Any Last Words?

Any Last Words?

After a violent war, one man finds himself shot and waiting for death. As he lies there, he's left to make his toughest choice - whether to live or die. Inspired by the life of Bat Masterson.

After a violent war, one man finds himself shot and waiting for death. As he lies there, he's left to make his toughest choice - whether to live or die. Inspired by the life of Bat Masterson. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan M (de) wrote: Great acting, and interesting to see how this issue really affects people, but it is just so sad, painful, and hard to watch at times. There is no fun here, very sad, but powerful.

Ricardo C (gb) wrote: Um documentrio revelador sobre quem so as figuras que julgam sobre a moralidade e imoralidade da arte e que no fim de contas se revelam um bando de conservadores guiados pela ignorncia e intolerncia, cujo mrito que lhes permitiu desempenhar essa funo resume-se proximidade com quem lhes garantiu esse belo "tacho". A realizao de Kirby Dick demonstra a preocupao em abordar o assunto e faz um belo trabalho ao mostrar o ridculo de algumas medidas quando postas em contexto e at que ponto as pessoas envolvidas continuam em negao sobre o quo nocivas so as suas decises para a industria do cinema.

Mark A (gb) wrote: Steamy, highly charged, sexual thriller. Call it In the Company of Women. Two women use their considerable charms (very much on display) to climb the corporate ladder and wind up succeeding beyond their dreams. Almost Felliniesque in its imagery, a cautionary tale of sexual power and how love is not something that is subject to rational thought. I have to say this proved more than I expected. The story kept this viewer enthralled, even as I pitied the desperate measures that Nathalie (Coralie Revel) stooped to. For all her conniving, she still came off as an empathetic character. And Sandrine (Sabrina Seyvecou), for all her initial naivete proved the stronger of the two. Lots of eye candy for everyone!

BanFoo L (jp) wrote: This movie looks back on the second world war, and reveals how a Czech couple hid a Jewish neighbor in their apartment and, in order to survive the horrors of the Nazis, had to become collaborators. The end of the movie holds a suprising but positive twist.

Ariel R (ag) wrote: One of my favorite movies! A great little romance that perfectly fits the title, "chick flick."

Yash B (jp) wrote: It's an entertaining, very amusing, and above all exceptionally clever satire of office work life. I didn't find myself laughing out loud too often but I smiled the whole way through. The story is fun and the characters are exaggerations of what some people might be like in real life. I think it is a good comedy that relies more on funny dialogue, characters, and situations more than anything else. That's something you don't see as much nowadays, and for that reason, I think it's a must see if you're a fan of clever and sharp comedy.

Sam G (fr) wrote: Shocking? I've seen much worse. Experimental? Definitely. Entertaining? Absolutely not.

David H (gb) wrote: The Sequel to Black Caesar who was not that good as the First Part but very good too before i watch this Movie i don't know thats the Sequel to Black Caesar and were very positivly surprised when it begins again Paul Schrader proof his Ability to Storytelling

Mimi S (jp) wrote: I saw this in my television guide and decided to give it a watch as from the blurb it seemed interesting. Play Misty For Me is kind of like an earlier Fatal Attraction. The film is about a carefree radio DJ, Dave Garver (Clint Eastwood) who has a one night stand with a fan and frequent caller, Evelyn Draper (Jessica Walter) who often requests the song "Misty" by Erroll Garner. Dave makes it clear that he's looking for no strings attached, but Evelyn finds herself obsessed with Dave and begins to stalk him and shows up at his place unannounced. She becomes aggressive and volatile when Dave tries to let her down gently, but she cannot accept that he does not want her. She tries to stand in the way of Dave's relationship with his on-off girlfriend Tobie (Donna Mills) who he is in love with and eager to get back together with. Evelyn becomes more and more menacing and dangerous and won't stop until she gets what she wants. Jessica Walter is definitely convincing and almost measures up to Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Jessica Walter goes from innocent doe eyed woman to raging psychopath in nought point two seconds. I did find a lot of the scenes more funny than scary though I think it's down to limited special effects as the blood looks really fake and over the top acting. Although Jessica Walter was really good, Glenn Close was a bit more natural. Play Misty For Me was a really entertaining watch though it got a bit slow towards the end. Although it has it's faults, it's still a very decent and entertaining watch. Grade: B

Adam D (jp) wrote: a very good 1947 film noir

Reese J (ca) wrote: One of my absolute favourites!

Markus A (us) wrote: A good movie with a lot of heart. The performances from Morgan Freeman, Jessica Tandy and Dan Aykroyd are really great and gives this movie a lot more than it would have had if not for these great actors. I recommend this movie for any film lover.

Jamie I (ca) wrote: The best version of Hamlet I have ever seen. For real. David Tennent masterfully commands every single scene. Highly recommended.

Agustn S (ru) wrote: The soundtrack alone is enough reason to enjoy this film; thankfully, it's heartwarming story, and it's captivating blend of action, stunning animation and effortless humor are just as stunning as Phill Collin's genius work