Anytime, Anywhere

Anytime, Anywhere

Two love stories - one set against the backdrop of Chennai and the other in Trichy - that join together in the climax, in a most unexpected turn of events.

Two love stories - one set against the backdrop of Chennai and the other in Trichy - that join together in the climax, in a most unexpected turn of events. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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S S (es) wrote: Absolutely stunning in the quiet way that stories from Alice Munro are. Loved Christie in this role.

Sara R (ca) wrote: I got as far as Jon Bon Jovi stars as and had to pass on this one. lol

Tomas J (ag) wrote: Great little film with a painful storyline. Good acting, credible, enjoyable, sad...

Scott M (nl) wrote: Verhoeven is known for his sadistic characters, and extreme violence. Since these are in this film, there is little to recommend here.

pedro t (us) wrote: I firmly believe this is Oliver Stones best, most important film...James Woods is outstanding as Boyle...

Rangan R (us) wrote: Who said the beautiful girls are not smart enough!I always like the 80s films, because that's the time the teen films were revolutionised. I did not know this film's existence, also not knew 'She's the Man' was its remake. Very enjoyable comedy flick. It was not a flawless film, but they were minimised. This is the story of Terry, a senior high school girl who after failed to get her desired summer job at a local press, she decides to reapply for the internship disguised as a boy with the help of her little brother. The rest follows what she's going to achieve from her new getup.I really don't know any of these actors, but I liked them all, especially the lead actress. As I have seen many similar films, I don't think it failed to get my attention. So 80s, I mean very impressive like usual with slow and steady narration. You should not compare it to the present teen films. It was not just a different era film, but smartly highlighted the trend among the high school kids of the 80s. Particularly like the relationship and sexually perspectives, though not that strong contents.I don't think everybody would like it, especially the todays youngsters, but surely the 80s and the 90s guys would enjoy it. I was not even born when it came out, though I feel my generation was very close to it than the present. If you have not seen many films like this theme, you should try it, but watch out for the slow story progression. That's the only thing that might disappoint the viewers, but if you are okay with that, then it is a better film than you would have anticipated.7/10

Mark O (ag) wrote: A quiet and not too ambitious movie but one that has moments of greatness. The sense of isolation and claustrophobia are, for example, well done. It's a shame that it seemed to back away from one direction quite near the end, but even getting that close was brave.

Mark H (nl) wrote: It seems like a very heavy movie for the time, but doesn't hold up well.

Nigel E (ca) wrote: Good late night teen comedy