Anyway, He's Definitely Dead

Anyway, He's Definitely Dead

A comedy about two men who meet in a detached house in the Stockholm archipelago to write a play, hunt roe dear, hava a sauna and relax. But a tabloid got a news story about the authors and...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:reporter,   corpse,   mother,  

A comedy about two men who meet in a detached house in the Stockholm archipelago to write a play, hunt roe dear, hava a sauna and relax. But a tabloid got a news story about the authors and... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Anyway, He's Definitely Dead torrent reviews

Mark F (de) wrote: Can't really rate this, it's just horrifying.

Jamiee B (mx) wrote: OMG!! I luv this show and im goin insane to see the movie!! i got almost every episode on my pod and i laugh my ass off everytime i watch it!! =o

Michelle S (au) wrote: The 70s series was better.

Jamie I (es) wrote: I don't know why I was so disappointed. This is one of those flicks where all the funny scenes are in the trailer. So if you watched that you're set. Though littered with homosexual innuendo it really wasn't as funny as I thought it would be. If you're hard up for entertainment maybe I'd recommend this otherwise nah.

Daniel J (ag) wrote: When you??re talking about the most avant-garde, uniquely unconventional, and surreal of films, you can often tell how brilliant that film is not so much by the glowing reviews as by the tenor of the critical reviews, as greatness tends to be hated by some as much as it is loved by others. Mad Cowgirl invokes plenty of venomous negative criticism. For my money, this film is nothing short of envelope-pushing brilliance.

Matthew B (au) wrote: As a son who got engaged at an extremely young age, a lot of the arguments that went on in this movie were similar to ones that I have had with the people that I care about in my life. Of course, they were a little bit more extreme in this film than in my life (most of the time, at least). The brother character was highly unnecessary, though...and it reminded me of Tropic Thunder (You don't go "full retard"). At first, the movie tried to be funny and comedic, but I think it figured out that wouldn't it became a drama quick and fast. Honestly, the movie worked better as a drama, and it's just too bad that it didn't stick with that outlet.

Evan L (it) wrote: looks really good and has a great name for moive

Lady D (ru) wrote: Bought but not yet watched

Cj O (gb) wrote: Not cartoony enough to be a good kids' movie. Matthew Broderick doesn't even sound a thing like the Gadget from the cartoon! As a kid, I was bored with it at times. At least Claw wasn't cheesy looking, and the movie had a little humor. The special effects should have been better, too.

JamesMasaki R (us) wrote: 2 delinquent high school students are through with picking on teachers and other younger students for fun. One decides to follow the life with some local yakuza, and one decides to go with amateur boxing. I know, doesn't sound funny at all, but believe that this is a Takeshi Kitano movie, and there are lots of hilarious scenes (precisely timed as his other films) involving the kids, and yet, a very inspiring drama story as well. Probably too violent to be a feel good movie, and too much quiet drama to be a comedy.

Tyler R (ca) wrote: this movie had good actors but was one of the stupidest retarded movies i have ever seen. i felt ashamed for all involved.

Roger H (es) wrote: i keep returning to this film ... quirky humor and wonderful life lessons

Nina D (kr) wrote: Beautiful and melancholy.

Michael W (jp) wrote: Film within a film has struggling Director resorting to a snuff film by secretly filming a murder and building a film around it. I've always enjoyed Larry Cohen's sly wit, which is especially present in the script-writing homicide investigator here.

Edmund P (it) wrote: It's chaotic, it's loud, and it's absolutely over-indulgent, but damn does Bakshi have an impressive sense of style and an even stronger sense of place.

EWC o (it) wrote: Good acting and action scenes, though too lengthy, effects are dated, and dubbing is strange. Powerful ending

Senor C (jp) wrote: Sheba Baby was a movie that I needed to have another viewing. When I watched it about 5 years ago I wasn't really sold on it & found it to be one of the lesser Pam Grier blaxpoitation flix. Although I prefer her calling people mother-fucker & blowing them away I enjoyed this one a lot more this time out..and she does blow some mother-fuckers away; she just doesn't call them mother-fuckers. Pam Grier is one sexy mama w/ soul style to spare as she takes one some loan sharks that are messing w/ her pop. It's badass lite but the soundtrax is right on. Love that theme song that says she's kickin ass & takin names...I just wish we got to see her sugar boobies especially in that cat scrap