Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here

A mother and daughter search for success in Beverly Hills.

A mother and daughter search for success in Beverly Hills. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Anywhere But Here torrent reviews

Dustin C (gb) wrote: great movie. not your typical horror movie. decent acting and likeable characters

Steve P (ru) wrote: Very good movie. Good approach.

Kevin C (gb) wrote: A sweet, sad, little story. It could easily have been twenty or thirty minutes shorter and just as effective.

Jeff Z (br) wrote: Sweet, sympathetic film. It would be interesting to see a sequel telling us "Where they are today".

Sasy N (us) wrote: Die Kostme und das Setting sind wirklich sehenswert, aber so ziemlich alles andere kann man vergessen. Die Story (Louis XIV kommt zu Besuch und muss mit sprlichen Mitteln bekstigt und bespat werden) ist eher lahm und Uma Thurman und Gerard Depardieu als Liebespaar... hm... ja, okay...Tim Roth hingegen ist - trotz Percke - wieder mal ganz toll - seine Szenen htte mir tatschlich gereicht.

Greg W (nl) wrote: The plot is a doomsday version of Bill Clinton's Paula Jones problem, but the theme is impending mortality--settling scores before time's up.

Anthony V (ca) wrote: Combine Stephen Chow and ghosts and you have a winning comedic film. One of his funniest.

Tyler W (it) wrote: Ok Anthology Not Great Have Seen Better..Example( CreepShow)!

Kitty M (it) wrote: I am going to have to see it again to tell you what I think.

Alex B (mx) wrote: A strange, deadpan, wonderful working class romance. To the Soviet Union (not Florida)!

Dylan G (it) wrote: If you're a fan of Kevin Smith like I am, you'll absolutely adore this! A+

Andrew L (nl) wrote: It's defiantly more focused on the buddy cop element than the sci-fi element but its still a good action packed film and I was completely fine with its final product.

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