Ao Redor do Brasil

Ao Redor do Brasil

In 1917, director Major Luiz Thomaz Reis travels with his associate, Marshall Cândido Mariano Rondon through the Center-West and North of Brazil, being the official cinematographer of the expedition. "Ao Redor do Brasil" is a footage with the fragments of three films of Major Reis.

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Images of Marshall Rondon's expeditions through the Amazon: the rivers, Indians, towns such as Tabatinga, Iquitos and Rio Branco, taken by Major Luiz Thomaz Reis, considered his main cinematographer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Susan C (ca) wrote: A great little movie, touching and comedic at the same time

Moniky R (de) wrote: This film reminded me of Mexico... for some strange reason. Could it be the scene where the driver comes back to his trailer and he finds it without front tire??? or the one where the bureaucrats are herding people to please a few politician of the ruling party??? who knows, but it brought me "sweet memories"!!!

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Eric H (br) wrote: This looks wonderful - great costuming and locations - really impressive.But all horribly let down by terrible acting, script, and above all, direction.The filming looks so "made for TV" both in angles, lighting, but above all in tones: just some filters, and better use of film would have made a huge difference.Historically accurate, this could have been really great: it really looks expensive and expansive; but it is living proof that nothing can cover poor acting.

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