Anyád! A szúnyogok

Anyád! A szúnyogok


Kapa, Pepe and Mesi would like to buy a scrapyard of trains, to start a nostalgia train and earn a lot of money. The capital to start with they want to get from grandpa, who has come home from America with a suitcase full of money. Everybody wants Mesi to approach the old man, because she is the only one he would speak to. But Mesi is more concerned with the idea that she wants a child, by now from anyone, while Pepe is jealous. Kapa’s alleged son emerges, with the mafia behind him: they, too, are eager to get grandpa’s money. After threats and blackmailing, poisoned apples are sent, with only one side of them poisonous. Those dead, by the way, are resurrected by the sound of a song. At last, nobody manages to get the money, but it wouldn’t make sense anyway: it’s all fake. The Statue of Liberty, however, turns out to be blind. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shawn R (us) wrote: Felt like an autobiography. Actually kinda depressing like Johnny got his gun or train spotting. The editing was artsy and the movie in general was very refreshing.

Rick F (es) wrote: I love John Waters' films, but he should stick to directing and stay away from stand-up.

aqueldia d (fr) wrote: Que pelcula tan bonita de la HBO. Mujeres perdedoras, s, pero con algo que las hace especiales, diferentes y aun si totalmente normales.

Don N (jp) wrote: retarded.literally

Shawn S (ag) wrote: This is more or less the same as the first one with all the same great slapstick humor and heartwarming moments all over again.

Nathan B (kr) wrote: love that vette in the movie

Ahmad J (nl) wrote: Groundbreaking movie for its time !

Ar M (nl) wrote: Es una de las peores peliculas que he visto, pero tristemente he visto peores...

Lotti K (ru) wrote: If you're going to make a classic sleazoid rape-and-revenge movie, you need to go balls-out like Ms. 45 or I Spit On Your Grave. This was disappointingly more of a courtroom drama like The Accused, but shittier. (To much rape -- not enough revenge.) Pheh.

Django U (mx) wrote: Dis movie is funny ma nigga

Andrew G (it) wrote: A little messy(may of been the print) - not the mature Powell and Pressburger I love - but the elements are there but they were either suppressed through propaganda or just unrealized at this point in their careers.

Tim S (au) wrote: Lester (Spacey) and Carolyn (Bening) Burnham are, on the outside, a perfect husband and wife in a perfect house in a perfect neighbourhood. But inside, Lester is slipping deeper and deeper into a hopeless depression. He finally snaps when he becomes infatuated with one of his daughter's friends. Meanwhile, his daughter Jane (Birch) is developing a happy friendship with a shy boy-next-door named Ricky (Bentley), who lives with an abusive father (Cooper).

Gabriel T (ru) wrote: The Boxtrolls represents a mayor downgrade from previous Laika offerings. Although it has the charm to make us like the characters and the great animation we have come to expect from Laika, it is far from being the best film Laika has given us, which to this date I still think is Coraline. Overall, you just can't help that while watching this film( in a teenager point-of-view), that you just want to stop watching the film, because it is kind of nonsense, and is a film that was made to show off the mastery of the animation that Laika has, but with that, an absurd story was made, making this film watchable just because of the animation or to just watch with kids. Negatives aside, you still can kind of watch it, it's just that you won't get the great storytelling we had with ParaNorman and Coraline.

Edward C (nl) wrote: The Purge (2013)Starring:Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey,Max Burkholder,Adelaide Kane,Rhys Wakefield,Tony Oller,Edwin Hodge,Tom Yi,Arija Bareikis, Chris Mulkey,Tisha French,and Dana BunchDirected by James DeMonacoReviewONE NIGHT A YEAR, ALL CRIME IS LEGALHello Kiddies your pal the crypt-critic here with a lazy piece shriek that will make you want to cleanse yourself like the murders do in this movie. The Purge is a twenty-thirteen horror slash political thriller brought you by the people who gave us great modern horror classics such as Paranormal Activity 4(SUCKS!),Sinister(Best horror film in years).This film will change everything you know about horror movies,one critic called this movie "The most important horror movie ever" and I strongly agree with him or her. Oh my goodness I can't take it anymore, I tried, I really, really tried, The Purge is the worst movie ever!This movie should have it's name changed to wasted potential or maybe the purse,since you know the year it came the audience put all there hard-earned money into it which is sad really. When I say this movie made money I mean it made a house load of money.The Premise is that all crime is legal for one night a year which sounds interesting,so naturally just for that concept anyone would see this horror flick,but then we have it turn into a generic slasher where Ethan is playing well hell I don't remember his characters name because characters, what characters? He crated a house defense system for his and other homes during purge night,but when a random homeless man is outside begging for help his son let's him in. Oh boy doesn't win the child of the year award for stupid. Their is a cult waiting for this homeless man to be delivered to them so they can purge.But the problem with the concept is while realistic,stupid realistic cause it's stupid but it could happen, how could they justify such an idea? One night a year anyone can kill anyone for funzies. How did this get started?, in a politically correct world like ours especially in America how would they get away with something like that? and lastly how did the government come up with this idea?The setting isn't even all that cause while it is a realistic house in a somewhat nice neighborhood, it's just lame and boring this movie has no fun it tries to be way too serious and fails miseberly?None of the elements of a good horror film are in this movie,setting lame,concept cool but at the same time tries to be taken way too seriously and is pretty stupid,acting well like I said what characters? I give The Purge a half out of five.

Thomas F (ru) wrote: A great horror film with a lot of suspense and an interesting premise. The neighbors are incredibly creepy, especially the mother, and the actors who portray them are very convincing in their parts. The obsessive, sadistic family, the unique gothic coloring and style and eerie setting all combine to make this a great film.