the top. I'm not a kill joy, just think the movie "Valley Girl" but with Charlie Brown. It's theme and the behaviors are so out-dated.